Friday, 14 August 2009

Happy Birthday my little one

Now I should really be posting about my trip to Butlins, but I can't escape the fact that today my eldest daughter turns 5. So sorry Butlins, but you will have to wait. And just as a quick update, I wanted to let you know that the party for 25 little monsters in my own home turned out to be not quite as hideous as I had imagined. The sun shone for the whole three hours of the party, there were no tears, no accidents and no one actually set foot inside the house, except to use the loo of course...I'm not quite that mean. I won't bore you with the details. Suffice to say, you can now call me party planner extraordinaire!

But now back to today.

My darling Renée. Happy Birthday little one. I can not believe that you are 5 years old - so grown-up, with your long hair and flawless skin, able to tell me what clothes you want to wear but quick to throw a tantrum when I choose something you don't like. A big girl, but still so small and vulnerable. You are brave beyond words and can hold back your tears when you fall over and scrape your knee, but you can still cry when your balloon bursts (and I'm so sorry about the enormous red one that you saved all the way through Butlins, even rescuing it after it had flown off the balcony, only for me to burst it on the rose bush as I was unloading the car at home). I'm sorry I made you cry - I will buy you another big red balloon and kiss your broken heart better.

I remember when you were first born. Your face was so wise. I seriously thought that you had already lived a thousand lives. Maybe you had. Your name means 're-born', so maybe that says it all. When you cried I sang you Amazing Grace and explained that you had to stop crying or else you'd wake up the whole hospital and I'd look like I didn't know what I was doing. You obliged in an instant and I will be forever grateful.

Thank you for coming into my life and making me smile and cry and feel things that no one, except you could make me feel.

You are unbelievably clever. More so than I ever was, I am sure. And as much as I am able to teach you, you can teach me too. You have taught me a lifetime of lessons already - to be patient, tolerant, kind, loving...all these things I owe to you.

Thank you for being the most amazing daughter. Every day when I look at you I realise just how lucky I am. Happy fifth birthday my little horserider, swimmer, comedian, daughter, sister, grandaughter, friend.

May only good things happen to you in your life. And if for any reason they don't, then I will be here for you, always loving you and remembering the first ever time I fell in love with your little squashed face.


  1. Beautiful.

    Happy birthday to your lovely Renée!

  2. Happy birthday Renee!

    Great post to boot.

  3. Oh STOP IT! you are making me cry!! What a lovely post and how lucky is Renee to have such a lovely mum, as lucky as you are to have such a lovely daughter.
    Joyeux Anniversaire Renee!!!!

  4. What a beautiful post. Happy Birthday, Renée!

  5. Happy Birthday to your wee girl!! My big boy doubles her age tomorrow 9well actually already today as it's past midnight over here)
    time flies

  6. What a lovely post! Naughty Mummy with the balloon :)
    Happy Birthday Renee!

  7. Insomniac - Thanks...and thanks for popping by x

    Surprised - Hello hun - thanks! And what happened to you at Butlins? Thought we were going to see you. Hope everything ok x

    PHM - Merci Peggy. Can't believe my baby is so grown-up! Was fantastic to see you at Butlins - you are so glam with your beautiful dresses and dangly earrings! Glad we had some time to chat xxx

    Tasha - Thanks honey - So grown-up now - Can't believe it...and your little one too. Next thing we know they'll be teenagers!

    Widge - You naughty girl being on the Internet after midnight!! You're like me...just one more post and then I'll go to bed...! Happy Birthday to your big boy. Don't they grow up fast??

    Zoo - I know - I'm always breaking all her stuff (or losing it - pom pom)! I couldn't believe it. I drove home all the way from Butlins not being able to see out of the back windown because the balloon was taking up so much space and then I hadn't even got it in to the house when it burst. Such a ninny. Was great to catch up in Butlins - hope you're feeling better x

  8. Happy having a baby 5 years ago to you!

  9. Lovely post - and happy birthday to Renee. x

  10. Aww, how lovely. You're such a lovely mum. Happy birthday Renee, have a wonderful day.

  11. That's lovely MT. Happy birthday little Renee, sorry problems with accents on my pooter. Brave you - 25 sproggies! Glad it went well Supermum!

