Thursday, 14 May 2009

It's my Birthday and I'll cry if I want to

Ok, so I'm not really crying, but it is my Birthday today and I just liked the title, so there you go. How old am I, I hear you asking? Half-way to 70 is my answer...

Crikey...I'm not sure if that makes me young or old. I shall try not to contemplate it for too long. But in the meantime, I'll just present myself with a Birthday present instead... Actually it was given to me by Metropolitan Mum a week or so ago, but I thought I'd stash it away and save it for today because otherwise I'd get no presents at all! Ok, so I lie - there was the book token and a hand-made card from the girls...and a massage token and some lip salve (!) and a magazine and some chocolates. Ok, so I suppose once you reach a certain age you can't really expect more than that...can you?

Anyway, in the meantime, I'm going to complete the list part of this award...As well as Metropolitan Mum, I've also been tagged by Caution...Woman at Work and needless to say, I have to answer a few questions. However, I've already answered the obsession tag floating around, so I'm going to change the questions...not just one, but all of them. Completely and utterly. And I can because it's my Birthday...OK?

So, without further ado, I'm going to list 5 things that I can't stand in a Room 101 kind of way.

1). Rude people. Ok, so this may seem obvious, but people who are rude, without any reason just make me go crazy. As do people who pretend they've never met me before even though we have...a few times. Why do people do this? I know they know me....FUME.

2). Bad weather. Seriously. I just can't stand rain or wind or an overcast sky. It kind of makes me want to cry.

3). Sticky labels that won't come off. It is possible to find labels which are sticky and don't leave a mark, so hello? Why make labels which mark? Not necessary.

4). Smelly people. Especially when they're in close proximity. Body odour is the worst, but bad breath and smelly feet come a close second.

5). Mess. I am a tidy person and I literally can't go to sleep unless the house is tidy. If there's a child's toy in the wrong place I can't relax...OCD??? Possibly.

And just to complete this little post, I'm going to pass it on to 5 fabulous blogs and they in turn can pass it on...but only if they want to...

Mum In Chaos - because she just started back at work yesterday after a 2-year absence and she could do with a little bit of blog appreciation. Oh and I think her daughter has chickenpox too.

NotSupermum - Because she's just lovely and so is her blog.

WAHM-BAM! - Because she's always interesting (sorry Tasha - I meant hilarious).

Tales from da Motherhood - Because she thinks I'm a Superhero and I love her for it.

That girl? 39 and counting - Because she's a fellow Taurean and just about to change the name of her blog (probably) and this is my birthday present to her.

Having said all this, I love all the blogs I read and next time I get an award (!!!!) I promise to pass it on to you...and you...and you....

That's it. I'm off to change a nappy in celebration...


  1. Happy birthday to you!!!! sure you're only a young 'un. Hope you have a lovely day xxxx

  2. You would cry too if it happened to you...

    I love that song! Also love Happy Birthday by Altered Images.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday and welcome to the land of the half septuagenarians - or should that be demi-septuagenarians? I think half seventy is a very nice age indeed, and neither young nor old.

    Thank you muchly for the award. I shall really have to get it together to do an award post now and pretty up my sidebars.

    Oh and you are never allowed in my house... you'd properly explode there is so much mess!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!
    Hope you enjoyed your celebration.

  4. I am almost 100% with you on your list...however I am a messy person. I'm just horrible and I kind of like it!

    HAPPY BIRTHDATY!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a great one!

  5. A very happy birthday to you! I hate rude people....especially the "cool" people from school who pretend to not remember you in tescos...would it kill them to say "how are you?"??

  6. Happy Birthday to you! Hope you've had a wonderful day.

    Thanks for the lovely award, and the very sweet comments about my blog :-)

  7. Happy birthday!

    Half way to seventy? Wow! The fun is just beginning! I speak from experience; I'm just a few years away from severty.

    You can trust the Bear on this!

  8. Happy Birthday!! Can't think of anything funny or intelligent to say, too sleepy... All the best of luck and love and cake!
    xo MM

  9. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Maternal Tales from the South Co-oast. Happy Birthday to youuuuuu!!!!!

    Love the list, am with you on them all.

    Mmmwoi! x

  10. Happy Birthday MT! Have you polished off the bubbly from the festival celebrations?

    Well, here's another cyber bubbly. Enjoyx

  11. Happy Birthday!! Have a drink on me :)

  12. Birthday! I nearly missed a birthday (checks clock... ok still today) Happy Birthday!!!!! Luv Karen xxx

  13. happy birthday! a bit late but stil happy birthday! x

  14. Hope you had a lovely birthday and half way to 70 is not old!

  15. Happy Birthday! Halfway to 70 is very very young!! x

  16. Happy Birthday Lady!

    Hope you have a great one...the massage token sounds a top choice of presi. Go use it NOW and feel like a Princess for the day!!! Book token and chocolates also sounds like quite a good haul. Enjoy, enjoy.

    Hugs, Axxxxxxxx

  17. Magnumlady - Thank you! I suppose it's not that old - it's just when I wake up in the morning I feel about 500 years old! I should be thankful. (I am!!)

    Tasha - Ha ha - yes - love the song too. Didn't cry yesterday though so at least I didn't buy in to it too much. Might just cry today though cos my heading is hurting a little! Enjoy award, but no pressure to pretty up your sidebars - only if you want to!!
    And didn't know we were the same age - like it!

    Mum's the word - Thank you! Head bit sore this morning!

