Thursday, 6 August 2009

A blogging breakdown

So first thing's first....

I'm having a blogging breakdown (image above courtesy of Posh Totty).

My brother called me yesterday from Majorca to inform me that I've posted once in two weeks and can I please sort it out because he's bored of logging on to find the same post on pom poms over and over again.

And then there's my Father who was a tad disappointed (although he'd never admit it of course, bless him) to have hosted us all so warmly in Norfolk only to be rewarded with the same one post on pom poms, despite having taken us on a boat trip on the Broads ('surely you had something witty to say about that?'), horse-riding, to festivals, to the sea-side. The list goes on.

Of course I blamed the slow Internet connection in Norfolk for my lack of posting and even believed it myself for a while, but the fact remains that we've been back a week now and the same post on pom poms is still very much the lead story. The truth of the matter is...well, real life has got in the way of blogging. It's the Summer holidays and I have two small children and well, enough said really.

Just one quick mention of my husband who's been laughing at me all evening as I've been trying to take photos of pom poms. I even threatened to write something mean about him on my blog if he didn't help me, but alas, he laughed again and continued to watch French news.


I'm all alone in this world. Forgive me if I haven't visited you in a while. I promise I haven't fogotten.

BUT, I will be posting and commenting next week because I'm off to Butlins!!!!!!!! Yay. We had planned to go as a family of four, but hubby unfortunately has a week's work (surf road trip to France) lined up, so I'm coming on my own with the two girls. If you see me hovering in the corner desperately looking around for someone to talk to, then please come and say hello. I've already relinquished my Spa Treatment due to no hubby and small children so I may need a bit of cheering up.

Until then, I'm going to leave you with a couple of photos of THE pom pom. Don't say I don't spoil you.

If you're contemplating making a pom pom, then be sure to keep it even all the way round, just like this one.

And of course, don't forget - each thread needs to be exactly the same length.

Never forget who you're making it for.


  1. Oh, that's so cute!!! I am all about the pom pom post. It's all I've thought about these last few weeks, I keep almost thinking about considering buying my own wool.

    (also, you're up where you belong on the new index over at my place x)

  2. Oh you're lovely! I'm having blogging issues myself! Trying to start a new blogging adventure and having a crisis of confidence as well. Good to see you back in the blogger's been ages since we messaged eachother! Get back on the horse, woman. Love the pom poms by the way! :) Just get a Barbie and you'll be all set!

  3. Ahhhh, LOL. Don't worry, I'm sure the second attempt will be much better. *cough*
    Only joking...still haven't managed to get out to get the supplies to start my own pompom factory.

  4. Ah yes, life getting in the way here too... and I thought I'd be able to blog more what with not being at work Hah! Loving the pom poms by the way :)

  5. Nice to see you back - I think its normal to get 'blog block' from time to time - but please don't do it too often, as I need my laugter fix too much.

    The pom-poms are fab - he who mocks should have to have a go themselves! & you are a better mummy than me for going to those lengths for teddy...

    Your brave going to Butlins by yourself - Have a lovely time & I bet you'll meet some freindly people - Little ones are always a good icebreaker(in a good or bad way).

    Love Lydia xx

  6. Ha ha! I did wonder if you were on holiday, but then to learn that 'real life got in the way'...well, that's such a disappointment. Really, how could you neglect your blogging friends? I hope you realise the error of your ways and get back to regular post pronto!

  7. I have the opposite problem - now I'm off work for a few days I seem to be risking blogging overdose - I am having to restrain myself from blogging more than once a day!!! But I have to say I think Real Life is the best possible reason for having a blogging break!

  8. At the risk of sounding like a perv...nice pom poms love! I am impressed by your pom pom skills... I know mine would have turned out more like something out of the movie Critters.. with teeth. Glad you'll be back to true blogging form... miss ya! Enjoy Butlins and sorry you've had to relinquish the spa treatment... lets get together and have a spa day to make up for it!

  9. yay! pictures of the pom poms! that has made my day and they look fab, don't worry about the blogging block i've gone the other way and started just rambling now lol! xx

  10. There you are. And I thought you had fallen off the peer or something... The pom pom is nice. Is it just me or does it seem a little big in proportion? Or is it the latino pom a la J Lo?

  11. Ahh your back, i totally understand it's either all or nothing with blogging isn't it? I spend whole weeks on it everyday and then lately to appease my hubby and kids i have taken a back seat and stopped blogging for days on end. Sorry about your spa day that's a shame but have fun in Butlins - sounds great!

    P.s I am really crap with computers but can you tell me how i upload my pics like you have with writing then a pic then some more writing then a pic underneath etc... i know i'm an airhead but i can't figure out how to do it?

  12. For some reason last Friday I was in a really bad mood and I decided that I was never going to blog again. Then I thought about all my friends and family who enjoy reading and I decided I had to carry on for them. It's nice to get feedback from your family isn't it? This week it just so happens I have loads to say for myself and I'm not quite as grumpy!

  13. Butlins? You lucky person. I'm still trying to organise a village outing there. Glad you're back blogging, even under duress. x

  14. Who's the Mummy - Oh you must buy some wool - it'll send you completely insane, buy hey, at least I'll be here when you need some empathy. But do it - apparently you can make snowmen and chickens and all sorts of other things. Can't say I'm tempted past the simple pom pom, but I am tempted to do it a bit better. Let me know how you get on! And yes, thanks honey - I saw the list. xx

    Café Bébé - Hello darling - yes so sorry I haven't been around...I promise to make it up to you. Totally understand a crisis of confidence - I think most of us have had it - but don't worry - your blog is fab - I'm just still a bit annoyed that it won't update on my blog roll, but I'll get over it! Good luck with all your new endeavours xxx

    CM - Oh the second attempt HAS to be better (how can it not be)?? I will try harder. I will try harder. I will try harder....

