Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Responsibilities and head wounds (again)!

All I want to do today is sit and eat chocolate. It's nothing to do with the fact that there's no food in the house (husband's away and standards are beginning to slip), but I just need a quick fix. So this is the thing - I'm feeling a bit teary today, as I was yesterday, ever since Edie fell off the back of the sofa, cracked her head on the corner of the radiator and needed a trip to A&E to be stuck back together again.

Strangely enough it's Renée who's been hurting herself recently - I was even tempted to write a post on clumsy children and how to cope with them (although seeing as I haven't yet worked out how to cope with them it would have been a little premature). First there was the chin split open on the step, then I received a phone call from school telling me she had fallen over in the playground, cut her face quite badly and was pretty shaken up, which was followed the very next day by another bump in the playground (teacher had tripped her up apparently?!) and then two days later yet another fall and a badly cut knee. Not only was I beginning to despair, but I was also starting to question why it was Renée and not Edie who was having all the accidents. Anyone who is familiar with my two children knows that Renée is the agile, sure-footed one, whilst little pudding Edie will go out of her way to find the one stone on an otherwise flat piece of ground, in order to trip over. Sometimes she looks as though she has only just learnt to walk.

But yesterday, much to my dismay, it was Edie's turn in the spotlight (had she been jealous of all the attention Renée was receiving)? Hmmm. That's a thought. So this is what happened...

A fun-filled Bank-holiday Monday was being spent bouncing on the sofa. We had planned an excursion to the church fete for later in the day, but at this point in time we were all still in our pyjamas.

"Edie, please don't bounce on the sofa."

Edie's particular brand of very selective hearing decided she could not hear me.

"Edie, come down from there please. You're going to fall and hurt yourself."

She still couldn't hear me (we were in the same room).

"Edie, this is the last time I'm going to ask you to get down before I have to come over and..."


A particularly big bounce propelled her over the back of the sofa right onto the corner of the radiator (I later discovered).

Tears. Lots of them. And blood. Lots of it.

But this is the thing. The corner of her mouth was bleeding so I thought she'd bitten her lip and that it wasn't serious. So I carried her upstairs and laid her on my bed to give her a cuddle. But when I took my hand away it was wet and sticky and ever-so red.

"Hmmm. That's more than just a cut lip. I wonder where that's coming from?" I thought.

And that's when I saw that the whole of my pillow and duvet cover and Edie's pyjamas were bright crimson in colour. Closer inspection revealed that the back of her head, under her hair, looked like it had been sliced open.

Now I'm not normally queasy at the sight of blood, but I began to feel strangely shaky and in need of a lie-down. But with husband away again (I'm not even going to ask why this always happens when I'm on my own), I had to be the strong one. So, another dash to A&E with two small children which seemed strangely surreal since I had made exactly the same journey only a month ago. The car park miraculously hadn't moved and was still about 500 miles away. Fortunately I hadn't dressed us all in full outdoor gear this time and as a result the red-faced sweating mad woman appeared only as a toned-down version.

Luckily they managed to stick her back together with the same magic glue that had worked wonders on Renée's chin. And now all is well with the world. Except it isn't. I feel like I've fallen off a horse, but haven't managed to get back on again. I'm still shaky and given half a chance I'd probably burst into tears as well, but I've got to pick Renée up from school and have to hold it together.

But this is the thing. I feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of being a parent. My two little sausages - who look up to me and rely solely on me for love and care and attention and food and nurturing and protection and all the other things a parent is supposed to do - are merely mortal. Today I want to wrap them in cotton wool and never let them out of my sight, but I can't imagine that would be much fun for any of us. I'm sure I'll be fine by tomorrow - as will they. But in the meantime, I think I might just have to search for that secret supply of chocolate...if only to make myself feel better!


