Wednesday, 8 July 2009

What is Mummy good at?

Forgive me - it's been a long, hard week (and please nobody remind me that it's still only Wednesday)...and I haven't had a second to sit down and write a thing. Well, that's not entirely true...I have had a few spare moments, but I'm a terrible procrastinator and have instead decided to sit, contemplate life and twiddle my hair.

Needless to say, I have achieved absolutely nothing and my brain has turned to mush.

But rather than leave you postless until I put an end to my procrastination, I have decided to lift an idea I saw on A Modern Mother by way of Wife of Bold and WAHM-BAM. You see, it turns out that I'm not the only one stealing ideas...

So here it is, THE Interview - my girls on their Mummy...

By Renée (almost 5)
And Edie (2 and 2 thirds)

1. What is something Mummy always says to you?
Renée - I Love You
Edie - Happy Birthday to you (Hmmmm).

2. What makes Mummy happy?
Renée - Doing the right stuff (You got it girlie).
Edie - Papa (bless - hubby will be pleased about this one)!

3. What makes Mummy sad?
Renée - When we don't do the right stuff (She knows me too well).
Edie - Me (Oh Edie honey - that's not exactly true).

4. How does Mummy make you laugh?
Renée - When you do jokes (no bribery was involved here...I swear).
Edie - (Pulls a funny face and says nothing).

5. What was your Mummy like as a little girl?
Renée - Naughty. (Quickly changes her mind and says Good after my sharp intake of breath).
Edie - A bottle (Hmmm...slight lapse of concentration here I feel).

6. How old is your Mummy?
Renée - I've forgotten. Fifteen???
Edie - Don't know. Three? (Hmmm).

7. How tall is your Mummy?
Renée - 18 steps (???)
Edie - very tall.

8. What is her favourite thing to do?
Renée - Cuddling.
Edie - Cuddling. (Copied her sister I'm sure).

9. What does your Mummy do when you're not around?
Renée - Go on the computer (Like I said, she knows me well).
Edie - Crying (oops - I swear it's not true)!!

10. If your Mummy became famous what would it be for?
Renée - Movie Star (I'm liking it).
Edie - Ice cream (Hmmmm...attention deficiency I think).

11. What is your Mummy really good at?
Renée - Cuddling and kissing.
Edie - Pillow ( I said, slight lapse of concentration).

12. What is your Mummy not very good at?
Renée - Nothing...(Long think)...I'm sorry Mummy - I can't think of anything you're not good at. (Did I ever tell you I loved this child?)
Edie - Eating paper (Dubious).

13. What does your Mummy do for her job?
Renée - Look after us and before that she was a Television Producer (Wow - I had no idea she even knew I had a life before her. Now that was interesting).
Edie - Cauliflower (Attention well and truly gone methinks).

14. What is your Mummy's favourite food?
Renée - Lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber (Oh purlease Renée - and there I was thinking you were on the ball).
Edie - Chocolate cake. (Now that's more like it. How to get Edie's attention - talk about food).

15.If your Mummy could have one wish what would it be?
Renée - To have another daughter (Oh Renée you've let me down - DO NOT let your Father read this - it is SO not true).
Edie - To eat chocolate cake. (what did I say)?

And that concludes the interview.

In the meantime, do pop over to Brits in Bosnia who is hosting the British Mummy Blogging Carnival which showcases the best posts from the last couple of weeks. There are stories to make you laugh, cry and ahem, never want to have children.


  1. Oh that made me laugh! (Cauliflower!) I love Edie's comments especially. Seriously there are few things more entertaining than hearing the strange things children say.

  2. Hilarious. I giggled at each and every comment. Renee's were so sweet and sincere. Edie's couldn't have been funnier if she'd tried. Promise me you'll print a copy of this 'interview' and show them when they're older?

  3. Yey, I love reading these! I'd be stealing it too if my boy were old enough!

  4. Oh that's so sweet, I can't wait for mine to start talking :-)

  5. Very cute. Can't wait until both boys are old enough to answer these questions. It will be very telling, I'm sure. I'm a little frightened thinking about it.

  6. Loved reading their little one is nearly 3 I dread to think what his comments would be!!

  7. Brilliant! I love Edie's comments especially. But why do your girls think you're really young and Rosemary thinks Chris and I are both ancient? You must be more fun than us, or something.