  12. happy birthday little one! such a gorgeous post, i love and hate birthdays because every year they grow that little bit older and futher away from their baby days. But on the other hand it is fab to watch them turn into a little grown up with their own ideas and opinions. I hope you all had a great day. xxx

  13. A really lovely post. It's important to look back and remember just how far you have all come since the labour ward! Happy 5th Birthday :-)

  14. Such a touching post - Happy birthday Renee x

  15. Aw... you bought tears to my eyes reading this... your love for Renee spills over through the internet and gets me square in the heart! (something only a mum can understand I think). Happy Birthday Renee!

  16. Awww, you made me well up a little bit!

    Happy Birthday Renee - hope you realise what a lovely mummy you've got :)

  17. Aww, fab post and I did laugh (guiltily) at the balloon - JUST the sort of thing that breaks your heart, though.

  18. Lovely post, and you retrieved the balloon? Impressive. I thought it going over the balcony was one of my better ideas.

  19. Lovely to meet you the other day and lovely post! - happy birthday to Renee.

  20. OP - Thanks darling - and you're so right - I always think it's the Mothers who deserve medals on the birthdays - thanks for thinking of me :-))

    PM - Thanks hun - She had a lovely day - think she's a bit sad that it's all over for another year though!

    NotSupermum - Thanks lovely - I do always try my hardest, even though I don't always get it balloon. Don't think I'll be mentioning it in front of Renée again in a hurry though!

    Reasons - Yeah - not quite sure what I was thinking inviting the whole class but it all came good in the end. Think I may plan something smaller for next year though.

    amy - Yeah it's funny - a friend of ours turned 19 and Renée asked if we were going to her party. When I said she wasn't having a party she looked so distraught and asked why - I said that the older you get the more likely you are not to have a party - and she said 'I'm always going to have a party Mummy'. Was very sweet!

  21. Hot Cross Mum - Oh don't remind me about the labour ward!!! I still have nightmares. But yes, have come so's amazing what's possible in the space of 5 short years.

    WoB - Thanks honey - Renée now thinks she's Little Miss Grown-Up. Tis very funny...

    That Girl - Oh darling - sorry - didn't mean to make you well-up. Tried not to be too gushy!! But thanks...I'm lucky to have both my little monkeys...

    missleslieanne - Thanks darling. I'm lucky to have them too...

    Who's The Mummy - It's fine to laugh - I almost did myself at the irony of it all. Drove home the whole way not being able to see out of my rear view mirror because the stupid balloon was taking up all the space and the poor thing didn't even manage to make it into the house. Such a rubbish Mum I am!!

    SPD - I know - can you believe it? Actually it was NixdMinx's MiniMinx who found it - you should have seen the look on Renée's face when she saw it again. And then to get it all the way home (even though I couldn't see out of the damn rear view mirror)...only for it to burst before it got inside the house. Poor Renée. I just need to try a bit harder I think!

    Elsie - Thanks for popping by - really good to meet you too. Can't believe our little ones are born on the same day. Just found out Renée and Who's The Mummy's little one have the same birthday too. All so spooky. Hope you got home ok x

  22. What a beautiful post for your daughter. Isn't it such a milestone when they reach five. Then ten....gulp I've three now that have gone through number 10.
    Hope she had a lovely day.

  23. You really had me filling up there, what a sweet post.

    Happy Birthday Renee.

  24. Aww...sniff sniff. You've made me come over all emotional - and just before I hit the sack too.

    Had no idea that's what 'Renee' meant (although of course it's obvious now that I think about it). What a beautiful translation. And I'm so glad her party went smoothly for you all. I expected no less from you, oh SuperMum-Party Planner Extraordinaire! Axx

  25. Chic Mama - Three over 10?! Wow - well done you for getting them so far. It is not an easy job! And yes, what a milestone - can't believe it's gone by so quickly!