    MGM - Oh I'm finding it impossible - bring back school please - I need a break (or at least time to blog more). Glad you like the pom poms, even if they are a somewhat poor attempt! xx

  15. Lydia - Thanks lovely lady - I'll try not to stay away too long again (don't think I like it much myself). It's my first time battling Summer holidays and blogging all together - and you can take it from me, it ain't easy!!!
    Glad you like the pom poms - I'll go to any lengths to make my children happy (even if it is 4 hours spent winding a stupid piece of wool around a piece of cardboard). She hasn't yet asked for any more though, so I'm almost able to breath a sigh of relief... And yes - Butlins on my own - I was tempted to cancel but I thought it would be good for the blog (and the children) if I didn't. Time will tell...

    notSupermum - I know - I know...will you ever be able to forgive me??? I'm popping right over to see you in a sec just to show you how much I missed you xxx

    Kathryn - when I first started blogging I was writing posts every day and I'm really not sure how I managed. Two posts a day - well that would be something!!! You go girl...

    That Girl - I love your support - but honey purlease!!! Look closely - they DO resemble something out of Critters - in fact aren't those teeth sticking out of the middle one??? And yes, yes to a spa day together...just say the word!

  16. Amy - Aaah - you're so lovely. I know they're rubbish pom poms, but I'm proud of how rubbish they are!! Looking forward to seeing you at Butlins and meeting your little ones. Please talk to me if I'm hovering in the corner with no friends!!

    Met Mum - I'm here, I'm here. It's really me. I almost fell off the Pier, but I'm back now. And yes - trust you to point out the flaws in my pom pom!! It is too big - much too big (and it was the first thing Renée pointed out), but I think she's got used to it now, so she's forgotten how big it was meant to be...phew!!

    WoB - I know - it's kind of the same here - hubby is never impressed with my blogging so when he's away I have a field day and spend every possible hour on the computer, but when he's here he actually wants me to spend time with him (imagine that?)...and he's been around for a while, plus it's the Summer holidays, so blogging hasn't stood much of a chance. And as for the photos and writing - I'm a total technophobe too - it took me about an hour to get them looking halfway decent and even now they're not perfect - the spacing is crap and I actually wanted the writing on the right-hand side. But all I did was upload the photos and then drag them to where I wanted them to be, pressed return a few times so there were spaces to write underneath and that was about it. Experiment with it all - I kept getting it wrong!

    Woamnatwork - Yes it's lovely getting feedback from your family - and at least I know if no one ever reads another post, at least my parents will!!! Blogging is such a funny thing - it takes up so much time but I feel it's become a part of me now (!!!) Crazy as that sounds...

    Maddie - I know - Butlins!!! Who'd have thought. The kiddies are beyond excited, but I'm a bit nervous about going on my own and meeting other bloggers...(even though I've met a few already). I'll let you know how it goes!

  17. Ah, that darned life! How dare it get in the way of blogging? Pom poms are gorgeous. Lopsided is much better than perfection in these things, I feel. More personal.

    I am beyond jealous of your all going to Butlins. Would so love a decent amount of time to talk to everyone properly. Maybe someone else can help you out for an hour while you get a spa treatment?

    Have a lovely time and I can't wait to hear all about it.

  18. Pom Pom.... I love those two words

    All is well... see ya when we see ya

    have fun

    best wishes

  19. You have unhealthy obsessional tendencies towards pom poms!

    Alright, alright, I'm only jealous coz I dont know how to make them......and they're all fluffy and brightly coloured!

    Oh dear, its catching...


  20. Tasha - Aah you're so lovely. I know they're ropety old pom poms, but Renée was happy and that's all that matters! Oh I so wish you were coming to Butlins - who am I going to talk to now?? We'll do something else again another time. But I'll make sure I have a drink for you xxxx

    Ribbon - I know what you mean. Pom pom pom pom pom pom pom...almost onomatopoeic. Thanks for popping in - I'm just about back now!

    RM - I know - I know. It's ridiculous. So much for my exciting life...but try it RM - you may learn to love it too!!

  21. Oh we all need a break sometimes and hey - tell your fam to subscribe so they will not have to check every day - it will tell them when you have been a blogging mama! Glad you are back. I am following now!

  22. Have five or six drinks for me, please! I am suddenly really missing the old booze and wondering how long it will be before I can have a good night out with multiple drinks. Hopefully not two years this time!

  23. Brittany - I know - but my whole family are a bunch of technophobes so it's hard enough for them to type the address in - getting them to subscribe would be a touch too far I think! Thanks honey - am following you too - although I have been a bit slack at catching up on reading posts and commenting recently, but I will make it up to you...

    Tasha - Oh don't worry - I'm planning on quite a few glasses of the fizzy stuff!!! Although unfortunately I can't go completely mad since I'll be the only one responsible for the children. Still I can have fun sober I think!! Yes, I hope it's not two years for you this time! x

  24. Hee hee, those are fabulous hon. And sounds like you've been having a brilliant time. I totally get having two kids at home all day takes time away from other stuff. But it's better to enjoy the kids so you've got it perfectly right.

  25. Hello lovely lady - Oh I'm only more than a month late in replying to your comment!! Yep, real life - who'd have thought hey?!