Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Certain things get in the way of writing

I'm trying to be prolific here and get three blogs out in three days, but certain things have got in my way. Like Renée's mass at her school which all the parents were invited to. I was just about to sit down and write my thoughts for the day when I remembered that we were supposed to be there in 20 minutes. Obviously I gave up the blog and hotfooted it over to Rottingdean to celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes with all the other parents. And thank the Lord we made it in time because our little sausage was chosen as her class representative to do a reading. Well it wasn't exactly a reading because she's still only 4 and her reading consists of a (very talented) pointy finger and a succession of phonetic sounds. But she did have words to say and even though it was just a line (which I can't even recall), it almost brought me to tears. I think I may have cried properly if she hadn't been swishing her bunches so much.

This morning, after much pleading on her behalf, I relented and put her hair in bunches. I normally don't have time for bunches (see the First Day blog), but for some reason this morning there were minutes and minutes to spare. So without remembering that there was a special mass at school, I set her hair in bunches (as opposed to a pony tail which she usually has). If I had remembered about the mass there is NO WAY I would have done anything other than a pony tail. During the entire mass she swished this way and that, played with, tugged, flicked, carressed and tightened and loosened both her bunches. I think it was a combination of her not being used to the style and the fact that she's a Leo and (as my Mother always tells me because she's really into star signs) Leo's love their hair. But aside from the hair she remembered her line and my husband and I were so proud that we then proceeded to stand around afterwards and discuss how confident and eloquent our child was with all the other parents (whilst at the same time obviously remaining entirely modest). But that was that. That took a good part of the day.

So I thought great, now I can get on and write this blog. I'll put the television on for the girls and I can quickly think of something interesting to write. But for some unexplained reason Edie wanted me to sit and watch Peppa Pig with her. She's normally very happy to watch Peppa Pig on her own but today, just when I had something to do, it was 'Cuggle Mummy. Edie cuggle Peppa. Mummy cuggle Peppa too. Nenée cuggle Peppa. Peppa cuggle Edie and Nenée. Chloe (that's the cat) cuggle Peppa.' And on it went. I just couldn't get away. So then it was supper time quickly followed by bathtime and bedtime and before I could even think about getting back to the computer I remembered that JP (that's my husband) and I were supposed to be going to the cinema. That's the beauty of having an au pair - we can actually go out without having to go thorough the whole rigmorol of getting a babysitter, which is probably why I hadn't remembered.

But the problem was, there wasn't actually anything we wanted to see at the cinema. The only film we had any desire to see was Slumdog Millionaire and we saw that a couple of weeks ago, but we had to go out because not only did we have the lovely Marion at our disposal, but we were going to be apart on Valentines Day because JP is off to India for two weeks (he's a cameraman and always away from home). So this was our Valentines evening. So we turned up at the cinema and decided between Madagascar 2 (which I had already taken Renée to see twice), My Bloody Valentine (I'm not a fan of horror films), Slumdog Millionaire (see above) and The Curious case of Benjamin Button. So taking all things into account, we chose the latter. It sounded good - it had been nominated for 13 Academy Awards, which is obviously no mean feat. But purlease, 2 hours and 45 minutes later (not including the almost half an hour of adverts and trailers), we were almost asleep. I still don't know if it's because the film was boring or because we're parents of two young children and will never be anything other than exhausted. Actually the film was pretty good - I cried - but then I always cry when there's even a touch of romance so that doesn't mean a thing. I will never be a film critic. It was good, but not that good.

So that's that. The end of my third day of blogging and I've just about managed to fill the space, despite all the obstacles that having two children inevitably brings. Who knows what delights I will be bringing to the screen tomorrow. Even I'm quite excited!


  1. Looks like you've got your priorities right:
    1. The blog
    2. The kids
    3. The husband
    4. The cat
    That's the style!

  2. Yeah but then where am I in that list of priorities? You see that's the problem!