Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Don't kill animals

Renée, my five-year old loves animals. When she grows up she wants to be a vet or a farmer, or a marine biologist or a zookeeper. Anything, in fact that means she will get to spend her days with animals. This evening, just before bed she asked me how to spell 'become', 'extinct' and 'future'. I had no idea what she was doing, but called out the spellings anyway.

What she had written almost brought tears to my eyes. So I just thought I'd share it with you.


  1. Oh so sweet. Bless her she's not wrong either, give her a bug hug from all of us xx

  2. Gorgeous. Wouldn't it look adorable on a little t-shirt too?! x

  3. Very touching, beautiful. We should learn to listen to children's thoughts!

  4. Bless her, bought tears to my eyes too!

  5. Oh I love it! She is going to make the very bestest zookeeper marine biologist environmentalist wildlife warrior EVER.

    Big cuddles to your special, wise girl xxx

  6. Sounds like Renee is smarter than a lot of grown ups I know.
    (come to think of it, she has better handwriting too.)

    Look forward to hearing which wonderful animal-themed career she ends up picking :)

  7. Wow she is so intelligent and so right, bless her.
    Thanks for all your kind comments, I really appreciate them xxx

  8. Wow, she's goooood. My oldest just wants to know how to spell 'hot' and 'rod'...

  9. Oh wow! That'll be a lovely keep sake to show her in a few years.

  10. So cute!! I taught my year 7's (11 yr olds) about extinction this week - Renee know's more than them!! Kate Butler x

  11. Oh that is just adorable! Out of the mouths of babes? You must do as English Mum says, get it on a t-shirt. Buy transfer paper on eBay, printer, iron on. Easy peasy!

  12. oh wow. You know, we've got a programme where children and young people can change the world - well one thing they think would be better if changed. Does she want to take part by any chance? Would be a welcome change from our usual teenage angst!

  13. What a clever and insightful little lady you have.

    Made me well up too. Beautiful.


  14. Awwww. She is too adorable for words.

  15. Yes, give her a bug hug, the little darling. I, too, wanted to be a zookeeper, inspired by Johnny Morris and Animal Magic. Who's been Renee's inspiration?

  16. Freddo - I know. I wish it wasn't so heartbreaking.

    Tasha - Thanks honey - I know - bless her!

    Liz - Oh I know - and yes, I did give her a big hug. And I read her all the comments and she was chuffed!

    Mrs OMG - Thanks (on R's behalf)!

    Sally - I know - she wanted to make it into a poster so we could stick it somewhere...not quite sure where though!

    English Mum - Yes, yes and yes again. I totally love this idea (and Brighton Mum below does as well). And guess what? So does anotehr blogger who e-mailed me and said they could do it for me. Amazing or what? So I'm now waiting for a t-shirt to come in the post and I will display it proudly and credit you. Thanks for the idea xxx

  17. That's so sweet. What a lovely girl. x

  18. Kulturpost - I know - we really should. And thanks for stopping by.

    Liz - I know - broke my heart a little I think!

    whistlejacket - I know - me too - she's such an earnest little thing.

    Josie - Aww thanks honey. I read all the comments to R this morning (although haven't had time to reply to them all until now), but when I read them, your one was the one that made her smile the most. She was all proud and turned to me and said 'Do you think I would Mummy?'. Love her and love your comment. Thanks x

    Erin - Thanks for popping by and yes, truly precious. She's a blessing.

    miss leslieanne - Aww R loved this comment too. She's all chuffed when people compliment her handwriting - she's been trying really hard! But yes, she is very clever (must take after me, ahem)!! Thanks sweetie x

  19. magnumlady - Aww I know - she really is a sweetie. And you're welcome re:the comments - I love stopping by yours. It's always a mixture of heartfelt real life and amazing, amazing photography. Love it x

    Potty Mummy - Yes I think she really is (I can't imagine who she gets it from)! But don't worry - I don't think she's very good at maths at all!

    Frogs + Sprogs - Yes, she wanted to write on it today and add some more things but I wouldn't let her (I'm so mean)! I just want to keep it forever.

    Kate - Oh Renée loved this comment when I read it to her this morning. She was all chuffed to hear that people think she's clever. Butyes, she is. Sometimes she amazes me, really.

    Brighton Mum - Yes - you're so right. When I read the comment from English Mum I thought 'wow, yes, amazing idea' (but I am a tad lazy and didn't think I'd really get round to doing it)! But then I read your comment and I thought yes, I can really do this and then, guess what? Another blogger read all your comments and e-mailed me and said they would do it for me. Amazing or what? I will put a photo of it on the blog and give you all credit. I'm totally chuffed (and I know Renée will be amazed).

  20. cartside - Wow - yes, definitely. She'd love it. I'll DM you and you can give me details. Thanks!

    Insomniac - I know - she really is such a poppet. Completely took me by surprise and made me just want to give her a big hug.

    Lady Mama - Aw thanks honey. Yes, she does amaze me on a regular basis, but then I think that's what parenting is all about!

