Thursday, 28 May 2009

I'm still here - just!

Just in case you were starting to wonder of my whereabouts, I can confirm that I am still here. Well not here as in somewhere on the South Coast residing, as I normally do, at home, but here, as in half-way between North and South in the flattest place on earth (I am prone to slight exaggeration on occasion - I have noticed a couple of small undulations). But just in case you wondered, we're in Norfolk, visiting the Grandparents, and my access to the Internet has been somewhat limited. Part of me is feeling understandably edgy...I mean how can I cope without just a wee bit of blogging? But part of me wants to kick back and just enjoy the moment, which for my children's sake, I have decided to do. The truth is, I don't think the children have ever been so happy, so I'm trying to enjoy the moment for as long as I can. This is a little indicator of how much fun Renée is having...

Me to Renée - "Renée, is Norfolk your favourite place in the world?"

Renée - "" (A slight hesitation).

Grandma - "It's ok darling. You don't have to say it's your favourite place. I expect home is, isn't it?"

Renée - "Oh no. Italy (where we went on holiday last year) is my favourite place. And Norfolk is my second favourite place. And France is my third favourite place (where her other Grandparents live). And London is my fourth favourite place (where her cousins live). And..."
She trails off.

I only hope that home makes it in to the top five. I'm not even going to ask.

So that's that. We're spending a few days visiting Renée's second favourite place in the world and boy is she happy. There's been horseriding, farm visiting, lamb feeding, baby chick and guinea pig cuddling, ferret feeding, tractor riding, chocolate eating and only a tiny bit of television. But perhaps most exciting of all, they've had Grandparents to spoil them and because the Grandparents are so far away, it's a rare treat and one which causes joy all around. I'm not quite sure whose face beamed wider on the tractor ride - Grandpa's or the two children's, but all I can say is that it's worth the five-hour car journey to get here.

Normal business will resume when we're back on the South Coast in a couple of days. In the meantime, I hope you're all having as much fun as us!


  1. Have a fantastic time, sounds like you are :) anyway luv Karen x

  2. Talking to Robert the other night we both agreed that if we were ever to return to the UK to live Brighton would be top on our list of places to move to but....considering I come from Norfolk but now live in Italy and going on what your daughter thinks I guess I should count myself lucky!!

  3. Wow sounds like you're busy but having fun...enjoy!

  4. Sounds like you are having a "bootiful" time up there in Norfolk! (Sorry - showing my age with that one!) Enjoy your family time x

  5. Out of the mouths of babes, eh??! I was always very worried my child would eventually shop me to Social Services for something or another, some perceived slight, or dislike of home...

    Still, he's now 17, and I'm almost over that now!

    Enjoy lovely Norfolk, and a brief respite from the Blogworld - MatTa - Enjoy the weather this weekend! x

  6. Hope you get to put your feet up while the girls are entertained by the grandparents. You so deserve it!

    xx MM

  7. sounds wonderful! Even better if you get to sneek a little relaxation in there too! x

  8. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
    Award for you at mine x

  9. It's great to get away, sounds like you're having lovely time! How lucky you are to have relatives in such great locations!

  10. Have fun and forget about blogging for a while. Grandparents are really a necessity for children, who else will spoil them so much?

  11. I've got an Award for you over at mine - hope you like it. RMx

  12. Have a wonderful time,


  13. You have a wonderful time and get looked after, you deserve it!

  14. Having fun in the sun and with the grandparents too. What more could children (and you) wish for?

  15. MGM - Thanks - we had a fantastic time. Am so pleased the good weather is still here, or else I'd have the blues I think!

    Kathryn - How funny!! My daughter would love you...And yes, Brighton is amazing...Norfolk too...and Italy - all for different reasons. Aren't we spoiled?!

    Marathoner - Thank you honey - yes I did enjoy.

    That Girl - Doesn't show your age at all - Bernard Matthews is still selling his wares up in Norfolk - even these days!! Hey, that could make you all of 5 years old.. ;-))

  16. AWONI - I know!! It's scary what they come out with sometimes...and as for my two trips to A & E in a month...well, I'm just waiting for that Social Services call!!

    MM - Thanks honey - yeah - I only wished the Grandparents lived a bit closer and then I could put my feet up more often!

    Amy - I think I just about managed to relax in there somewhere!

    Sandy - Aaah - thankyou - how very lovely of you. I shall pop over and have a look this very minute x

    Clarey - Yeah it's great, but the journeys to get there (and back) are just a little too much sometimes ;-(

  17. Kestrel - Granparents are great - and the children love them so much - but they live so far away it sometimes drives me a litle mad!

    RM - You're the best. I will pop over asap xxx

    GG - Thanks darling. Yep, a fab time was had by all x

    PHM - Thanks Peggy - it all goes so quickly though!

    Maddie - Exactly! Am not sure who had more fun - the children, the parents or the gradparets!