  8. They forgot poo stories!! Interesting that you've been a bottle. HAHA. Brilliant!

  9. Thats it... I have to steal this and do it too!! love it! Are you really 18 steps tall... I am only 15! x

  10. Oh I want to have a job that is cauliflower! Lol, great idea :)

  11. And WHY aren't you any good at eating paper? Tut, tut....didn't they teach you anything at your school!!! I'd eaten at least three trees worth by the time I left "Knocker Road" (went to a classy school me!) Dread to think what mine would say about me! Probably that I'm too shouty and frowny at the mo :-(. The baby would say "ah da" and that's good. We'll go with his synopsis for now

  12. That's a brilliant interview for a cauliflower. Lovely, thanks for making me smile. xx

  13. aww :D
    that's the sweetest thing i've read all day! - remind me to interview the little dude in a few years!

  14. Little people -- always watching, listening, absorbing. Our five year old grandson is just like that. They probably know us better than we know ourselves.

  15. This was very funny and your daughters are charming.

  16. Absolutely brilliant! That made me laugh so much - Edie's answer of cauliflower is inspired. I might nick your idea, although I'd worry about what my older girls might say...

  17. Lady Mama - I know - I was a bit worried about what they might say - but it turned out ok in the end! In fact Renée got so excited about it that she's now trying to think of other questions I can ask her!

    Mamma Po - Bless Renée - she was so earnest about it - she thoughtit was a proper quiz and that there were right and wrong answers - and she got really upset when she didn't know my age or height and thought that she had failed!! Oops. And then when Edie kept giving ridiculous answers Renée kept trying to whisper the 'right' answers in her ear to help her out. The whole exercise was really fun to do. And yes I will definitely keep it and show it to the girls when they're older.

    allgrownup - Yes I did wonder if Edie was old enough, but even though some of her answers are ridiculous that's kind of the point. You could try your little one with an easy question and see what he says. Would be cute. Or try it in a year.

    Sandy - I know! I remember before Renée could talk being absolutely desperate just to know what was going on in her head. It is a complete revelation once you can have 'proper' conversations with them. Definitely something to look forward to.

  18. SAHM-I-AM - I know - it's amazing what goes on in their litle heads - both Renée and I wanted to keep going and answer more questions because it was such fun, although Edie was definitely a little distracted by the end! Something for you to look forward to.

    Lorraine - Ooh you must try it with your little one - he's probably just a little older than Edie so he'll come out with some funny things I'm sure - they both made me laugh with their own little answers.

    Tasha - I know - having read your ones I thought they'd come up with something like 100. I was quite surprised actually - especially since Renée is really into her counting at the moment and she can definitely count to I thought that she'd be nearer. But it is funny that when you're 2 and 5, three and 15 seem so old. I'm not quite sure why Rosemary thought you were 70 - but all their little answers are so funny.

    Met Mum - I know - it should have been - What does Mummy do as a job - clean up poo! And a bottle - yes - she was a little random!

  19. That Girl - I know - when I first saw it I thought - Ooh yes - I definitely have to steal that. When you're little your perceptions of the world are so different - it's just too cute. Would love to hear what your little one says.

    MGM - She was too funny - I don't know if she meant that my job was cooking cauliflower - I tried to press her on a couple of answers, but she was digressing even further so I wasn't really sure wht she meant by most of them. But very funny nonetheless.

    Katherine - I know - you really do wonder what goes on in their mind when they come out with things like that! Eating paper?? No, I'm not very good at it and neither should you be Edie! Yes, I thought there might be shouting comments in there too or what do I say often - 'listen to Mummy' or 'please stop that' or 'we're late' or somethign along those lines, but obviously I say 'I love you' just that much more. Phew...(and Happy Birthday - not sure about that one)!!

    Maddie - you're welcome! Yes, I'm very good at being a cauliflower!! Bless her.

  20. So funny. When I first saw this interview thing, I was too scared to ask my daughter, but now I'm thinking it may be illuminating!

  21. miss leslieanne - Thanks - yes it's definitely something you want to do with your own children when you read it - I totally stole the idea!

    Rob-bear - I know - it's amazing that they know so much - so much more than we're aware of. Some very telling answers there. You should try it with your Grandson - would be interesting!

    passions and soapboxes - Hello and welcome! Thank you - on good days they are extremely charming - on bad days, not quite so!

    notSupermum - Oh yes - do nick the idea - I would encourage everyone to - it's fun just doing it without even considering all the answers - but yes it would be interesting to hear what slightly older children would say - I'll look forward to it!

