Monday, 16 February 2009

Half Term Activities

So it's half-term for the kiddies and we're visiting Grandma and Grandpa which means I'm absolutely worn out because not only has it taken me five hours to drive here, but we've been doing 'activities'. Not that we don't do activities when we're at home, but when we're here (which is Norfolk) it just seems more appropriate. Today we were fulfilling Renée's half-term homework demands which were to produce a woodland picture in the style of Andy Goldsworthy, which even I thought was a tad pretentious for a Reception class. Having said that I totally got in to the spirit of things and 20 brown leaves, 15 green leaves, 10 acorns, 5 feathers and 2 twigs later I am very proud of my creation - or rather Renée's creation, because of course I had nothing to do with it!

And as for Edie - well with two grandparents to spoil her, her naughtiness knows no bounds. Far from helping make supper (beans, mashed potatoes and sausages which Renée had requested as a special treat - poor thing, you can tell that she's deprived if that's a special treat), Edie decided to squish the whole packet of sausages through her fingers when no one was watching. As they say, you only need to take your eye off them for a second! Not surprisingly, Renée was not at all impressed with the subsequent sausage melange and decided that it wasn't her favourite meal after all. But Grandma was on hand to offer solace - in the form of her special trifle, which if you don't dig down too deep is perfect for children, but if you plunge to the depths of the sponge layers then it's an adult only delicacy. Unfortunately, when we took it out of the fridge all we could see was an Edie-sized handprint on one side of the cream and on the other side, a few telling holes. On closer inspection, there was not much trifle left at all and my youngest child was covered from head to toe. How could that have been missed?

So that's our first day of half-term. Tomorrow we're planning on taking the girls to an adventure playground called 'Bewilderwood', which is described as 'a curious treehouse of wild family fun and adventure'. It also states in the brochure that it is a 'relaxing time for parents and a brilliantly exciting time for kids'. Exciting time for kids maybe, but 'relaxing'?? Have they met Edie? In fact, have they met any two year old? Of course, I will reserve judgement until tomorrow, but I can tell you now, to be high up in the trees with little Miss Edie, a relaxing experience it most certainly will not be. The things we do for our children!


  1. Honey, poor you I really wish I was there to help out...
    Sounds like Edie surpassed herself once again.
    I hope that you are having a good time and cant waiot to read your next post.
    I love you. x

  2. Thanks FOY - I'm hoping you're my husband or I might take your last comment as slightly forward!!