Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Yes, even more awards

So apparently I'm not Scary enough. I didn't win the 'Scary Mommy' competition and in light of that I am now miserable.

My husband has tried to cheer me up, in his typically dismissive fashion,

'Well did you really want to be scary anyway?'
'Well, no. But that's not the point. I wanted a Flip Camera'.

So in an attempt to lessen the blow, I am going to have to pull out all the awards I've been harbouring and haven't yet got round to posting....Bear with me...we could be here a while.

First up is the 'Queen of All Things Awesome' award which has been bestowed upon me by Very Bored Housewife. Thank you lovely lady. I think this will look rather wonderful on my sidebar.
The rules, as ever, are to pass it on to five other blogs which I feel are just as worthy. So, step up wonderful people, this award is just for you.

Next up is the, now infamous, Zombie Chicken award, given to me by The Wife of Bold and That Girl. Thank you my darlings. The rules for this one are as follows...

"The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the zombie chicken – excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to read their inspiring words. As a recipient of this world-renowned award, you now have the task of passing it on to at least 5 other worthy bloggers. Do not risk the wrath of the zombie chickens by choosing unwisely or not choosing at all."

I hereby pass this on to the following five blogs.

Next up, it's the 'I Love Your Blog' award which has been given to me by Baking Mad Mama and Linda at You've Got Your Hands Full. Well, I love all the blogs I read, but I don't think I've passed on awards to these lovely people before, so here goes, the award is for you.

The 'I Love your Blog As much as cake' award was offered to all the readers of Clareybabbling and Life with a Little Dude, so hey, what's another one while I'm here? Thanks ladies. I hereby pass this on to the following blogs. All as yummy as cake...

Your Blog is Bloody Brilliant was given to me by 20-Something Mum. Thanks sweetie pie - and yes, it was great to meet you too. The following blogs are Bloody Brilliant too...

The penultimate award is the 'Kreativ Blogger' given to me by the wonderful Whistlejacket at Babyrambles. Thanks honey - I'm totally chuffed to have been given this...because, well since the Pom Pom and Purse-making episodes I was hoping someone might have noticed my creative side! However, the following blogs deserve this award much more than me...go and check them out for yourselves.

And Finally, I am very honoured to have received the Circle of Friends award from the ever wonderful That Girl at Forty Not Out. It's actually a huge struggle to pass it on because I genuinely feel as though I am friends with all of my fellow bloggers and I wish I could pass it on to everyone. But the following people have been here for me from the very beginning.

Island Mum of 2
Metropolitan Mum
And that concludes the award post which has taken me four whole days to compile!


  1. Wow! That's alot of awards. No wonder you lost 4 days compiling it!

    Thanks for the tag.


  2. Aw thanks gorgeous! That pink colour and those blingin' diamonds on the crown will look most luscious on my new look abode! And you know me so well... I've always wanted a crown... or at least a big tiara! Mwah Darlink xx

  3. Not surprised that took you four days. Congratulations on all those awards and commiserations on not being the Scariest Mummy!

  4. Thank you very much! Anything to do with cake works for me! Well done on your haul x

  5. Insomniac - No prob sweetie. I know - too long - I had to do it in fits and starts. Never a good way. Am relieved it's all over!

    Mwa - You're very welcome my dear x

    That Girl - Oh I so knew that award would suit you even before I saw your new digs. Mwah to you too x

    Working Mum - Thanks sweetie - I know - how could I not be the Scariest Mummy? Next year, I'll work harder on it! No more mascara...

    Whistlejacket - Ooh yes, cake works for me too. Enjoy xxx

  6. 7 Awards! SEVEN!!!!

    Good grief! Your popularity is scary!

    Congrats on all your awards and thank you very much for mine. My little chum.x

    Love RMxx

  7. thank you :)

    and congratulations on your collection of awards!

    best wishes

  8. WOW - Thank you!!!!! Totally appreciated. You can never have too many zombie chickens in my book ;)


  9. Thanks sweetie x You're a popular lady!

  10. Thanks, hun - very honoured. I have a whole pile of these things to catch up on, too. Goodness knows when I'll get round to them! Maybe Christmas.

  11. I know, it 'just an award', but I am seriously touched. *sniffle* Thank you, Emily!

  12. That is a lot of awards but the zombie chicken award is the coolest.

  13. Oooh thank you my dear xxxxx

  14. Yay, thank you very much, scary lady. xx

  15. Thank you so much! and the feeling is mutual xx

  16. Awww sorry you didn't win the scary mommy award....better luck next time ;)

  17. Ooh, thank you MT. I am truly honoured. And one day very soon I shall get round to rounding up all my lovely-jubbly awards and posting them on my site. Most of which, I'm embarrassed to say, are from you and you alone. Thank you honey xxx

  18. thank you for the award! i will endeavour to earn it!

  19. RM - Obviously not scary enough! Hmph... But you're welcome sweetie. Welcome to my circle of friends!! x

    Ribbon - You are so very welcome x

    Nicola - Oh no - have you got it already? Read your comment and wondered if it had been me who'd given it to you before. Wouldn't have surprised me, but no thankfully it must have been someone else. But you're very welcome honey. It's very well deserved. If I'd had any more time (or patience) I would have written something nice about everyone's blogs, especially yours, but it had taken me 4 days to cobble together already!

    Lady Mama - You're very welcome my dear x

    Tasha - I know - sorry honey - I was reluctant to give you an award since I know they're a bit of a pain and you have more than enough to get on with at the moment, but I couldn't leave you out of my friendship circle! Hope you doing ok xxx

  20. Met Mum - I know what you mean about this award though. When That Girl gave it to me I was touched as well. Glad you like it friend xx

    Kestrel - Yep Zombie Chicken is definitely the coolest one! I'll try to remember that you like it next time it comes my way! x

    Then There Were Three - You're welcome honey. Have been eavesdropping on Twitter conversations - am glad things are going so well with Lola. Well done you xxx

    Very Bored - Oh well unfortunately I'm not scary at all!!! But you're very welcome xx

    PHM - Love you Peggy x

    magnumlady - Aww - that's ok. I don't mind really - it's just the prize was a Flip camera and it looked kinda cool! x

    Mamma Po - Don't worry sweetie - I know how long it takes to do an award post - I was almost seething doing this one! xxx

    Grit - Oh darling, you've already earned it ten times over x

  21. Thank you so much! I will do my post tomorrow x

  22. Bakingmadmama - You are so very welcome my darling x

  23. what a testament to how fabulous your blog is, all these awards! Thank you for mine xxx

  24. allgrownup - Thanks sweetie. And yours is very well-deserved too xxx