    Marathoner - It's ok - some of my best friends are messy too ;-)) I don't hold it against them!!!

  18. allgrownup - Ooh don't get me started on rude people. Be friendly. Be nice. It's not that bloomin' hard!!

    notSupermum - you are very welcome. You deserve it x

    Rob-Bear - Ok, I'll take it from you. I'll just wait here for the fun to start...Actually I feel fine - but as I said to Magnum Lady - when I wake up in the morning that's when I start to feel just a little bit older!

    MM - Thanks honey. No didn't cry...Phew! Hope you got some sleep x

  19. Reasons - Thanks for the rendition. I did get a couple of them yesterday - both Mummy and Emily, so now I've got Maternal Tales, I feel complete!! Glad you liked the list. 'Mess' seems to be the sticking point!

    RM - Thanks for the bubbly. Yes did finish off the Festival one, but it's ok, I had some more in reserve!! Phew!

    Margarita - Thankyou sweetie. x

    MGM - You just got in...well done! But did you miss the award bit - hope not cos it's got your name all over it x

  20. Congratulations. I am very much with you on your Number One Room 101. So why did you ignore me last week?

  21. Ooh, meant to say, there's another one waiting for you at my place.
    And the bit about ignoring me was only a joke.

  22. Amy - Thank you honey. It's ok it wasn't late - you could have been in California and you'd have still been on the right day!!

    Mary - Thanks! Yeah, I guess it's not that old. Not quite as young as you though!!!

    Kitty - Thank you! Ok, ok, so I'm not old at all. Try telling my children that though - because they think I'm ancient!!

    Mamma Po - Thanks m'dear. Can't use token today cos got no free time :-(( (Well enough time to type but that's because little one is asleep). Will save it for a rainy day when I'm even more in need of it than I am now. x

  23. Maddie - Hee hee...Rude people indeed!! And I'm not one of them so I'm coming over to see you right this minute....... Mwah xx

  24. Happy birthday!!!
    You're still a young one! And you're not allowed to contradict for fear of offending a lot of people who are well over your age count!

  25. Belated Happy Birthday. Nope, you are not old. I'm 51 and nor am I:)

  26. Yay, hope you had a fabulous birthday. And half way to 70 is very young. Especially as I'll be half way to 70 next February. Oh yes, young young young. Tadpole like even. ;D

    Your room 101s are fabulous. 1-4 are very me. I'm not that tidy though. Now I'm in my own place I'm better that was, but my house is always cluttered, which I think is a reflection of my brain.

  27. Cartside - Ha ha - yes indeed!! I am young. Young. Very very young!!

    FF - No - you're right. Neither of us are old...although I certainly feel it today!! Must be the cold weather...I can feel it in my bones!

    Jo - Hee hee. Yes - I'm a tadpole - let's just hope Renée doesn't decide she wants to eat me ;-)). Oooh you are so young - to be 34 again!!!!

  28. Happy B-day. Definitely a youngster I'd say. I'm just wondering if the reason for my never-being-able-to-sleep thing is my messy house? Naah!

  29. A belated happy birthday to you. You are younger than me, and I don't feel old...yet!

    I agree with the first 4 of your Room 101 list, but I am a slob I'm afraid :o)

  30. Expat Mum - Ha ha - yes possibly!! Funny thing is, I seem to have brainwashe dmy children with it too (or is it genetic I'm not sure). This morning I was putting Edie down for a nap but hadn't realised that Renée had been playing in Edie's bedroom and had messed it all up. Edie took one look and said - 'Mummy, I can't sleep - bedroom is dirty'! I tried to convince her that I should tidy it up later, but she was having none of it. So I tidied it up and she went straight to sleep!! Oh dear - what have I done?!!

    Ko - Thank you!! No I know it's not old - it's only when I mix with people much much younger than me that I start to feel my age! That and in the morning when I can't get out of bed!! And yes - the messy bit is the sticking point with most people!

  31. Hi you :) just wanted you to know I got a little award for you over at mine luv Karen x

  32. MGM - Thank you!!!! You're a sweetie x

  33. Aha! Thought I'd get my own back - I have an award for you on my blog!

  34. Oh, little bit of trivia for you that I forgot to put in my earlier comment...
    The drums on this track were played by my best friend's Dad from my dancing days (pre-telly I spent a few years as a ballet dancer). Whenever I hear it (not often these days, admittedly) I think of her prancing around the changing rooms in some mad Nutcracker costume :-)

  35. Lovely Maternal Tales Lady!!! Thank you for my bloggy-fabulous award - I will get on it this week... possibly on the new blog if I get my now aging 40 year old butt in gear!! Hope you enjoyed your birthday!! xx

  36. In relation to the swearing post and the faux pas post I decided to combine the two this morning when I said 'fucking two year olds party' to the mother of the child who's party it was. I meant it as an emphasis but I think it sounded like I was swearing about her son. I just hope she is not eating her lunch and thinking how rude i am!

  37. NotSupermum - You naughty lady!! I shall come over and check right away x

    Mamma Po - Call me silly, silly, silly, but what track?? I like this little piece of trivia about you though - a ballet dancer indeed!!!

    that girl? - You're welcome - but please don't strain yourself. You aren't young any more you know!! ;-)))

    Charlotte - Ooops - can imagine myself doing that too!!! Hope she didn't take offence!!

  38. Hey that was my birthday too! that's funny!
    Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY a little late :))

  39. PHM - Wow - I can't believe it!! I knew I liked was the Taurean attraction!! Hope you had a great day too x