Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Can you believe it? My two year Blogoversary.

It has just occurred me that today is my two-year blogoversary.

I know, I know. To think that I almost let it pass by unnoticed.

And yes, I hardly write these days and I'm a crap blogger friend, so what's there to celebrate you may ask?

Well, any excuse for a glass of champagne...

And simply because I love to trade off my former glories (have you see my 'new' Facebook phot0?), I am going to celebrate by leaving you with my top ten favourite posts. I was going to make it five, but I just had a quick scroll back through the archives and they're just too good, I tell you.

And it's my blog so I can say that.

Go on, have a read. I used to be funny once...

The one where my child got a baked bean stuck up her nose.
The one where I said 'congratulations' to a woman who wasn't pregnant.
The one where I farted during a massage (sorry I mean the one where a 'friend' farted).
The one where I ate some poo.
The one where my friends named their child Helga. Except they didn't.
The one where my child learnt about the cruelty of death whilst watching the Grand National.
The one where we dropped poo in the car.
The one where I realised sheep have it much easier than us during childbirth.
The one where I found a grey pubic hair.
The one where I stepped on dog poo. Only I thought it was dog poo.

Now where did I leave that bottle of champagne?

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday (Almost on time)...

Six years of growing...

Gone in less than a minute...