    Maddie - Oh yes, I loved Johnny Morris - totally. And yes, a very good question. Well, she always loved animals ever since I can remember - her favourite things to play with were always her little plastic animals and her farm and then a coupel of years ago she strted watching this programme called Go Diego Go - where the main character is an animal rescuer. She always loved learning about the different types of animals and would make me laugh by correcting me on things like 'no Mummy, it's not a turtle. It's a leather-backed sea turtle'!! She's such a funny little thing. But probably since the beginning of the year she's been watching a programme called 'Bindi The Jungle Girl' which is presented by a little girl called Bindi who is the late Steve Irwin's daughter. Renée can't get enough of it and actually wants to be Bindi - she always asks me 'Mummy do you think I'll get to meet Bindi one day?' Unfortunately she lives in Australia, so I'm not sure about that one...!

    A Modern Mother - Yep, so sweet. Nearly made me cry!

    Hot Cross - Thanks honey - yes, she really is a cutie.

  21. Out of the mouth of babes... Adults should be more childlike. Bless her sweet heart.

  22. children have a wonderful logic. i wish adults would follow it more often, and the world might be happier and healthier.

  23. Trop mignon!Je vois en plus qu'elle commence à écrire,on attend la lettre!
    gros bisous à vous 4.

  24. MOMSWEB - I know! If only adults could be so sweet hey?

    Grit - So right. We can learn a lot from children. Shame not enough people listen!

    Nicole - Bonjour ma belle soeur et merci pour ta visite! Pour la lettre - je pense que tu va devoir attendre plus longtemps!! Elle peux ecrire en anglais, mais pour ce qui est d'ecrire (et de parler) le francais c'est une autre histoire!!! Bisous xxx

  25. makes you ashamed to belong to the human race sometimes. After reading this and watching Stephen Fry's "last chance to see", I went on the WWF website in search of a Christmas gift for an animal-loving 7 yrs old niece who has already done the adopt-a-dog thing. The site offers a range of "help save the..." packs which include a cuddly toy of your chosen animal & info on conservation. Some are priced at just over £7 and some are £20. Perhaps a nice Christmas gift for your girls. I'm getting them for all my sisters, nieces and nephews. Don't feel so guilty about spending a fortune on presents now. xx

  26. That is the best thing that I have read all night...
    not only are the words wonderful, but it is beautiful to look at.

    Thank you for sharing.

    best wishes

  27. allgrownup - Wow thanks honey - what amazing ideas. Yes, Renée would adore that. Just off to check out the site now...you fab aunty, you xxx

    Ribbon - Well thankyou for leaving such a lovely comment. Yes, it does look great doesn't it - it's in the process of being put on a t-shirt by a friend - will post the results on my blog when it's finished. xx

  28. Huh? I'm sure sure SURE I posted a comment on here earlier but now I can't find it so it must have been swallowed up by the interweb, darn thing.

    Anyway, the point is I think this is SO beautiful and I want the T-shirt too so please get more than just the 1 done. Actually I reckon you could sell a bunch of 'em and send profits to WWF or RSPCA or something. Nothing like a bit of charidee for Christmas.

    Bless Renee - what a lil sweetie she be. xxx

  29. Mamma Po - Yep, darn it. It got swallowed up. Thanks for coming back sweetie. I know - amazing isn't it? Actually friend literally just e-maile me finished t-shirt. Will post piccie on blog soon. Only one done I'm afraid :-( (Think Edie will be gutted but I'll make them share it)!! Might have to frame it actually...And yes, good idea about selling them. Just popping over to WWF webpage anyway to check out allgrownup's prssies above. xx

  30. Steady on everyone!
    Give her too much encouragement and before you know it she'll be racing round in her 'Meat Is Murder' tee shirt, 'liberating' her classmates' tadpoles.

  31. Freddo - ha ha ha. Funny you should say that. There was an incident earlier in the year when a tadpole went missing from a friend's tank...not quite sure the 'meat is muder' slogan would have worked though because I spied a funny-looking black wiggly thing sticking out of her mouth!! It was never proved...but then we never did find the tadpole!

  32. Let's look at the evidence:
    Radical animal liberationist.
    THAT t-shirt.
    Mother's anecdote.
    Foreign name.

    I'm sorry but there isn't a police force in the land that wouldn't press charges.
    While Renee remains free, no tadpole in the country can wiggle securely in its jam jar.
    Take her down!

  33. Very cute - but... Johhny Morris and Animal Magic! Totally started me off on a lifelong thing for animals... started me keeping butterflies too for most of my childhood. Sounds like she's on the right track, brilliant!

  34. Freddo - Oh my poor little baby - no one is taking her away! In a few years time she'll be saving the world...and it's my job to protect her and make sure she fulfils her potential! Nice try though!

    Sparx - Oh don't get me started on the butterflies - we tried to breed them last year and it took forever. She loved them though...

  35. so so sweet! what a lovely girl you have x

  36. Peggy - Thanks honey - And yes, I know I'm lucky to have her!