Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Happy Birthday my darling girl

Today my darling Edie has turned three, although the poor mite is hardly aware of the fact since we were in such a rush for nursery this morning, we didn't have time to open any presents (which is just as well because there weren't any). A fact not helped by nursery woman asking her what presents she had received...

"Cards", Edie replied.

"Cars"? nursery woman asked quizically.

"Cards", I repeated. "Er we're saving presents for later".

"Did you have cake for breakfast"? nursery woman blundered on.

"No, cake's for later too", I insisted.

And that's how I left it as I then dashed off to the supermarket to buy cake and presents.

Edie will never know.

And Edie, my darling, if you ever read this post in years to come and think that Mummy didn't love you, then please continue reading and you'll know for certain that that's not the case.

Little Edie, you are the most divine creature anyone has ever met. You are stunningly beautiful (of course everyone says that you look just like me...cough)! But not only are truly captivating. Katharine's Mummy, Veronica, says that you're the only other child, aside from her own, who she feels unconditional love for, which is just as well because I have noticed you hit her quite a few times.

But, you see, that's the thing. Despite the fact that you, er hit and er, kick and pull hair and bite and generally try to do a very good job of turning people against you, it just doesn't work. Everybody loves you, Edie, not least your Mummy and your Papa and your big sister Renée.

Happy Birthday little one. You are now officially very grown-up. And don't forget, very grown-up girlies don't need to bite any more, or hit, or throw tantrums for that matter. Only two year-olds do that...


  1. Bless her heart - and how wonderful for her to read this when she's bigger. Happy Birthday Edie!

  2. Your little Edie is the cutest little girl I've ever met! I miss seing her gorgeous little face every day. Tell her I love her and I wish her a very happy birthday !!!
    Big kisses to you all xxx

  3. I wish I had an Edie award to give you. I had an Auntie Edie and she was the best!

  4. Happy birthday gorgeous edible Edie. Baby Freya sends you lots of kisses and so does her mummy xxx

  5. Happy Birthday Edie!!!!

    As your mummy's friend and cake-eating champion I order you to eat it ALL and not give any to mummy and daddy and only a little bit to Renee if she's nice to you.

    Hope you get lots and lots and LOTS of presents when you get home from nursery and that some of them are sparkly.


  6. a big happy birthday to Edie! xx

  7. Happy happy birthday little Edie. 3 is a gorgeous age. I do sympathise, I had one that bit one that pulled hair and one that had tantrums. xxx

  8. Ah bless. Happy Birthday little Edie. And good luck with those behavioural my experience (admittedly with boys) 3 was the worst age of all (mind you, 4 isn't proving to be much better although 6 is pretty much a dream in comparison).

    Have fun tonight xx

  9. Happy Birthday Edie, she sounds adorable even with the biting :) I love that name, Mr Bolds nanny is 95 and she's called Edie too x

  10. Happy 3rd birthday Edie you gorgeous little cutey!! hugs and kisses from all 7of us xxxxxx

  11. Happy Birthday Edie, how lucky that you're as beautiful as your mum :-)

  12. Ahh, happy birthday little lady. You sound scrumptious (and far too pretty to be hitting and biting - that's what 2 yr olds with red hair do!).

  13. Happy Birthday Edie! Such a grown up, adorable little girl you are! I hope you had lovely presents to open & LOADS of scrummy cake. Thank you for my 'lovely hug' and I'm sending one back xxx

  14. What a nerve that nursery woman has. I just can't believe how idiotic her questions were.

    Have a good celebration!

  15. Oh sweetie! Hope she had a wonderful 3rd birthday - and that you got some Mother's Helper for yourself along with her cake and pressies!

    No kicking or biting for you and no poos in the pants for me - those are OUR third birthday presents... I hope!

  16. Liz - Yeah I think it will be amazing for them both to read it all when they're older - same for other blogging Mums. I would have loved something like this to look back on. Heaven only knows what sort of things I got up to in my childhood!

    Marion - Hello darling! We miss you too. Lots and lots. Both the girls send their love. And we're not planning on coming to France for New Year now :-((( so you'll have to come back for a visit. Pleeeeeeease...x

    Maddie - Oh now that would have gone so well with my Renée award! And yesp, it's always the oldies who are called Edie. But when I told my Granny that we were calling her Edie she didn't like it!!

    ems - Hello darling - first time on here!! Hey, why don't you start a blog too?? Would be fun. Thanks for the kisses. Edie's very happy that baby Freya remembers her!!

