Thursday, 5 November 2009

Can we make a difference?

There are various reasons why people blog. Some say it's a way of honing their writing skills, while others find it a place to let off steam in an anonymous environment. Most bloggers love the community feel of the blogosphere and have made genuine friendships across cyberspace. But perhaps the most important aspect of blogging is the feeling that you can actually make a difference, whether it be empathising with someone experiencing the same difficulties as you, or in this case, on a much wider scale.

No one will ever be able to forget Madeleine McCann, least of all her parents. It's now been two-and-a-half years since the almost 4 year old disappeared from her appartment bedroom in Portugal. And no one is any nearer to discovering what actually happened to the little girl.

I watched this video and I cried. There's nothing new in it. I've seen all the footage before, but nonetheless I still cried. As a mother of two little girls, I can't possibly even imagine the devastation that Maddie's disappearance has caused to her family.

My heart truly breaks for the McCann family. Please, somebody, somewhere, help find her.


  1. Apologies if this comment appears twice.
    I'm not sure what happened with my first comment.

    Here's hoping that all missing children are reunited with their families before too long.
    Very Sad.

    best wishes

  2. I'm going to post this later this week too. Top Ender told me I had to, she remembers when Madeleine went missing and said that it was important that everyone tries to find this little girl and all children who aren't with their families.

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  4. Miss M is the same age as Maddie's brother and sister, so my heart aches when I see them as I know how aware they will be and how much even then they will have missed her. I will post this later today lovely. And it's so good that you've highlighted it. Making a difference is an amzing part of blogging. Hugs.

  5. Making a difference is one of the nice things about blogging - I can't believe how much time has passed and can't imagine how her poor family are coping

  6. The day this came out I'd heard about it on the radio when waking. Then my daughter came down for breakfast, and I looked at my blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl and thought: You are the same age as Madeleine McCann. You could be in the same class at school.

    How awful, to have to live with not knowing. I am so, so, so grateful to know my children.

  7. I've planned my post for tomorrow so that a couple appear in the blogosphere every day this week. This is when blogging really comes into it's own, doing what we can to help an international campaign. This is why we blog, and this is why we must continue doing so, and for God sake, someone must know where Madeleine is. her parents need news, they cannot live in limbo any more. Makes me so upset and angry.

    Apologies, got a little emotional there.

  8. Ribbon - Nope, you're alright - you just appeared once! And yes, it's good to be reminded that there is more than just one missing child - there are thousands of families feeling exactly the same way as the McCanns right now. Here's hoping that they all come back safely x

    Pippa - Aaaah - bless Top Ender - what a lovely girl. Yes, Renée knows about Maddie too - because we talk about her sometimes and how not everyone in this world is nice (have to have the talk cos she often befreinds funny people she doesn't know and it's a bit scary)...

    Anonymous - While I think you may have a point, I'm not sure this is the forum to cut and paste your comment when we're talking about a little girl who has gone missing. Besides, the comment is way too long for anyone to actually get to the end without falling alseep. I would suggest that if you do it in future, you make your comment shorter. Then people might read it and listen. Like I said though, you may have a point...

    Jo - Have read your post and it's wonderful, as usual. Yes, well done for highlighting it too. Like I said in my comment under your post, my two girls are so close that it's unbearable to think of them being parted in such a hideous way. It's too much to think about sometimes...

    Muddling - I know - every day must just be hell for them. When I watch that video and see her two little brothers it breaks my heart. I think the not knowing is the worst thing...

    Catharine - Yes, Renée is just a little bit younger, but I had the same thoughts as well. In fact, they look extremely similar, so it pulled my heartstrings even more. Since becoming a Mother I can not bear to see any form of child cruelty (actually couldn't before, but when you have children of your own it just intensifies a millionfold).

  9. Rosie - I just crossed you. Yes, good idea - to spread it out over the week. And yes, if by blogging I can help in any way at all, then I will. Maddie's story sets me off every time - it's having two children of similar ages and wondering how on earth anyone can possibly cope if something like that happens to them. It would destroy every part of you, I think. And yes, somebody, somewhere knows something. And as Potty Mummy has entitled her Maddie post - it's never too late to do the right thing - someone should come forward + stop a million bleeding hearts...

  10. I think this is brilliant that they are going internet-- and showing the possible changes made in her appearance will surely help.

    Anonymous seems to have such a good cause, I wonder why they felt the need to hide?

  11. It's too awful. I can't bear to think what her parents are going through, or indeed what little Madeleine might be going through. Even writing this, my heart feels like it's in my throat at the thought of my children suddenly going missing.

    (By the way belated thanks for my award, you lovely, lovely woman) x

  12. I started writing my blog because of Madeleine McCann.. it made me realise how important our children our and how close we should hold them. I still dream about someone finding her, although worry now that it may be too late.

    Thank you for reminding me of what is important.. puts my current bad mood into perspective.

    BM x

  13. ibhh - Yep, internet is the way to go - has also caught many a people out. Let's hope that Madeleine is found...And yes - strange about anonymous. Thought they had a good point, but wasn't sure they went about it the right way!

    Selina - I know - I well up every time I think about my own children in the same position. The poor, poor parents. What they have been through and continue to go through is beyond imaginable. And re:the award - you are so very welcome xxx

    Bush Mummy - Yes, I remember you posting about Maddie before - it's such a hideous story so close to all our hearts. Some days you think it's not possible that she's found, but then you hear about cases, a couple recently, where children are found years later. Obviously life can never be the same for any of them, but as long as she remains 'unfound', there's still hope...