Thursday, 2 April 2009

Blogging and no baby-free zones anywhere

It's been one of those weeks. I am completely and utterly done for, shattered beyond all belief, I can hardly keep my eyes open, and it's not even lunchtime. The reasons why are patently obvious - husband still away, clocks going forward, children throwing tantrums, trips to hospital, children's parties, etc. But I should be used to that. I am used to that. But over the past couple of months, it's been something entirely different which has kept me from sleeping at night. You see, in days gone by, my evenings would consist of cooking, watching tv, having long leisurely baths, reading a book, and all this before curling up in bed by 10 (this is where I don't even have the energy to pretend that my life was exciting). But that was my life before blogging. These days, if I'm not writing my own posts then I'm reading other people's. And we all know that there are some real gems out there. So for the past couple of weeks it's been a case of 'Oh just one more before bed', and then 'Oh maybe just one more won't hurt', and before I know it, it's midnight and I'm due to wake up in 6 hours time to two very demanding children.

So not only have children taken over my life, but now blogging has too. When I first started writing my blog I thought that it would be about my life (my life) and be somewhere I could come, away from the world of babies and children and nappies and poo and vomit, and concentrate on me instead. But pretty soon it became obvious (er by about the first sentence of the first paragraph of the very first post) that my life was in fact, my children's life and that the only things I had to write about were the childen. And actually that was fine. I changed the name of the blog from 'Blog Fire' to 'Maternal Tales from the South Coast' and I conceded defeat, or at least I embraced it. I am a full-time Mother; I live children, I breathe children, and now I even write about children. I sometimes dream about them too.

But even though I may have embraced this new-found pastime, it doesn't help with the fact that not only am I exhausted, but I look it too. Huge suitcases have taken up residence under my eyes, my skin is rather more on the sallow side than I would like and my hair is just a mess. Well, that was until I bit the bullet this morning and booked myself in for a hair appointment. I mean there's nothing like a bit of pampering to make you feel better. And I even had a little fantasy that for three hours at least, I might be able to speak about something other than children. Right? Er not exactly...

Now I love my hairdresser. She's called Kelly and she's been doing my hair for at least ten years, so we're kind of past that polite stage. I know that she has two cats called Chav (seriously) and Maisie (or is that the dog? I always forget) and that she has boyfriend called Trevor and has recently moved in with him and that her Mum is only 5 foot tall and that she doesn't speak to her Dad and that she loves Jennifer Anniston but thinks Britney is a tramp. You see, we talk about all sorts of things, Kelly and I. And today that was what I wanted. I needed to sit down, be pampered and to talk about the latest offerings from Heat and Grazia. I could have done with a conversation about who's dumped who and who's sleeping with who. And I really thought that Kelly was my girl. I mean, there's no way Kelly would want to speak about babies and poo. Unfortunately for me it soon became clear that there would be no talk of Britney or Jennifer. Instead I got this...

'Guess what? I'm pregnant. Now we can talk about baby things too.'

Aaaaarrrrggghhhh. I guess the more you try to fight it, the harder it becomes! At least my hair looks good hey?


  1. Hey, Pharmaton does the trick really well! I have been on the stuff for a week and I suddenly feel more awake for most part of the day now...
    I know what you mean about the whole talking and breathing children. Last Christmas I organised a Xmas party with my girlfriends (since none of us were getting an office party). We booked a fancy place in London, all of us got really well dressed, looked really smart, etc.
    The moment we all got together we started talking about our kids and the more we got drunk the more the stories were gross about them, involving poo and puke! People around us if they could over hear what we were talking about gave us really funny looks. It was obvious that most people there were the young professional, no children type.
    We came to the conclusion that there was no reason to fight it. After all that's what we were: mummies...
    When I want time to switch off I get my husband on duty and I escape the whole day on my own. I don't call and I refuse to look at children stuff. It is not very often, but when it happens it is all about me me me!
    Try it if you can when your hubby is back, it is lovely!

  2. I could spend every waking minute in the blogosphere. It's SHOCKING. I actually deleted my original blog because I felt that it was taking over my life. Now I just cope by only following a selection and I don't comment on all posts, otherwise it would go out of control. And I can't sleep if I've been online til all hours, it makes my head spin! Cx

  3. Phew... for a moment I thought this would be a 'goodbye post'.

    Pregnant women, how boooring... ;-)

  4. Ooh thanks PHP - I have a big shop to do tomorrow so I'll add that to my list...And yeah, when hubby comes home I will make sure I have some time to myself. Still another week to go this time!

    Cassandra - thanks so much for stopping by - how rude of me to leave a comment for you yesterday without even introducing myself! Might have to add you to my blog roll for that...

    MM - Funnily enough I read a goodbye post yesterday from someone and had to do a double take. It wasn't until I scrolled down and saw the labels 'april' and 'fool' that I realised what it was. No chance of me saying goodbye yet - am having far to much fun! BTW, I think I was reading your post just as you were reading mine! Yes indeed - pregnant women - boooring! Good job you won't be one for much longer!

  5. Is there nowhere we can switch off??? Some things really are sacred and haircuts and Heat go together like, well, Britney and trailer trash. Time to change the hairdresser methinks...:-)


  6. Uhoh, it's all true :( I am just the same (you had noticed I suspect) but then why not, it is the major part of our days and at least its entertaining :) Have a good friday luv Karen x

  7. I think you just have to throw the towel in! It is funny how once children come along, we quickly forget about the life we had before. People who don't have children tend to get frustrated though and remind us that we did have a life. It's hard to understand if you are not a parent that children do become everything. I wouldn't have it any other way.

    CJ xx

  8. It's fine - I have embraced it!! It may have taken nearly 5 years, but I've done it. Here's to the children's party we're attending this afternoon. Bring on the balloons and cakes x

  9. You sound exactly how I feel.
    It does get better. xx

  10. Thanks for popping over. I hate to tell you this but it never gets easier. I have two teenagers (and a five year old) and I now have to stay up till they decide they're tired. I would leave them to it and go to bed, but they'd probably leave all the lights on and the front door unlocked!!!

  11. Oh god I do feel for you! My hubs was always away when mine were little, it's tough.I wish I'd been able to blog then.

    I'm sorry to hear about the accident. Isn't that bio-oil supposed to be good for helping scars to heal?

    Make sure you find time to breathe xxx

  12. Now I don't know who to believe - Magnumlady or Expat Mum - I guess time will tell!!

    Thanks Reasons - yeah I have some Bio Oil left over from pregnancy stretch marks. Got bored waiting for them to disappear! Will use them on R's chin (once the horrible scab has gone). Unfortunately it's still there and not looking all that good...

  13. Time to find a new hair dresser ;-) That poor girl, she's excited to lose her life to "how many nappies we went through today" stories and a schedule that revolves around mini humans.
    I used to live your previously exciting life too... when my Hubby gets home I'm going straight to the bath then to bed with a book-- and I'm wearing earplugs because I don't care that someone can't find their football sock.

  14. I know ibhh! Not quite sure she know what she's letting herself in for...

  15. NWbD - did you just read the end of the post??! My Mother did the same thing...she said she scrolled down and the first words she read were 'I'm pregnant' and she almost had a heart attack...

    It's not me who's pregnant (thankfully I have to say)! It's the hairdresser. Or was the best news that my hair was looking good??

    Either way, thanks for stopping by x