Saturday, 3 October 2009

Grey hairs in all the wrong places

I found my first grey hair when I was eight years old. Seriously. I discovered it during a Maths lesson. I remember it well because Maths lessons generally saw me sitting at the back of the class, desperately looking around for something else to do other than concentrate on what was laid out in front of me. At the time, I found twiddling my hair to be far more pleasurable.

And so it was in the midst of one of these twiddles that I happened upon the hair, glistening in all its glory amongst the brown ones.

I was shocked, but almost peversely delighted at this very grown-up discovery. I couldn't contain my excitement and felt I had to tell the teacher. I remember the fact that she thought it was paint.

But it wasn't.

And then slowly I discovered more.

And more.

But not all when I was eight. Don't worry. It did take a few years.

And then when I was in my early 20's I decided to experiment with highlights and before I knew it, someone had referred to me as blonde. I looked in the mirror and realised that they were right. But hey, at least it covered the grey.

And then a couple of years ago I discovered a grey eyebrow. I was incredulous. A grey eyebrow at 33? I pulled it out.

And thought nothing more of it.

That was until, I made an even more shocking discovery only a few days ago. One which I decided to share with my husband as we were lying in bed.

"I found grey pubic hairs you know", I told him.

He looked at me, eyes widening, a frown forming. I think I may even have detected distaste.

Crikey, I thought. It's not that shocking, is it? I mean, I do have a fair few on my head, a couple in my eyebrows, and well, isn't that just the natural progression?

I felt rather affronted at his reaction.

That was until I heard his response.

"Who do they belong to?"

I almost wet myself laughing.

For crying out loud husband. Who do you think they belong to? The postman?

They're mine you fool.

I think he cottoned on in the end...


  1. Oooh, sweet! I'm very grey, too, at 32. Only started at fifteen, though, I think. Must go check pubes...

  2. My step mum went completely grey at 20 after having my brother. She decided to become a blonde and you wouldn't know otherwise.

    I've not found any grey yet but I'm a redhead so I think I'll probably just fade to strawberry blonde.

    LOL at your hubby!

  3. I have masses of grey hair (I was the only one of the grandchildren to inherit the wonky nose and grey hair from my dad's family!!) - when I first came to Italy people told me 'don't pull out any grey hairs otherwise 7 will grow in its place - and they were right!!!!!!! -

  4. My Mum went grey at 30. I'm hoping to be given all the genes from my Dads side, as they don't go grey until well into the 60s.
    Erm, not that I'm up on these matters, but isn't it possible to dye the hair "down there" with special dye? Or maybe its time for more drastic waxing, although as Kathryn says above maybe not a good idea if it means 7 more will grow back?

  5. Stop! Stop! I can't laugh anymore!!!!
    My mum found our first grey hairs at 6 (I'm a twin) and the rest seemed to arrive late teens and onwards. As for down there, yes, I have them too. Not sure what to do, if anything....
    Thanks for a great post.

  6. Lol about your hubbys shock!! Men eh.
    Hope the tooth is better now xxx

  7. Hehe. He really is French, hein? :-D

  8. Lol! This reminds me of a corny joke by a standup I saw last year 'I found my first grey pubic hair the last time I was in Reading. In a kebab'. I've got a few grey hairs but only that I'd notice, quite lucky so far. As for 'downstairs' I can't even see at the moment due to baby bump! You've got me thinking now though, maybe I need to find a hand mirror...

  9. Mwa - Yep - it's amazing how early it starts sometimes. Of course, you'd never know by looking at me!!!! (Cough, cough)!

    Insomniac - What not even one greay hair yet? Wow...that is good going. I think we have going greay early genes in our family, but we all love a bit of hair dye so you'd never know.

    Kathryn - Yep, my Mum told me that about the 7 hairs as well, so I've never, ever pulled them out. 7 hairs just grew in other places instead!! Hmph...

    Claire - yep I reckon you must have inherited your Dad's genes from what I saw the other day (good to meet you btw). And yes I reckon there is special dye...although am not sure I'll bother for just one. Will bear it in mind though if any others crop up!!

  10. Oh that's too funny! I have my (head) hair dyed so often I can't remember what colour it is, but the roots tell me grey. Can you really dye pubic hair? Doesn't the hairdresser mind?

