Thursday, 19 February 2009


I'm full of a list of questions today (and they all start with why?) Now I'm beginning to sound like my 4-year old daughter. Why does my car always break down away from home? Why do I always eat too much when I'm at my parents' house? Why is my skin so dry when I don't wash in my own water? Why is the bedroom I'm staying in always so messy when I'm a neat freak at home? Why is there no bloody reception on my mobile phone? And why oh why am I still exhausted even though I'm going to bed early and I have help with the children? Somebody please answer me...

Secretly I really know the answers to all these questions, but I just like to pretend that my life is so difficult by asking them. Oh woe is me...It's ok, I'll stop moaning soon enough, but in the meantime, I'm just going to have a little grumble about my car because it is just mightily annoying and totally inconvenient. So we're supposed to be travelling home tomorrow but my car has now broken down. I noticed yesterday that it felt very low to the ground - either that or the roads had suddenly got a lot bumpier. I thought at first that maybe the exhaust had dropped down, but on closer inspection it's the suspension on the driver's I'm no mechanic but luckily I am an AA member and they sent a lovely chap out to fix my car (which incidentally he was unable to do, but we had a good chat whilst he was attempting to do so). Turns out he doesn't have any children (because obviously that's my first port of call re:questions whenever I meet somebody - how predictable)...but guess what? He may have no children but he has 16 dogs instead! Crikey - and I moan about having to wipe up poo and dribble and never being able to have a conversation. Imagine what's it's like for him? Maybe two children isn't such a handful after all...And then I thought everything happens for a reason and maybe my car broke down in order for me to have a chat with this man and to make me realise that no one has it easy...but then I thought not...the car hasn't actually been fixed yet so there could be an even greater reason for that to have happened. I shall keep you posted on that one.

In the meantime, the girls will have one more day of being spoilt by their grandparents, my skin will become one day dryer, my bedroom even messier, my phone will go another whole day without contact from the outside world (heaven forbid), my jeans will become just that tiniest bit tighter and I will be just as exhausted. As much as I love my parents, please fix my car quickly Mr mechanic.


  1. This blog just gets better and better.

    I read every word. At least twice.

  2. Ooh thankyou. You're too kind!