Monday, 16 November 2009

Babysitter found - thanks to the blogosphere!

Ok, so I can't keep you hanging on any longer...

We found a babysitter.

And we did go to the party.

Whoop, whoop, air punch, dancing around the room, etc, etc. But not so loudly this time as my head is still feeling rather fragile. And yes I know it's not even the morning after, but that should give you some indication of the fun we had because despite not making it to the stage of table dancing with bottles of vodka, I did sit and munch my way through rather a lot of Chorizo in red wine, which I defy anyone not to completely adore (unless of course you're vegetarian, or you hate chorizo or, er, red wine).

Anyway, I just need to share this story with you because following the t-shirt episode, it's yet another example of how truly, truly amazing the blogosphere is.

So, if you didn't read Friday night's post, the long and short of it is that I had a huge rant about the bloody babysitter who refused to come when I told her that her boyfriend wasn't invited too.
When I woke up on Saturday morning, still without a babysitter for that evening, I read through the deluge of comments I had received - and thank you to everyone who supported me in saying that the babysitter had been in the wrong. Stragely enough my own Mother had taken rather a lot of persuasion to come round to my way of thinking and had recounted numerous occasions where boyfriends had turned up to assist babysitters when I was younger. But maybe that's just a sad indication of how times have changed. When it comes to the safety of your children, these days, cautious can never be wrong.

Anyway, amongst the comments was a bona fide offer of babysitting from a fellow blogger. Now it's not quite as random as it sounds since Karen is a friend of mine. However, it's been rather a few years since we've actually met up and thanks to Facebook we 'found' each other again. As I also publish my blog on Facebook she just so happened to come across it, read it from the very beginning and send me a lovely message saying how much she'd enjoyed it, (bless her)!!

In fact, she was so taken with the idea of blogging that the very next day she started a blog of her own - one which charts her life as a Mother of four children aged between 16 and 22, all of whom still live at home.

So not only is she a complete saint for putting up with all of them, but she's also a genuinely lovely person to have offered her services...

...of which we accepted. It wasn't exactly my preferred method of meeting up after a few years, but sometimes, just sometimes, it feels right.

So that is that.

Thanks to Karen, we went to the party. Go and check out her blog - Brighton Mum/Teenage Angst. It's a fantastic read. Thank you so much Karen - you're the best. And so is the blogosphere.


  1. Fantastic! Glad you had a night out, and thank goodness for wonderful friends.

  2. That's great that you managed to get out after all. Thanks for the Chorizo recipe, I shall be making this at some point during the holiday season. I am, however, not at all happy to find another blog to which I am sure to become addicted to reading *Brighton Mum/Teenage Angst*

  3. and they lived happily ever after....glad you had a night out and found an old friend

  4. Yay for Karen! Yay for the blogosphere! Yay for parties! Yay yay yay for chorizo and red wine!

  5. As I said before, my pleasure. It was lovely, lovely, lovely to see you both again. And we are both very naughty for not catching up with each other before now. Hope the head is feeling much better now! Much love xxx

  6. So glad you got to go in the end! I would've been the same as you and not allowed her to have the boyfriend over. And I don't mean to sound like a snob but... I can't abide it when people text like that!! USE THE PROPER WORDS!!! Sorry for getting all shouty when you have a headache but it really gets my goat! xx

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    Best Regards


  8. now that is a great story and you got to go to a party too!! I am so grateful for all the friends (especially you hun) that i've made since blogging. xx

  9. Great news that you got to go to the party afterall!

    I'm sorry I haven't been around much recently - I've neglected my blogging friends, so I'm trying to make up for lost time!

  10. That's brilliant, I'm so pleased you had such a good time and found such a lovely babysitter :)

  11. Catharine - Thank you lovely lady. And yes, here's to wonderful friends and a good night out!

    DJ - Ooh you are so very welcome my dear. But beware of that chorizo recipe - I couldn't put the bowl down - no one else stood a chance!! And yes, Karen's blog is fab - not quite sure how she does it all!

    Mama - Thank you darling. Now I've just clicked on your avatar but I can't seem to click through to your blog - just wanted to pop over and say thanks for passing by x

    BiB - Oh totally yay to all of that. Ten times over!!! Try the recipe - it's amazing - and let me know what you think!!

    Maddie - Yeah - for like one night and then we're too ill and exhausted to ever do it again - or at least for the next 6 months!!