  1. Oh bless you, sounds like you deserve the chocolate. I was a clumsly kid I once fell down the side of the sofa (after running up and down on it) and found myself stuck between the wall and the sofa. Instead of calling for help I pull a wire to help me up, the wire was attached to a speaker which fell on my head and caused a huge cut!!

  2. Oh, you poor wee thing! What a nightmare!

    There is nothing worse than injury to your children (and you've had more than your fair share recently) It just goes to prove how much love you have for them, as the natural reaction is to be wobbly (personally) and protective (of them).

    I think chocolate is an excellent solution. Perhaps with a G&T?

  3. What a terrible accummulation of accidents, really hope you've seen the end of it for a little while at least, so you can all get back on track. Hope you'll find the chocolate!

  4. Oh bless you. It's post traumatic small child banging head-open injury. You need a good rest, lots of chocolate and an early night. God I sound like my mother MORE AND MORE....

    Take care, all will be well. xxx

  5. Oh that's so scary....I don't think any of us have figured out how to cope with stuff like that yet. If you figure it out please share with the rest of us!

  6. Oh here is a big hug for you and the little sausages... Go and get the best chocolate you can find and indulge, indulge, indulge!
    I understand so well what you mean by us being here to protect our little babies. My heart races all the time with E who is a real climber and I really don't know when you stop worrying... apparently when you are a parent you never stop worrying... what have let ourselves in?!
    Good luck it will all be better tomorrow I am sure x

  7. Oh my, I hope you and your kiddies are alright. It's very scary when our kids actually hurt themselves, dig into the chocolate!

  8. Oh love! Sounds like you need a massive hug.

    I actually have a HUGE bar of Galaxy here on my desk which if I could I would pass through the ether to you but as I can't I'll think if you as I scoff it!!

    You did all the right things and the fact that you're shaky now is because you care so much. You're a lovely mummy.

    A&E became a regular tourist spot for us when my children were young. In fact, at one stage they were in danger of going on the "at-risk" register as we were there so often

  9. Oh, poor you! You are made of strong stuff to be able to cope with these emergencies. It's not good when the husband travels, is it? It sounds like you need a nice bath, a glass of wine, a good book and a bar of chocolate. Not necessarily in that order.

    Sending you calm and healing thoughts.

  10. You poor thing. What a nightmare. I am so hopeless when my children hurt themselves. I have been known to faint in the waiting room - and he wasn't even particularly badly cut. I'm not squeamish about blood either, just my childrens.

    Famously my mum had to be wheeled out of hospital in a wheelchair whilst I, with 5 very new stitches in my forehead, was made to walk. I was very upset at the time.

    Hope Edie feels better soon!

  11. New Mummy - Oh dear - that sounds like something one of mine would have done!! Your Mother must have been beside herself!

    Catharine - Thanks! Yeah, I don't think the wobbles ever quite leave you. Am not a fan of Gin, strangely (not sure why - probably drunk too much in my youth and developed an aversion as a result)!! But a nice glass of wine will do the trick I think!!

    Cartside - I know! I keep thinking it can't get any worse and then it does...so maybe I need to stop thinking like that?! Yes, found the chocolate, but it has now been eaten. Although there is still a large jar of nutella!

    Reasons - thankyou Mum (you can be my surrogate one if you want)! xx

    Marathoner - Yep it's horrible and it doesn't get easier either. If I find a way of coping (unlikely) I'll be sure to let you know!

    PHM - Thank you for the hugs and the empathy. I always thought I'd have it easy (as far as accidents went) because I had two girls. But it seems that I have a couple of little boys on my hands instead. Never easy either way! x

  12. Margarita - thanks! Yeah it is scary. It's scary and horribel and even worse when you're on your own, but they seem to be ok now (fingers crossed, touch wood and all that)!

    Selina - Ooh Galaxy is my absolute favourite. Much better than the dark stuff even though I demolished a whole bar of it the other night. Might go to sleep tonight dreaming of Galaxy...Yeah - I think we've become well-known faces at A&E (not much of a claim to fame I have to say). Hope we manage to stay away for a while!

