Thursday, 10 September 2009

My 5 of the best

Today the lovely people over at Fuel My Blog have awarded me the very prestigious Blog of the Day Award. To mark the occasion, I have decided to give you my five of the best.

Forgive me if you're a loyal follower and have read these already. You know you want to read them again...

Pregnant? Wondering what to name your child? Well good luck. Just please don't choose the name Helga... What's in a Name?

Ever said 'Congratulations' to a woman who wasn't pregnant? Oh the shame. Forgive Me. I know not what I say

Now why do sheep give birth so easily, whilst we're at it for days? I tell you, I'm almost jealous. Childbirth and Sheep Farms

You've scoffed yourself stupid for nine months. And then the baby arrives. And then you realise that it wasn't just the bump after all. Pregnancy Weight - it's just so depressing

Ok, so I couldn't give you my five of the best without including at least one poo story. But don't worry, it's not the graphic image that will stay in your mind forever, nor the one where I ate the stuff. Nope, this right here is my favourite poo story of the lot. Poo Stories RIP

Enjoy the read. I'm just off to break open the champagne x


  1. Congratulations, it's well deserved x

  2. Congrats to you! I have read a couple of these (loved Poo Stories and when you Congratulated the Pregnant lady) but am going to have to go back and surf the other faves!!

  3. Well done on the award.
    Poo stories are always good.

  4. Oh well done indeed. Well deserved - I will check out your posts as soon as my darling boy stops trying to climb out of his cot! Arrgghh. Enjoy the bubbles!

  5. Frogs - Thanks honey x

    Modern Mom - Hello darling. Must pop over and see you. Haven't paid you a visit in a while. Hope you good. Yep, do check out the others!

    lulu's - Aah - you can't beat a good poo story, but I thought I'd just feature one this time.

    SPD - Cheers m'Dear.

    Hot Cross - Thank you darling. Yep, champagne on my own - no one to celebrate with me here! Boo hoo. Can you believe my nearly 3 year old is still in a cot. Bed all made up in the same room - just not interested. Loves her cot to bits, despite being almost head to toe in it!!

  6. Congrats! Great reading as always. Love your blog.

  7. Congratulations - well deserved - and as a newbir, it's a treat to go back & check out the highlights :)

  8. Lady Mama - Thanks darling. Love yours too. Lots xx

    Miss leslieanne - You sweet thing, you. Enjoy your treat!! xx

  9. Big congrats - so well deserved. Remember those posts well. Always love a good poo one!

  10. Oh well done you!

    This is a good day for you - I've got an award for you at mine too.

    Are you still sloshed on that bubbly? Pass us a glass will you?


  11. Congratulations on the award. Well done!

  12. BiB - Thanks darling. Yep, there's nothing as good as a poo story...couldn't exactly make them my top 5 though could I?!! Now there's a thought...

    RM - Oh are fabulous. Thanks a bunch. Sober now...unfortunately!! Next time e'll get to share a glass or two x

    Rob-bear - Thanks Mr Bear...much appreciated x