    Josie - Hee hee! Yes, she did get something very sparkly indeed which is now annoying the cr*p out of me because the sparkly bits are getting all over the house! And as for sharing - I'm afraid she wouldn't even share with her sister. Oh dear...back to the drawing board!

  17. Elsie - Thanks honey - and a Big Happy Birthday to her twin, Betty!! x

    Reasons - Oh you poor thing - when do they finally grow out of that stage? My eldest one never did any of it so I'm at a loss!

    Nicola - Oh no!!! And there I was saying to myself on a daily basis - 'well at least we're almost over the terrible twos'!! Oh deary me - I have a few more years left of the 'terribles' by the sounds of things...

    WoB - I know - all the Grannies are called Edie. When I told my Granny we were going to call her Edie she said she hated it - she said it reminded her of the washerwomen when she was younger!!! Nothing wrong with washer women I say...

    Amy - Wow - when you say 7 it really does sound like a lot!! But 7 x all those kisses - yes please!! xxxx

  18. notSupermum - Oh yes - I like it!! Bless you. But no, she's much prettier than me (luckily)!!

    Hot Cross - Hee hee...wouldn't be your son would it?!! But yes, she is far too pretty and gorgeous to do any of the above. Unfortunately i think she knows it, which is why she does it!!! Deep breaths...

    Brighton Mum - Thanks Darling. And I'm sure the little cuddle monster sends ones back to you too. xxxx

    Mwa - Oh tell me about it - I felt like such a terrible mother. But seriously, nursery starts at 8 - as if there had been times to open presents at home anyway!!! And cake for breakfast? What sort of Mother do they think I am?? ;-) x

    Sparx - Mother's Helper? What's that then?? Sounds good, but so unattainable unfortunately...Hee hee - like your birthday presents - and I hope you get them!! We finally got over the poos in the pants thakfully...but it did take rather a long time!

  19. Oh that is so sweet. I like the fact I'm finding out about you in other formats now - it makes me feel closer. Why did I resist Twitter for so long.

    Anyway I hope that she loved her pressies and nobody could ever say you were a bad mum.

  20. Bit late, but Happy Birthday, Edie! What a big girl. Hope you had a lovely day.

    And Edie's mummy - why isn't there an email link on your blog? Or am I being blind? Will send you a Facebook message instead.

  21. Beautiful post for a beautiful girl, I would expect nothing less! Hope you've all had or are having a wonderful time. x

  22. Er, speaking as the mother of a three year old, I'm pretty sure they still do all that biting, kicking stuff. Still, if she's as charming as you say, I'm sure everyone'll forgive her :)

  23. Happy Birthday angel Edie!

    Hope you had a great day.

    Love RMxx

  24. Happy Birthday Edie - you're such a big girl now...and you have a lovely, lovely mummy x

  25. Edie will love this when she grown up - why does it always bring a tear to the eye reading of a mother's consuming love for her child? A wonderful thing. x

  26. That is a beautiful post for Eddie. She will be delighted to read it herself when she is older and to know she has a mummy so caring.

  27. FF - It's ok - most people resist Twitter at the beginning and can't quitre work out why they're doing it or even what they're doing. I guarantee if you go back and check most people's Twitter accounts their first few tweets are full of 'Not sure what I'm doing here'. I know mine was. But I'm glad you've persisted - and it seems like you may even be enjoying it now!

    Tasha - Thanks sweetie - I know - didn't want to put an e-mail on at the beginning for fear of oddballs thinking that people could always contact me via Twitter, etc, but then I decided it was better to put one on the other day and then couldn't work out how to do it! Duh!! Anyway, thanks for the message honey. Big kiss xx

    Linda - Awww - bless you sweet lady. Yep, we all had a great time. In fact, I received a car today from an invitee to the party who said 'thanks for the party - it was the best one I've ever been to - I wanted to stay all night'. Bless her. Happy all round it seems.

    Victoria - I know - thing is my eldest never did that sort of thing and it's hard not to compare...and it's exhausting always having to apologise to other parents!! But fingers crossed she'll grow out of it soon.

  28. RM - Thanks beautiful. She even looks like an angel - all chubby and Rubenesque! Too cute...and that's the problem!

    Selina - Thanks lovely lady. And yes, so grown up...even more so if she'd just learn to stop that biting!

    Diney - Aww thanks lovey - it's funny isn't it - before you have children you always say I'll never be the sort to talk incessantly about my child, thinking that they're the best/most beautiful, etc...but once you become a Mother it's hard to resist...

    Kestrel - Oh I do hope so - thanks! Yes, it's funny to think that this will all be here for them when they're older. It would have been amazing to have something like this written by my Mother - the good and the bad! I would have loved it.