Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Top Ten Children's Film Characters

Ok, so I have a huge backlog of Memes that I really need to address and since we've been away in Norfolk for the past few days, a huge backlog of just about everything. But we'll start with the memes...or least one of them.

The wonderful Linda over at You've Got Your Hands Full (who incidentally I am not in the least bit jealous of - cough - despite the fact that she's just spent a week cruising around the Caribbean) tagged me in a list of the Top Ten Movie Characters. Now seeing as it's me and I like to change things just a little bit, I thought I'd make a list of the Top Ten Children's characters instead. Besides, this is a 'Mummy' blog after all, so children are fairly relevant.

Here goes.
  1. Mathilda (played by Natalie Portman) in Leon. I just love this girl. She's amazing - beautiful, sassy, clever and cool. I wish I was her (if you forget the part about her parents and brother being killed and being pursued by a number of hitmen). We even made Renée's middle name Matilda after her. Now that's dedication!
  2. Ray Boyd (played by Jonathan Lipnicki) in Jerry Maguire. He is just the cutest, cleverest little boy ever. I want one like him.
  3. Gertie (played by Drew Barrymore) in ET. Gorgeous. And I think we're the same age, so when I first watched the film I wanted to be her too (or at least I wanted to be her friend).
  4. Velvet (played by Elizabeth Taylor) in National Velvet. When I was little my ultimate ambition was to be the first woman to win the Grand National. Unfortunately I grew too tall to be a jockey, but there will always be a place for Velvet in my heart.
  5. Bugsy (played by Scott Baio) in Bugsy Malone. Actually any of the characters in this film could be on the list, seeing as they're all children. Who can forget Tallulah or Blousy Brown? But Bugsy is still my favourite. What a dish.
  6. Annie (played by Aileen Quinn) in Annie. I don't know if it's the fact that she's just a gutsy orphan or that I never stopped singing 'The Sun'll come out tomorrow', but either way, she's on the list.
  7. Kevin (played by Macauley Culkin) in Home Alone. Too cute. Too clever. Back then.
  8. (The youngest) Jamal Malik (played by Ayush Mahed Khedekar) in Slumdog Millionaire. Anyone who sinks neck-high into poo in pursuit of his hero is worthy of a mention. And besides, he is rather cute.
  9. Anna (played by Charlotte Burke) in Paperhouse. Cult film. Cult character. I'm not normally drawn to horror films, but purely for the acting alone she has to be on the list.
  10. Billy (played by Jamie Bell) in Billy Elliot. A boy in a leotard can't escape a mention.

Just missing out were Melinda Sordino from Speak, Lyra Belacqua from His Dark Materials and Flora from The Piano.

As always, the rules of a meme are to pass it on. So I tag the following people - Laura @ Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy, Jo Beaufoix, Emily @ Brits in Bosnia, Tim @ Bringing Up Charlie and Josie @ Sleep is for the Weak. Feel free to carry on with the meme even if I haven't tagged you, or leave a comment if you think I've missed out anyone glaringly obvious.


  1. Hmmm, thanks Emily. Not difficult for me, as Charlotte Gainsbourg and Kiera Knightley simply alternate in my all time Top Ten. (Oh, film characters. And childrens ones at that - sorry!)

  2. Great choices especially Matilda from Leon - one of my fave films ever, i think she along with annie and Ray would be my top 3 although i did love "Troop Beverly Hills" as a kid but can't recall the actress x

  3. I always wanted to be Gertie.. I was jealous of her gorgeous hair!

  4. The Dotterel - Hee Hee! Well you could always put Keira Knightley down in Bend it Like Beckham - she was kind of a child then!!!

    WoB - Hello you - haven't seen you around for a while! Hope you ok. Yep, love the ones you mention especially. Will do a google search on the other one - to see what you mean x

    Emma Louise - Hi there and thanks for stopping by. Yep, loved Gertie - such a cutie. She definitely had fab hair!

  5. Oh wow, well thank you for calling me wonderful of course! Now that has made my day. We have had a brilliant time on our press trip and at some point I will triumph over being completely knackered and write about it. It's a hard life, I know. Now then, I think your list is brilliant - another fan of Leon here. It has also made me think about the Sixth Sense and the little boy in that, though my favourite bit is when his mum hears that she makes her mum proud every day - brings a lump to my throaty just thinking about it!
    Thanks again, big kisses, with tongues. x

  6. It's so fun to read lists like this-- it makes me want to go home and cuddle up on the couch for a movie marathon!

    Glad you mentioned Billy Elliot... loved that movie!