  11. Lulu's - It's funny because even though I have them on my head I just didn't think I'd find them down there...not quite sure why! And wow - 6 years old - I never thought I'd find anyone to beat my 8. Good going! xxx

    magnumlady - I know - I hate to imagine what was going through his mind...and the fact that he thought I'd found someone else's hairs in the bed!!! So funny. And thanks for asking - you're such a love. Yes, tooth all cleared up now - antibiotics worked a treat x

    Met Mum - Hee hee. Oh yes, indeedy he is ;-))

    whistlejacket - Oh I love that joke - the cornier the better. Might have to start using it myself! And yes, I remember being pregnant and not being able to see anything down there for quite a while. Don't worry about the mirror - I don't want a pregnant lady to be too shocked! Try after you've given birth x

  12. Woman Who Can - Ooh we just crossed each other. Yes, I reckon you can dye your hair down below - but I wouldn't think it's a hairdresser who does it - more likely a beautician and I'm sure they see much worse things than that (erm, see my previous post if you want verificatio nof that)!! x

  13. Men, eh? Bless 'em. My approach to the grey hair dilemma is to have no hair at all ... well, apart from on my head. I'll leave that intact for the moment, although, who knows, there may come a day when looking mad and bald is preferable to overtly grey haired ...!

  14. Oh, I love it. How could he assume they belonged to someone else and you would tell him about it? Great! I bet you laughed yourself silly. I'm sitting here with a big grin on my face. That's the funniest thing I've heard in a long time. Thanks! You made my day.

  15. he he he! I have some grey hairs which my hubby loves to point out grrrr i loved that comment about whos hairs they were..classic xx

    p.s thanks for that lovely comment about my pregnancy on my site, you are so kind and i love you to bits xxx

  16. very funny response from your hubby! x

  17. KT - Hmm yes, you could have a point...although if 7 grow back in their place, I'm doomed...I'll change my mind and then, well, won't be a good look really!

    Green Stone - Hee hee hee - I know!! How ridiculous was he? And yes, I did laugh myself stupid - it wasn't finding the hairs that made me laugh - just the fact that he thought they were someone else's! Silly man.

    imbeingheldhostage - It was...thanks xx

    Amy - Don't think my husband would point out the grey hairs on my head because (a) they're all covered up, and (b) he has far more than me anyway... And you're so welcome with the comment - if anyone can cope with 5 you can xxx

  18. Elsie - Ooh you just popped in as I was writing the other comments! Yes, hilarious response. He saw the funny side of it eventually!

  19. Nearly wet yourself & grey hairs? Oh its all good fun....


  20. Oh lordy I have a stubborn grey hair in my eyebrow and I've just turned 30. Is this what's next?

    Must go check...

  21. LOL brilliant. Mr is full on grey at 31 but still insists he's not.... he thinks the dark grey is bworn bless him!!

  22. Funny post. My 45-year-old hubby calls his grey hairs 'just lighter shades of blonde'. As for me, most of my greys became noticeable after having kids ... hmmmmm, is there a connection?!

  23. Oh that is too funny! But, hmmm grey pube hairs... highlights?

  24. I do love you - you're so funny! And your husband is most endearing for saying that. You do know that on a practical level though, the time has come for a regular ..... brazilian!!! It only hurts the first couple of times !!

  25. My rather hirsute chest has become a shade or two lighter lately. Looks like a fine dusting of talcum powder...

  26. Lydia - Who would have thought getting old would be such fun?

    Tartan - Oh's just one step further toward being an aged parent. Embrace it...

    Mrs OMG - Funnily enough I always think grey hair looks great on blokes (my hubby is grey too - just like yours - and I can say that cos I've met Mr OMG). Looks lovely. Not sure it looks quite so good on women though. Damn shame.

    SAHM-I-AM - Yep, there is totally a connection. Personally have not done the research on it (!) but there has to be. Just off to google it now!

    Lady Mama - I think tweezers first... highlights later!

    Selina - Oh you're such a minx...yes, has been considered (and already tried although that might be TMI) - wasn't a fan although I may have to try again! x

  27. The Dotterel - Think you just snuck in there while I was typing the other replies...oh it's all so inevitable isn't it? I just thought I'd be able to hold off a wee while longer. Obviously not :-( Anyway, men look distinguished with grey hair. Ladies not so...

  28. Christ! Are you gonna see me under all these comments?

    Grey hairs creep up on you quietly. You are not alone. Get those suckers whipped off. I do. Whipped off or dyed. They have no business being there!

    Love RMxx - a greying bird! But I shall fight it!!!!

  29. Very, very funny!

    There are advantages to being (naturally) blonde: somehow the grey doesn't show in the same way. At least, not yet...

  30. Hee hee love it!! I come from a family who don't go grey early I'm afraid! Sorry xxx

  31. RM - I can see you sweetie - in all your glory! Might just take your advice ;-))

    Catharine - Hmm...yes indeed. Can get away with it (not being naturally blonde) on my head, but not so in other places it seems!

    clarey - S'ok honey - I've embraced it, am dealing with it, and will eventually recover!

  32. He didn't offer to check for you?

    CJ xx

  33. He He, pissed myself at this tale but can happily gloat that I have only ever found one grey hair (on my head that is) just after having Otto. I think it was the shock of becoming a mum. God, hope I haven't spoken too soon, it will be a nightmare once they appear being very dark haired! Roni x

  34. CJ - He might have done!!! ;-)) xx

    Roni - Some people have all the luck... You'll have to go blonde!!