Friday, 27 November 2009

A bit of colour

This week has been horrible, for one reason or another. Now I don't have to tell you just how much I love my children because you hear it all the time, but even I am beginning to get a little child-weary. If I told you that today is the fourth day that Renée is off sick from school, then things might become a little clearer. And what with a gale-force wind outside making it almost impossible to even open the front door, then you can imagine just how wonderful it's been at home.

NOT. At all.

So in light of this I'm going to try to cheer myself up a little by introducing some colour to this post.
And I've also completely changed the subject because I'm already bored of moaning.

So this is it.
One canvas.

Five paints.

One paintbrush.

Eleven children.

And lots of wipes.

A little something we did at Edie's third birthday party last week. If you're ever stuck for ideas for what to do at parties, then this gets my vote every time. Not only is it a really fun thing for the children to do, but it's also fantastic reminder of who your child's friends were once upon a birthday.
Oh yeah, and it looks beautiful on their bedroom walls.
Now children please get better for the BMB meet-up at London Zoo on Sunday!


  1. Sick weeks are the worst. I hope you get out soon. x

  2. Hope everyone is better in time for Sunday. SO looking forward to meeting you! Right now I'm hoping my back is going to get better or you won't know who the hobbling old lady is! BTW... you're my hero... eleven kids, paint and hands... in your house... argh... my worst nightmare! x

  3. What a lovely idea for a birthday party! Hope the girls get better quickly & you enjoy a lovely day on Sunday xx

  4. 11 kids and paint - you're beyond brave!
    Liking forward to meeting you on Sunday.

  5. Wishing Renee better soon. Lovely idea, the colourful canvas! We avoided a birthday party this year and instead Betty took a couple of friends to Pizza Express. Not sure if we'll get away with that next year tho! x x Enjoy the zoo x

  6. You were very brave - a great idea but, thankfully, one I won't have to do now my youngest is 10! It's disco parties all the way for us now! Have a great escape on Sunday!

  7. Drives you nuts doesnt it? Never get a minute to yourself when they're sick. Stuff them full of garlic - keeps the bugs away.

    And I do love that painting, its fantastic.

    Love RMxx

    PS. It hasnt rained yet today, keeping my fingers crossed it breaks the eight day cycle!!

    PPs - Hope Renee gets better soon xx

  8. Why do children fall ill at the drop of a hat? Sooo inconsiderate.

  9. Get well soon Renée!

    We've had one of those best forgotten weeks too.

    Oh, and I'm totally nicking your party canvas idea dude!


  10. That's a lovely idea! I will remember it for Elliott's birthday. See you Sunday! Can't wait :) xx

  11. hi hun hope Renee gets better soon, i wish i was coming i'm in bonny scotland but think of me lol! xx

  12. Ah, sorry it's been such a rubbish week for you. Hope everything and everyone is ok for the BMB meet - good luck, hope it's fun.

  13. Oh dear, poor you, and poor Renee. Hope everyone is well for Sunday. (And, of course, hope everyone is well just for themselves, too - mustn't be too selfish.)

  14. Fab idea although I hope the paint was confined to the canvas and not your walls & carpets! Have a great time on Sunday x

  15. Good for you cheering yourself up. Love the idea of the painting - you're a brave woman though - that many kids and paint - yikes!

  16. Hope they're feeling better now? It was so lovely to meet you today and I'm sorry it was such a brief 'hi' - hopefully we'll get to chat more next time :) x

  17. That's a lovely idea. Get well soon Renee.

  18. I am SO behind with my blog reading! Apologies...

    What a lovely idea this is! I might steal it for Kai's next birthday :)

    Hope you're all feeling better - still so disappointed I couldn't come and meet you today :( xxx

  19. Thank God for wipes, I take them out more than my kids. Thanks for the great party idea

  20. Love the picture! Sicks days are just grim. I hate them too. Feels as if the rest of the world is carrying on and in your home it is standing completely still going nowhere. Hope you are all better now.

  21. How strange, I commented on this post DAYS ago but it still hasn't shown up...

    Anyway, was just empathising with you and saying we'd been doing Slapped Cheek - M last week, J this week - so totally know what you're feeling. SC disease is the pits as although it looks ghastly (full scary body rash) and is highly infections (therefore you can't go anywhere or see anyone), sufferers actually feel fine! Hence lots of crawling up walls the order of the day - by us all! (Not really, I managed to summon up my own attempts at creativity and although not as colourful as your/Edie's fab painting, it whiled away the hours...) X

  22. What a fantastic hand-print idea! Wish I'd done that when mine were small ...

  23. Thanks for the visual-cheer. I know how you feel first hand after spending a couple of weeks of having the boys home sick and then being unable to get out of bed myself over the last couple of days. It's NOT fun. Love the hand-print idea, though. I think I'll steal it.