    Working Mum - Oh do it. It's such fun - and if the answers are too revealing then you don't have to post them (although please do)!! I'd love to hear them - your little one is a similar age to Renée so I'd be interested to compare them. I wonder how old they are when they start to get ages right. Not quite yet...

  22. Wonderful answers and I love your girls' names!

    I asked my eldest (4) once what's my favourite thing to do and she said going to work!

    Mel xxx

  23. This is so sweet. I love reading these, particularly the random answers!

  24. I love this! I feel I will posting it on mine soon if thats okay :)

    The fact that you are really good at cuddling and kissing is all a mummy could ask for :)

  25. I might try this with S but I doubt I'll get any answers!! x

  26. Shabby - Thanks! Aaah - it's almost a bit scary waiting for them to answer - I thought they might say my favourite thing was to be on the computer - but at least R said I did that when they weren't around. Phew.

    Dancinfairy - Yeah - I loved reading the answers when other people tried - the randomness of children is just hilarious.

    Tawny - Of course it's ok - (wasn't exactly my idea in the first place)!! I'd recommend everyone do it - endless fun!

    clarey - Hee hee - not yet maybe but just wait a while'll be something to look forward to.

  27. Hee hee, I absolutely loved that. Do you really look like a bottle? Snort. Brilliant. I think your two would get on very well with mine. :D
    And I hope your week has improved sweetie. Ours got a bit crazy today. Hugs.

  28. Maybe it is just me, and I have attention issues to, but I loved Edie's answers!

    Great blog.

  29. lol I love this.
    Some of the answers are brilliant!

  30. oh my gosh...wicked adorable! I may have to steal this idea and see what my son has to say about ME!

  31. Jo - Oh yes - I look just like a bottle!! Don't you think?? Would love to hear what your two would say - such fun, such fun! Week still awful - read about yours - sounds pretty similar!!! Hope it doesn't strike us down all too badly!

    Mummy - No I don't think it's just you - Edie's answers were rather inspired! Renée thought it was a proper test and that there were right and wrong answers so she tried really hard bless her. Edie didn't care a toss!!

    magnumlady - Thanks! Yep, Edie's were hilarious I think.

    OP - Oh yes - steal away (I know I did)! It's such fun...but be warned - remember what your son wrote on that paper at school!!! I'm just saying... ;-))) xxx

  32. Loved it. I started doing something similar, asked Adam what Mummys favourite thing to do was and he replied 'washing up' and I was too depressed to carry on!

    BTW - I was scrolling down your blog post list and read "What is Mummy Good At? Poo Stories". Not wrong that, not wrong at all!

  33. Tried to leave a comment yesterday but our computers weren't talking to each other it would only let me preview - herumph!

    I hope the SF leaves your house soon, one of mine is not too bad, the other daughter is awful with it.

    Thanks so much for the award I'll display proudly and be a good girl and forward on properly when things quieter - for some reason there always seems to be some mahem round here at the mo.

    I've also been meaning to tell you I had to remove your lovely award from a while back because if I logged on in the library it wouldn't let me open my blog - kept telling me I was naughty! Sorry about that as I did love it and don't want you to notice it's not there and think I'm an ungrateful swine. Oh bad pun, sorry! xxx

  34. That was a truly sensational interview. Loved it all, your two little girls are such clever darlings! Might do this one with Amy, but I doubt my comments will be as witty as yours.

    Great post!
    CJ xx

  35. BiB - Oh - try again. Washing up is good!!! At least he thinks you're good at's a start! Anyway, ask him on another day and he'll probably say something different! Funny going down the blog roll - yep poo stories indeed!!

    Reasons - Oh don't worry about the award - it's always a bit of a hassle I know...and I don't mind if you don't display them or even do a post on them - I just don't want you to think I haven't thought about you!!! Hope you're feeling ok - we're all pretty achey here :-((

    CJ - Thanks!! Oh you never know - I bet Amy could come out with some corkers. Definitely give it a go! x

  36. I Love it! It's such a shame I cant do it with the boys yet!!!

  37. PHM - Soon. Definitely soon. Don't forget about it - and bring it out in a few months x

  38. So you exist on a diet of cauliflower, paper and chocolate cake?

  39. Iota - Oh yes I do - my children have let the secret out haven't they?? And I'm ever so waif-like as a result!!