Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Award Time

What was it that I said at the end of my last award post? Now let me think. It was something along the lines of...

...if you receive an award try not to stash it away for too long - or you'll find yourself in my position where you've spent all day creating links and lists.

Well I'm so glad I took not even a tiny bit of notice of my own advice...because here I am with not one, but five awards and I just know this is going to take me longer than ten minutes to post. Serves me right...

It has to be said that I do already have four out of the five, but I still need to pass them on to some worthy recipients. And because this is going to take me long enough and you may even fall asleep before you reach the end, I hope you don't mind if I skip the personal list part.

On with the awards...

First up is the Lemonade award given to me by Carol at New Mummy who has a gorgeous 7-month old little girl. Thankyou Carol! This is one to show blog appreciation. So I pass it on to five fantastic blogs that I truly appreciate...

Next up is this ever-so-slightly rude award (not in the mood for swearing today - not quite sure what's come over me), given to me by the gorgeous (and hilarious) Tasha at WAHM-BAM. I hereby pass this on to...
Do with it what you want ladies. When I first received it I had wonderful fun remembering just how much I loved swearing. Enjoy...
Next up is the Honest Scrap award from my fellow-Brightonian, Rebel Mother at One More Day in the Madhouse.
These are for blogs which have shown Honesty in spades...

The penultimate award has been given to me by two people - Sandy Calico at Baby Baby and Clareybabble at Clareybabbling.
Thank you ladies. Your blogs are Lovely too!
I now pass this on to not one, but five Lovely Blogs.
And finally, the only one not yet already decorating my virtual mantelpiece in this - the Palabros Como Rosas which translates as 'words like Roses'....given to me by the amazingly wonderful Fhina at A Woman of No Importance. Thank you my darling - I am most touched.
I hereby pass this on to five more blogs whose words are as beautiful as roses...
Please forgive me if I haven't included you. It's probably because I've already passed an award your way, or else I've just had a quick peek and you have far too many, or more than likely I've become a tad confused, insulted you and you'll never venture this way again.
Apologies whichever applies!


  1. Hello,
    I am very touched to have received this award from you.
    I love writing, love the feedback and hope to keep on doing it for a long time to come.
    Thank you.
    x jo

  2. I always want to pass awards onto you, but like you say, you have them all! You have a great blog, don't stop writing.

  3. Awww thank you for the award!

  4. Congrats on the very well deserved awards!

  5. Aw, thanks Mrs. I have never received an award before! I'm finding the passing it on bit a bit challenging but I'll sort it out. You're very sweet to include me...you are a popular lady to have accumulated 5 awards. Thanks again...have a LOVELY day!
    :) K

  6. This is so lovely! I reeeeeealy appreciate it and am really proud of it, as kerin above said I too never had an award before, so now I'll proudly show it off to the world lol!
    Thanks darling you made my day!

  7. Mum's the word - I'm so pleased you like it...well done! x

    allgrownup - Awwww - you're such a sweetie... well I love yor blog too - so thanks! It's hard to pass these awards on sometimes - you don't want to offend people by excluding them, but there are so many blogs I love to read and so many lovely and supportive people that you want to include everyone. Thansk for stopping by x

    Lady Mama - You're very welcome x

    notSupermum - Thankyou my dear - like I said to allgrownup above - it's always tricky passing on these awards because you don't want to upset anyone and exclude them - good job you know I love you already!! Although it has been a while since I gave you an award...Hmmm!

    Karin - You're so welcome - glad you liked it. You're doing great things with your blog so just keep it up! x

    Anxious - I do so love making people happy!! Glad you liked it. Enjoy xxx

  8. Thank you! I'm thrilled to receive the Lovely Blog award, and very flattered. I really enjoy your blog too - no wonder you have so many awards :o)

  9. Okay, I'm crazy ... I just posted a thank-you for the award, but my son was crawling all over me and I must have clicked something other than "Post Comment." :) So let me start again ... ahem ...

    Thank you so much for the award - I'm absolutely thrilled! Such an honor! :)

    Now to see if I can post this properly ... again ...

