Monday, 30 November 2009

Gorillas in the rain

How appropriate that my monumental 100th post should be where I write about the BMB get-together and about all the wonderful bloggers who I met yesterday at London Zoo.

How inappropriate that the weather is so hideously shit that it seems to have zapped all my energy and inspiration and I don't feel like writing about it at all. In fact, all I want to do is sit and eat Marmite on toast, chain drink cups of tea and be particulalrly morose.

So I'll keep it short.

Thank you to Susanna at A Modern Mother for organising the event, to London Zoo for hosting it and to SuperSavvyMe for sponsoring it. The girls were particularly pleased with their Dora the Explorer goody bags!

It was really, really good to speak to those of you I could...

Nixdminx, Wahm-Bam, MTFF, Cafebébé, Potty Mummy, Alpha Mummy, a20Somethingmum, TheRubbishDiet, That Girl, OMGMummy, Surprised Zoe, Glowstars, Perfectly Happy Mum, SandyCalico, Clareybabble, Zooarchaeologist, VioletPosy, Bambino Goodies and Soph4Soph.

...and if I missed you, then I apologise - I couldn't escape the pull of seeing Gorillas in the rain, or at least the pull of two pairs of damp little hands dragging me out of the door.

Here's to the next get-together, my next 100 posts and some bloody sunshine.


  1. I was really sad to have missed it, there was no way I could have waddled up there. But as it was cold and rainy, maybe I'm not so sad... looking forward to a meet-up (and sun!) next year. Enjoy your marmite and toast.

  2. How did anyone tell the difference between the bloggers and the animals...?

  3. Oooh 100 posts! Congrats. Lovely to see you again too. Shame these things always seem so breif xx

  4. I only just discovered BMB a few days ago! Am hoping to make it next time everyone meets though, you all seem nice :)

    Congratulations on 100, and I am willing some sun to shine on Brighton (and Hove, please!) - or at least stop dripping through the roof in my office. Eek.


  5. It sounds like you all had a wonderful time, despite the rain. Congratulations on 100 posts, here's to the next 100 xx

  6. Maddie, you might be right!

    Perhaps next time we should meet somewhere a little less interesting for the kids, ply them with table-based activities and revel in more time for us girlies to chat

  7. Congrats on your 100th post! Glad the meet went well despite the weather.

  8. Oh :-( How did I miss this???

    Congrats on Post 100!!!

  9. Congrats on your 100th post. Rain would should spoil the fun but i m sure the kids enjoyed it

  10. 100 posts - congratulations!! And marmite on hot buttered toast with tea - that is heaven, especially on a winter's evening. I'm off to make some. I'm going to buy one of those lamps - you know the daylight ones. Maybe you could use one too. I'm hoping it will give me a tan, and make me want to skip around in a bikini all day. It will probably just highlight how dreadfully pale I am at the moment and maybe help me get of bed in the morning ...!!! Lots of hugs x

  11. Despite the rain, I'm sorry I missed it! Let's hope the weather will be better for the next one and congrats on your 100th post x

  12. Sounds like a lovely day....shame about the weather.

  13. Congratulations on 100 posts! It was lovely to meet you after all this time x

  14. How much would I have loved to have come. But now we are coming home I will make it to one soon and get to meet a few people at some point!

    Congrats on the 100th post too - quite a milestone. Should we be giving you a key or right to vote or something?

  15. 100 posts - not bad! Sorry I missed the zoo, sounds like fun anyway, rain or no rain...

  16. Emily - Definitely, definitely a meet-up in the sun next year. Waddling round London Zoo wouldn't have been much fun!

    Maddie - Good question my dear! I have no idea at all. In fact I think a couple of little bloglets were found ramapaging around the gorilla enclosure. Not mine obviously!

    Then There Were 3 - Thanks sweetie - and yes - I think I preferred our relaxing time in the hot tub at Butlins!! But was good to meet your gorgeous daughter at least! Too cute x

    Fi - Hi there and thanks for popping by. Another Brightonian (kind of )!! I'll forgive you! But yep, it's been raining non-stop and I'm not pleased about it at all...Zoo was great, BMB is fab. I shall look forward to meeting yo at the next get-together x

    Brighton Mum - Thanks darling. Yep, was fun, but I'm not a hue fan of being soaked through!! Deep breaths and on to the next 100... xxx

  17. Vic - Yep you're so right. If my little ones hadn't been so excited about seeing the animals then I'm sure they would have been happy to sit and colour in all day! But I vote fo a children's entertainer next time!! Then we can definitely have a good old gas!

    notSupermum - Thanks sweet lady. Next time you will be there too xx

    ibhh - How did you? It's because you're not British - that's why! Would have been good to meet you darling - one day it will happen. I have a feelign our little monkeys will get on very well indeed!

    kestrel - Thanks you sweetheart. Yes, the kiddies loved it - it was only me moaning about the rain! x

    Selina - Yep I seriously think you're right. I must have SAD or something. I do so need one of those lamps. I'm always like this in the Winter. Let me know how you get on with yours. And yes, hot buttered toast with tons of marmite - yum. Might just have to go and make myself some right now! x

  18. muummmmeeeeee - I love spelling out all the letters in your name. I think I got it wrong on my last reply!!! Anyway, thanks sweetie. Yep, will definitely look forward to the next meet-up in the sun.

    magnumlady - Oh it was. It's always amazing when you meet other bloggers who you don't know in person but you've got to know through the internet. Is quite amazing actually. I love it. One day we will meet too! x

    Sandy - It was lovely to meet you too darling. I wish it could have been for longer though. There's always so much to say! x

    BiB - Right - when are you coming back? You just have to be at the next one. You will be the guest of honour! Funny thing is about the 100 posts - I got all excited thinking it was such a milestone (and it is), but then when I read some other blogs and they've done far more than me I feel like a mere novice!

    Sparx - Hello lovely. Yep, not bad 100 - but then when I pop over to yours and see how many you've done...well, that's where it's at sweetie!!!