  7. Awesome. Matilda. Awesome.

    I would have to include the four from Stand By Me. And does Seth from Superbad count as a child?

  8. Well I would add the following:

    Jamie, Christian Bale's character in Empire of the Sun

    The young Anakin Skywalker (when he was the little cute one, before the something-something-dark-side got him)

    Bill in Hope and Glory

    Jo in Little Women (but preferably the original version, not the remake)

    Elliott in ET

  9. Oh I loved National Velvet.....I wanted to be in the Grand National too....only knowing my luck I'd probably be on a three legged donkey.

  10. Your list definitely brings back some memories, but some others that I remember are

    Curly Sue (played by Alisan Porter), and Vada in My Girl (played by Anna Chlumsky)

  11. Linda - So glad you had a fab time. Like I said, I'm not a bit jealous!! Right - Sixth Sense - I'm ashamed to say I've never seen that film! I know. Unbelievable. I get a bit edgy with thrillers. Prefer a good bit of slush! But I think I may have to make an effort here...will go check it out. Oh and kisses with tongues made me shreik out loud!! x

    Elizabeth - Hi there and thanks for stopping by. Yep, could definitely watch Billy Elliot again and again - and I think I may have a marathon movie session in store for me after some of these responses - got quite a few to check out I think!

    SPD - Yep - in fact it was your mention of Mathilda in your top ten list (albeit an adult one) that made me think about doing a child one. She's the best. And yep, totally forgot about Stand By Me - I think I may have been in love with River Phoenix at some point in my life - so would have to include him. Good call. Erm - Seth from Superbad? No idea. Gonna google him right now. Right I'm back. Ok, he was born in 1983, Superbad was made in 2007, so that would have made him, erm,....24. So that's a big fat NO!!! Nice try though!

    Liz - I am totally gutted about Christian Bale. So, so, so meant to add him. In fact when I first thought of the list (lying in bed one night he was at number 2 (just behind Mathilda) and then when it came to writing the list I left him out. It's all a horrible mistake! But thanks for reminding me. Yep, love him, love the film. And yes, Bill in Hope and Glory - similar vein. And yes, Elliott in ET - total cutie too. Opted for Gertie though for some reason. Felt I couldn't put both in! And yes - thought about Little Women - but never saw the original version (gasp) and didn't much like Winona Ryder's character. Must go and see original...

    magnumlady - Oh it was my favorite film for years and years - think I still have it somewhere on an old VHS. And ha ha to the three-legged donkey!!! That would have been me too I think. And btw - no woman has yet won it (has finished, but not won) - so we're still in with a shout!

    Tim - Hi and thanks for popping in - oh yes - Curly Sue - good call. Had completely forgotten about her. It's almost 20 years old now - blimey - that's gone quickly hey?! And My Girl - forgot about that one too. Thanks for reminding me. Love it. Got so many films to go back and watch now...

  12. ***STOP PRESS***

    Have just remembered another one I want to add.

    Lynda - Played by Emily Lloyd in Wish You Were Here. Loved that film. She was great.

  13. Oh yeah bring it on. The more shreiking the better. x

    And CC in Beaches would be on my list too.

  14. Thanks for the tag! Hmmm, I shall have to have a think. I did have a thing for most of the boys in The Goonies. And River Phoenix in the Mosquito Coast but I'm not sure that counts as a childrens film or not. Can I mention that I love Robbie Rotten from Lazytown? So much more fun than Sporticus.

  15. Linda - Oh darn it. Haven't seen Beaches either. Crikey. What's wrong with me? I see a movie-fest looming!


    BiB - Oh yes - definitely River Phoenix - although I'm not sure if he qualifies as a child in Mosquito Coast - let me just do a google search to make sure - hmmm - he was 16, so yes, maybe. Ok, I'll give it to you!!! x

  16. Little Miss Sunshine - fantastic, wonderful film - Amy Breslin is the best ever. Just thought! Really brilliant.

  17. Linda - Yep, another fab one. You know your films don't you?! Have it on DVD. Think it may deserve another outing now you've mentioned it x