    Brighton Mum - Head much better thanks sweetie!! And can someone say thank you too many times?? I don't want to bore you know, but thanks. Mwah mwah mwah xxx

  12. Great to hear you got out in the end, nights out are so rare that it's disappointing when you can't do make them. And who'd have thought your blog would solve the problem? I think a mummy bloggers baby sitting circle could be set up. Although I don't think there are many mummy bloggers near me. There are lots up north aren't there? So they're probably sorted as are you now. Not heard of the chorizo and red wine sounds yum.

  13. That Girl - Oh don't speak to me about bad texting!!! I think it must be one of my pet hates. I mean doesn't she have predictive text?? For crying out loud - surely it's actualy harder to misspell the words? Silly, silly girl. Went right off her fromt he start!

    Devorne - Sounds great - have e-mailed you.

    Amy - Oh honey you are so very, very lovely. And yes, I, too am so grateful (and surprised and pleased) about all the friends I have made since blogging - especially you too! It's one of those added bonuses which I never even thought about before blogging. Love it.

    notSupermum - Oh sweetie - don't be so silly. It's me who's been decidedly crap and neglectful. Life/blogging/parenting, etc - none of it is easy and we all know that. But it's fine, because we're all in the same position. Hugs to you sweet lady xxx

    Liz - Thank you darling. Yep, it all worked out amazingly well. If Lucy hadn't been such an ar*e, then it may have taken Karen and me even longer to meet up!! xxx

  14. Emily O - Ooh think we must have passed each other. Just missed you in my last comments. Thanks sweetie - yes it does us good sometimes to go out - even though it's always such a hassle to organise. But unbelievably it all worked out. And yes, normally we're not short of babysitters, but when a silly little girl (sorry - couldn't resist) lets you down at the last minute then it's always going to be a headache. But chorizo and red wine - amazing. Really. You must try it! xx

  15. What a brilliant result. Really glad you had a good time :)

    Mel xxx

  16. Wow, talk about a serendipitous experience-- you were triple bonused on this one: You learned now and not after the fact how loyal your baby sitter was going to be, you found a good friend AND you got to eat copious amounts of chorizo in red wine :-) Great way to go into the holidays.

    I might just do my own babysitting post if it turned out this good for you...

  17. Definitely agree about the babysitter being accompanied issue, good on you for sticking by your guns. Kids first etc.

    That's a fabulous way to find a babysitter and I'm so glad you had a good night out.

    CJ xx

  18. She is great! And so are you! And I'm really glad you had a good time.

    As for chorizo in red wine ... no. I'm sorry. I can't agree. Last time i had it, it wouldn't go down. I chewed and chewed but i couldnt swallow! The others were glad because it kept me quiet but never again. Chorizo on its own - fab. Red wine on its own - perfect. Just don't offer them to together again - ever!!

    Thank you x

  19. Shabby - I know - unbelievable result. And thanks, yes we had a great time xx

    ibhh - Who would have thought hey??! I definitely wasn't fishing for that result - just needed a good old rant, but yes, amazing how things have a way of working themselves out.

    CJ - Hello honey - have been meaning to pop over to yours for ages. Keep reading snippets on FB - hope you're feeling ok. And thanks - yes situation turned out fab all round x

    Selina - I CAN NOT believe you don't like chorizo in red wine - I'm almost disappointed - I was imagining us lounging around, cocktails and chorizo. Oh well, I can give it a miss - but only for you!!

  20. You were so right not to allow the babysitter to bring her boyfriend - can't be too sure nowadays, sadly. Love your blog - hope the birthday is a great one!

  21. Glad you got to go to the 'ball'. It sounds like Karen is a real life fairy godmother :)

  22. Diney - Thanks for popping over and for the lovely comment. Party was great thanks. Although it has taken me a few days to recover!!

    magnumlady - You're right - she was amazing. I'm very lucky to have 'found' her again!

  23. Yay for bloggers! And also, I have to say, yay for a blog about children over the age of 10... I shall read with trepidation.

    Do you know, since the day I popped Charlie out I've not been able to drink red wine? It's a damn crime is what it is... so keep your chorizo AND your headache!

  24. Sparx - Oh I know - it's all teenagerdom over there - I'm not sure if we should look forward to it or dread it!! And as for no red wine - oh no - my sympathies are with you. Oh well, more for me I guess! xx

  25. great story - you should put your christmas list up - you never might just get it! are you coming to the zoo next week, I'd love to see you and the girls again x