    JaPRA - Thank you - yes all of those things sound wonderful. And am used to husband travelling so I don't get too panicked - but really, I could do with a hand just sometimes!! x

    BiB - Oh I know how you felt - I had this very strange feeling when I saw the back of Edie's head that my knees were going to buckle underneath me. I had to sit down on the bed. Not quite sure what would have happened if I had fainted - I'm sure Renée would have shouted at me to wake up! Scary thought though! x

  13. Amazing how these sorts of things seem to come together. Sounds like you'll be in for an injury-free spell from now on...!

  14. It's so scary when this happens. The same happened to me with my grand daughter (I'm the child bride, so most think she's mine). I didn't think she'd done much damage and then felt this sticky goo on her head. I just went cold.
    When my daughter hurt herself roller skating, I told her to pull herself together. The next night, she was staying with her granny who took her to A&E. She'd only broken her wrist. I felt terrible.

  15. ((((huge hugs)))) I know how bad it feels when your children are hurt. My 3rd is my A&E visitor, she gets quite miffed when she sees a nurse as opposed to a dr. We have several visits with head cuts (she is a sofa climber too) and dislocated elbows from swinging on things she shouldn't swing on!
    Hope the chocolate helped. I hope that unlike Esmé, Edie learns a lesson, not to climb on the sofa!

  16. The Dotterel - Ooh let's hope so. I could really do with at least a week of no accidents! Here's hoping!

    Maddie - That's exactly it - it's the sticky goo - I think I may be having nightmares about it!! That's when the panic sets in...Oh your poor daughter - you weren't to know though - I bet she put a brave face on (and that had you fooled)!! x

  17. Ooh Ko - I must have missed you just as I was leaving the other comments - really good to see you blogging again - I'm going to pop over to yours asap. Yes - funny you should say that about learning a lesson - a friend said that to me today - at least she would have learnt her lesson - and I thought 'I don't think so'. She go straight back up there I'm sure. Now I just have to be extra vigilant!!

  18. You're not the only one, these things always seem to happen when Other Half is at least a two hour drive away! And I don't drive! I usually rely upon the kindness of (strangers lol) friends and neighbours but it's a nightmare with one injured child, three non injured but have to be with you anyway and waiting in the lovely kiddies room of the A&E dept. I suspect you are still recovering from the after effects of shock, that adreneline stuff does strange things to you (usually I want to sleep once crisis is over). Enjoy your chocolate and get some rest luv 'n' hugs Karen x

  19. Christ! You poor love. You may be in shock - you've had to deal with another load of crap while hubby's away.

    Chocolate is the best thing for shock - gives you a sugar rush and increases seratonine (happy chemical to the brain). Have a good cry, then go to bed - you'll feel better in the morning.

    Thinking of you RMxx

  20. Oh yes. Eat the chocolate. Lots of it. It will help!
    Does it help you to know that both of my girls tend to go through little spurts of "must trip and fall over everything" at the same time as growth spurts?
    It does get easier!

  21. Oh hun. What a nightmare. Yes, think mass gorging of chocolate is the only way forward. If it can bring Harry Potter back to life after a Dementor's kiss, it should be able to treat post-A&E shock. Bon appetit! Axxx

  22. MGM - Thanks! Yeah not quite sure how you do it with 4 children! Crikey I think it's hard with 2!! Never imagined it would be quite this hard!

    RM - Thanks honey! Yeah chocolate all gone. Feeling much better! x

    ModernMom - yes it does help! Thankyou... I think that's probably why Renée's falling over all the time. Hopefully the spurt won't last long!

    Modern Mother - Thakyou! Yes chocolate all finished now. Am going to have to go out and replenish stocks I think!

