Saturday, 11 April 2009

A hastily taken moment of relaxation

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou everyone for all your wonderful suggestions relating to my last post. As it happens, I haven't been able to put any of them into practise (yet I hasten to add) because I now find myself a good few miles from home in Norfolk, visiting the Grandparents for Easter.

Just quickly though - on Friday Morning (day after husband's return) I did get a cup of tea in bed - made by myself of course because both children suddenly turned into the stickiest of limpets and wouldn't leave their Daddy's side long enough for him to even put the kettle on. If I'd have waited for my cup of tea to be brought to me, it would have taken...oooh somewhere in the region of 5 hours. Which just so happens to be the same length of time which it took us to drive here yesterday. That's 5 hours in a car with two small children.

Need I say more?

Only to ask myself why we do these sorts of things? And I don't really have an answer, except to say that the look on my two children's faces when we arrived and they were confronted with the huge tower of chocolate eggs, the new furniture for the doll's house, the moorhen eggs in the nest in the pond and the two new party dresses bought for them by Grandma was worth having to endure even a 10-hour journey. Well maybe not 10 hours... But just to see their excited faces, their lips quivering in anticipation and their little bodies jumping up and down is enough to melt even the cruellest of hearts. And after Edie's car game of sticking two fingers up her nose and seeing if she could blow snot down at the sides while simultaneously hitting her sister because she was bored, my heart was feeling in need of a good melt.

So that's all I have for you today. Just a quickie. The girls have gone for a country walk with Papa and Grandpa while I recuperate a tad. What that means, of course, is that I fiddle around on the computer whilst trying to eat as much chocolate as I can before they all descend upon me again. It's not entirely relaxing as every two minutes there's either a wood pigeon or a pheasant or some other large rural bird either furrowing around on the stones outside the front door or calling in the distance and every time I hear the crunch of the stones or the call of the birds I'm convinced that it's the big return and the third chocolate caramel shortbread is hastily put back whilst trying to give myself time to look as though nothing untoward has happened. But if that's all the relaxation I can get, then I'll take it. In the meantime, just one more mini chocolate egg while I can...


  1. Don't ever feel guitly for eating chocolate for Easter!! Chloé is fine she's asking for cuddles.
    Enjoy your chocolates lucky you!

  2. Oohh, am sending sympathy in spades. I've done that car journey with the 2 littlies and it's grim. We had rented a car (as 5 hours in our little Polo would have been sheer torture for all of us) and it just so happened to have an integral DVD player. Such a godsend! I got slightly weary of the Charlie & Lola theme tune but it was better than Littlest's screaming soundtrack that we'd endured for a previous car journey to Wales.

    Still, it's all worth it when you reach your destination. Make the most of the grandparents and have a wonderful time in Norfolk. Hope you get some rest in. xx

  3. mmmmmm chocolate eggs! glad your trip went well hope u enjoy the rest of easter, i know i will! amy x x

  4. I soooooo miss Cadbury!

    Happy Easter,


  5. Enjoy the chocolate..and the break.
    The Grandparents sound they want to adopt a 41 year old mad woman ;)

  6. Marion - thank you honey. No don't worry - I don't feel guilty about eating the chocolate - I'm just trying to do it without anyone noticing...because the more I eat the less there is for everyone else!

    Mamma Po - you keep changing your name! Yes, am with you on the dvds playing in the car - we have done that but for some reason we didn't this time. I think they broke last time from continual prodding...

    Amy - yeah I'm a bit over the chocolate now I think. I always push it too far :-(

    NWbD - Ooh just as I said to Amy, I am so over chocolate now. I might even abstain for a good couple of weeks!

    Magnumlady - Have just passed on your message and they said that they're the crazy ones so you should fit in quite well!!

  7. Have a great time this Easter !

    I am bracing myself for our 6-7 hour journey with 5 kids in a few weeks time .. oh joy !
    It is worth it though as you say when you see their faces light up with joy !!

    Sara x

  8. Oh blimey - 6-7 hour journey??!! With 5 kids? Oh deary me. That's gonna be a tough one. Good luck. Think you may need it! x

  9. Easter with the Grandparents - I remember that so well. I admire you for taking on the trip, especially after your husband has been away for so long. I do not know how I would feel about sharing that early after having mine back (I know, I sound very selfish...).
    Our first 6-hour trip is planned for in about 2 months. To see little L's great grandma. I cannot wait to introduce them.

  10. Ooooh you've been busy whilst I've been away! I'm glad you've had a few extra people to help you with the littlies - it must be great to have the hubster home. Enjoy every minute and don't feel guily about anything for a second.

  11. Ooh MM and Reasons - I've missed you!!

    MM - I want to hear all the news. What's it like finally being a Mummy? Hope all ok. Good luck with the first trip. At least it will make a good blog post!

    Reasons - Hope your trip was fun. Just off to read your post now. xx