  24. Right...Finally getting round to replying to comments!!

    Mwa - Thank you sweetie. Yes, much better now, although it has taken a while. We've been playing pass the sickness...

    That Girl - Oh sweetie and I totally forgot to ask how your back was when I saw you - hope it's all better now! And yes, 11 kiddies with paint does sound a nightmare, but luckily 3 is still an age where parents stay for parties so I did a long queue of parents with wipes and flannels and towels, etc. Worked like a dream!

    Brighton Mum - Thanks honey bun. Yeah we were still a bit sniffly for the zoo (not helped by the weather)! But yep, great party idea - am sure I must have knicked it from someone else as we've also done it for all of Renée's parties too.

    Elsie - Oh I think that's what we migth be doing next year - although so hard when you have two and you've always done a big party for the first one. If you set a precedent of no parties with Betty, then Dolly won't need one either!!! Good thinking xx

    Diney - Thanks lovely! Yep, luckily for you pass the parcel and hand prints are all in the past. I shall look forward to discos with glee!

  25. RM - Do you know what? When I read your comment, ooh, about 8 days ago when yo ufirst wrote it - I looked out of the window and it had just started to rain - and I thought bloody typical - you spoke too soon! Oh the damn rain. I'm just not a happy bunny. But yes, have stuffed them full of garlic but it makes them fart too - not particularly pleasant either!! x

    Maddie - Oh I know - we've been playing real-life pass the sickness in the Maternal household. When one finally recovers they pass it on to the other one. I'm not liking it one bit!

    Insomniac - Oh yes - please nick it - I'd love to think I've handed on something useful at least!! We've done it for all of Renée's parties (3rd and 4th with foot prints too) - and at her last party we got them to draw pictures of themselves and write their names next to the pictures. Was very cute.

    PHM - Yep, use the idea - definitely. It always looks great and kills at least half an hour of a party - tis fab! And am so late in replying I know - but was lovely to see you at the zoo xxx

    Amy - Hope you had fun in Scotland sweetie - we missed you definitley. Next time we'll do something in the Summer for all of us xxx

  26. notSupermum - Thanks lovely - wish you could have been there too!! We were all a bit sniffly for the zoo and the weather didn't help but it was great fun x

    Tasha - Hello honey. Am so late in posting I know - but was so lovely to see you at the zoo and finally meet Eleanor (although not Rosemary - boo hoo)!! Like you say, must have a weekend get-together next time. A lot less rushed xxx

    muummmeeee - Hee hee - No thankfully no mess was created! Unbelievable I know, but 3 is an age where parents still stay for the party and I had loads of help with flannels and wipes and towels, etc. Worked really well!

    Hot Cross - Oh it was fine int he end. I think the thought was more horrendous than reality. Lots of parents to help. Hands in and out. Worked like a dream! *Cough*

    Liz - Hello sweetie - yes so glad we met - after all this time!! I think it was a brief hello for everyone - always difficult to chat to anyone for more than 2 minutes - and if you do then you miss out on meeting everyone. A whole weekend meet-up next time I think. Preferably in the Summer!

    magnumlady - Thanks darling. Just realised I said to someone above that she was all better now but I've just realised she's actually not. She's still all sniffly and blocked up and going through tissues like there's no tomorrow! Fingers crossed it goes soon xxx

  27. Josie - Behind??? Oh sweetie, I am sooooo behind - with reading, commenting and posting. It's all a disaster. But yes, such a shame you couldn't have come to the zoo, but we will meet one day... And yes, please nick the idea for Kai's next's fab! xx

    Chapter Forty - Oh I know. My husband asks me all the time why we still need to buy wipes since both the girls are now out of nappies. But I still have to buy them - heaven knows what I did before!

    Rosie - Oh you're so right. Sick days make you feel like you're wasting time - having said that - the weather has been so awful that I tried to make myself feel better by assuming that even if we hadn't been ill, we'd still be stuck inside anyway!!

    Mamma Po - Oh sweetie - you poor thing. Sounds hideous. Haven't actually encountered that affliction yet, and fingers crossed we don't!! And as for creative attempts - you could outdo mine with something created by your little finger alone. You are Mrs Creative and I bow down to your superior skills. But hey, I'll take the compliment when I can! Thanks sweetie xxx

    DD - Oh you still could!!! Kind of...Looks good on their walls at any age I reckon...

    SAHM-I-AM - Oh please yes - do steal it. I'd love to have passed something useful on...Now I'm ridiculously late in replying to comments, but i hope this finds you all recovered. Big kiss xxx