    Lorraine - Aaah - thanks lovely - don't cry - it's a happy occasion! x

    Mamma Po - Hee hee - yes I'm such a Supermum!! More Superwally for thinking I could host such a large party. But I think the only reason it was successful was the sunshone - put them all in the garden like you said! Didn't have to do a thing. And yes, 're-born' - didn't think about it much myself when we chose it but once she was born she really seemed to have been on this world before - and then I realised how much it suited her!

  26. hello MT,
    I need a proper email address to invite you to read my blog. It's a long story.
    Look forward to hearing from you soon.
    x jo

  27. Beautiful post *sniff*. Renée sounds wonderful x

  28. Happy Birthday to Renee your Mummy loves you very much xx

  29. ;-( Sniff. So they really do grow up in the end?
    Happy birthday, Renee! You have the most amazing mum you could wish for.
    xx MM

  30. Mum's the word - Ok have e-mailed you. Hope everything ok x

    Sandy - Don't cry!! She is is little Edie. Felt a bit bad not to have written that about Edie too, but hey - her birthday will come and then I'll bore you all again with my gushing post!

    Liz - Aaah...yes, yes, it's true. I love my children. I shall stand up loud and proud!

    Met Mum - Oh they really do - you'd never think it when they're so little and needy, but they really do. And I have so much more growing up to be done here - thankfully! xx

  31. Awwww that's lovely. Happy belated birthday greetings xxxx

    Now, the red balloon.... are you sure that was an accident???!!!! I can't believe you managed to get that all the way home with you!!!

  32. ooops we left our red balloon in the hotel room - no tears were shed but the fact we couldn't get a go kart before we left because they were all booked out now that's another story! happy birthday renee - you are so much fun! lots of love from me and miniminx xx

  33. I think it's all been said in the previous comments but this post was abolutely lovely and a beautiful tribute to your adoring little 5 year old.

    CJ xx

  34. Happy Birthday Renee!

    And I'm so impressed at your party hosting skills!

  35. Hi Emily, just a quick note to let you know that I nominated you for British Mummy Blogger of the week - not that you need it!

  36. Mrs OMG - Hmm...yes - it seemed like a good idea at the time - I was half hoping she'd lose it over the balcony, but then when she did and I saw her heartbroken face I felt I made an extra special effort (after it was rescued) to bring it all the way home...only to burst it. Obviously my effort wasn't extra special enough!

    nixdminx - Oh no! I had half expected to see MiniMinx careering around the site on her kart that morning. I can imagine how devastated she must have been...Oh well, we'll have to go again hey?!

    CJ - Thanks darling. That means a lot coming from you xx

    WM - Thanks honey - Yes, although I think it will be the last 'big' party (she says crossing her fingers). It's a whole year away now...I'll make decisions in 11 months time!

    PM - You are just a darling. Thank you!! Kiss kiss to you xxx

  37. That was so beautiful. I love that you sang her Amazing Grace and asked her to hush like that. I can just see those wise little eyes staring up at you. It reminds me of first nights with my two. Miss E was actually 9 on the 12th. It goes :oo fast. But both our firsts are little Leos. They're fab aren't they? "D

  38. Post this on your fridge for those days when you ask yourself why. xx

  39. Jo - And I can't sing to save my life - so I loved her even more cos she didn't care! And Happy Birthday to Miss E - my Mum who is really into star signs says that Leos make really good elder siblings...and so far she's been right. R is so amazing with E and was never jealous even for one second when she was born. If it had been the other way round I don't think it would have been as easy.

    Maddie - What a good idea! Yes, think I may need to look at it quite a few times a day actually. This Summer holiday malarkey really isn't easy!

  40. Such a lovely post. Happy birthday to your little girl - she sounds wonderful!

  41. Ella - Thanks! She is wonderful (most of the time)!! x