  10. Congrats, they're all thoroughly deserved x

  11. You are going to hate me.... I think I shall let you off doing it again, but there is an award for you over at mine!

  12. wow 5awards! such a star! xx

  13. wow...lots of linking today. this must have taken forever.

  14. That's a heck of a lot of links.

    I think I still have one of your awards to post up, must do it soon......

  15. Just left a lovely long chatty full of gratitude comment and it got erased!!! Dammit. But THANK YOU HUGELY. Love my award. And well done with all those links. Phew. XX

  16. Really Rachel - Aaah - am thrilled you're thrilled!! Hope new baby is letting you have some sleep!

    Rita - Yay - you did it this time! I have that problem too...! Glad you're thrilled... Enjoy the award x

    Sandy - Thankyou lovely lady. Caan't believe you've only just started blogging - seems like you've been around forever! x

    Pippa - Oh no!!!!!! I mean, Oh yes!!!! Thank you sweetie - that really is very lovely. And thanks for letting me off - I will add your name to the award on my side panel though xx

  17. Amy - Thanks honey - as are you - think you've got about the same amount now haven't you?!!

    OP - It did - it took me all day - hubby was not amused!! Am sending big kiss and hug to you xxxxx

    WM - Yeah - don't do a me and stash them away for too long or else it really will take you forever. Although seeing as I didn't actually follow my own advice, I don't expect you to either!

    LWM - Oh No!!! That happens to me all the time - so frustrating. If I write a really long comemnt these days then I might even copy and paste it just in case it crashes. Anyway, blah, blah - glad you liked the award - love your writing so thought that particular award was well suited to you x

  18. Im terrible with awards, i have not blogged about them in over a year not. Terrible :(.

    Congrats on receiving the ones you have though

  19. Thank you so much for the Award...my first ever! It will have pride of place on my virtual fireplace.
    Keep up the great blogging, those Awards are all well deserved.

  20. Awww! Thank you! I am flattered and delighted. Will work out how to add it to my sidebar sometime tomorrow when less fazed by heat and exhaustion. [I'm not seeing a mirage here, am I? It is really mine?]

  21. thank you maternal tales. that award came just at the moment when i needed a hug.

  22. Laura - Hey thanks for popping by - I know - I've been hoarding these for so long. It took me almost all day to do and the links and things - no wonder you haven't posted about yours (don't blame you a bit)!

    Jen - Thanks - and I'm so pleased you like it - your blog is great x

    Catharine - Hee hee - yes it is really for you!! Well done. Been meaning to give you something for ages - think I may have tagged you a while ago and in my mind thought it was an award and then went back to check and it wasn't. About time you got one from me... x

    Grit - Aaah - I'm so pleased. Actually it took me ages to let you know because every time I tried to comment, the computer kept crashing. So glad I persevered - it's well deserved x

  23. Thank you, Maternal Tales! And of course, all of yours are so well deserved. Hope you're staying nice and cool this summer. Perhaps a bit of virtual glass of lemonade from my lemonade stand?

  24. JaPRA - Ooh thank you - yes please - can I order a few glasses - it's extra hot here?! Hope you enjoy your award - it's well deserved x

  25. You so deserve all these awards, congrats!! x

  26. ...and I accept with gratitude.

    Merci beaucoup,


  27. clareybabble - Thank you darling. That is very lovely of you to say so...and thanks for my award in the first place!

    GG - De rien cherie. De rien xxxx

  28. Thank you so much for my lovely award! I shall have to buy a lovely maxidress to do a proper curtsey in xx

  29. dd - Don't tell me you don't already own a proper Maxidress? Oh dd you do disappoint me!

  30. Hello! Just now found out about this lovely award you posted for me! (found your e-mail in my spam?) Weird.
    Thanks so much I nave not recieved this one before. I will try and take your advice and try not to hang on to it too long before I post!

  31. MM - Glad you got it eventually! Hmm - weird e-mail went into spam, but that's happened to me with a few messages. Just a crazy quirk! x