    Mamma Po - Ha ha - yes hadn't thought of that. Chocolate performs wonders indeed! x

  23. oh well at least it wasn't just me who spent a day in A&E i was also there on sunday with 2year old- kids they're so clumsy! enjoy the chocolate! x

  24. Bless your heart. I sure hope all these comments offer some comfort to you (smile). My oldest (13) is accident prone and it's always something! I just keep both boys covered in prayer and then pray for strength to endure the next accident (lol). Children will be children and they live and play without fear!

  25. Award for you!http://www.amodernmother.com/2009/05/awards-time.html

  26. Oh mmy god!! Poor little Edie and poor you... You must be exhausted with all this stress... Well maybe you can hope that she won't bounce on the sofa again!

  27. Amy - thanks love! Yeah I thought about you actually - because I'd read your post the day before and thought how awful it was for you. And who knew then what was going to happen to us the next day!!

    MOMSWEB - Yes - these comments definitely offer me comfort - at least I kow I'm not the only one with accident-prone children! (Unfortunately for all the other Mothers). Thanks for your support ;-))

    A Modern Mother - Aaah - you know just how to cheer a girl up!! Thankyou so much!! Well that's made me smile again. I shall pass it on as soon as I can ;-))) xxx

    Marion - I need you back!!! See what happens when you're not here??? :-(( Miss you xxx

  28. Oh dear. Hugs and love send to you! And now grab the big spoon and the Nutella jar, you deserve it!

  29. Oh you poor sausage.....don't you feel like the worst mother in the entire world? If it's any comfort, we have a record a mile long in every A&E department in the South-West....just don't ask - it's too too horrible to remember.
    Huge thanks for dropping by my place - and yup, let's hang out in cyberspace (safer than real life - shame we can't bung the kids there and be done with).....courage ma brave - chocolate AND wine called for, if you ask me..

  30. MM - Thanks honey - but the Nutella may even have run out. But it's ok, I'm feeling much less shaky now!

    Exmoorjane - Yes I totally felt like the worst Mother ever - I mean why didn't I just remove her from the sofa before she did herself some damage? I'm just way too slow...And yes it is a comfort to know that I'm not the only one making a nuisance of myself at A&E!! So thanks. btw - chocolate and wine all finished. Disaster!

  31. I am a parent. I fully empathise with this sentiment. Protecting our children is so important.

  32. Bless!! I read this post with my hand over my mouth in horror. How far are you away from Norfolk? I just bought a huge stash of dark chocolate that I'd be very happy to share. We can sit husbandless and eat our hearts out.

    The extra clumsiness, maybe distraction, but could she have a head cold or allergies that may be throwing her off balance?

  33. David - Thanks for the empathy - yes all I want to do is protect the children, yet sometimes it is soooo difficult!

    Ibhh - Oh darling that is lovely - please save me some!! I'm in Brighton (far too far), but my parents live 10 miles North of Norwich, so please save it for me and I can pop in on my way through next time I come and visit!!

    And yes - maybe that's why she's so clumsy - good point. I think she has had a slight head cold...good. At least there's an explanation!

  34. Feel so sorry for you, I know you must be feeling totally vulnerable with all these accidents. And its pretty frightening knowing that I'll have all this to deal with in a few years! Sounds like you are doing a grand job though, MT.

  35. Cave Mother - Thanks so much for the support - yes you're right - I do feel vulnerable - just because there's nothing I can do. I try to protect them as much as I can but I can't follow them every second of every day - you just have to let them get on with things themselves - and that's when accidents happen - it's truly horrible. And yes, unfortunately, you do have this to come, but I'm sure you'll cope very well! x

  36. Oh those scalp wounds...rarely serious but they bleed like the devil.

    Hang in there. Eventually they learn caution and coordination.

  37. Ellen - Hi thanks for popping by. Yes, you're right - the sight of so much blood was hideous, but once it had been stuck together it wasn't that bad....There's just something about head wounds - it's the gravity that makes so much blood come out. Yuck. Yeah, I'm just about hanging on in there - but children, please, learn some coordination fast before I go insane with worry!!