Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Loose ends

I'm feeling slightly exhausted this evening (nothing new there), so instead of entertaining you with my endlessly amusing anecdotes on parenting, I'm just going to tie up a few loose ends instead...

1. I finally managed to secure a cot for my friend's cotless baby. I did entertain the idea of a princess canopy over Edie's bed (thanks for all the suggestions), but she snuggles down so happily in her cot that I just couldn't bring myself to oust her from it just yet. If she's still in her cot by the time she goes to school then I may yet revert to the Princess canopy! I'll keep you posted on that one. Anyway, I was so ecstatic at having solved the problem (turns out another friend of mine has a spare cot) that I even offered her £20 for it. After all, I thought, what's £20 when it means you can sleep at night without feelings of guilt caused by thoughts of a poor child sleeping in their pushchair? If you've got no idea what I'm talking about, then I refer you to 'Cot Dilemma'. The thing is, no sooner had I happily delivered the news, when my friend (the one with the baby, not the cot) delivered her own news...just that day they had been given another cot!!!! Crikey, what's the probability of that happening? You wait all day for a bus and then two come along together... Anyway, I'm pleased for my least both our children will now be able to sleep at night. The only other thing is...I've now promised her a highchair!

2. Despite the nit scare yesterday, I have had a thorough check of 3 scalps in the house (neither Chloe the cat nor Marion the au pair were keen for me to look through theirs) and I'm pleased to say that no crawly creatures or offspring have been detected.

3. Car mended (although I have been hearing various suspicious rattly sounds). Am ignoring them.

4. Dad/Grandpa mended (although he now has terrible tooth ache and blisters on his feet from a new pair of shoes). There's just no telling the oldies.

5. Despite my over indulgence with the pancakes yesterday I still managed to lose some weight!! Of course I hate to boast, but seven pounds in seven days here I come...

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