Friday, 10 July 2009

Swine Flu or not? I have no idea

Ok, so I think I may have worked out why I've been such a procrastinating underachiever this week.

Swine Flu.


First there was the birthday party we missed because we were all just so bleeeuuurrghh...

Then there was Renée's Sport's Day which I can not even bring myself to write about because it's just too sad. She'd been up all night coughing and wasn't in a fit state to wipe her bottom, let alone run and jump and dribble balls as she did. I was hoping that pure guts and determination would win through just as it had done for Home Mum of 2's little M - do have a read - it actually made me cry. But alas, it was not to be. She finished last. And now we're not speaking about it.

But the very next day we were sent a letter from the school saying that there had been a case of Swine Flu and that we were to be extra vigilant of any symptoms.


I looked at Renée with her pale, drawn face, at her coughing and spluttering and I decided that she was just under the weather. So off to school she went. And before you call me a bad Mother - she had actually asked to go (and it was my free morning after all)...

So feeling achy and pretty bad myself I thought I'd take the opportunity to Google Swine Flu symptoms. You know, just to be sure. And this is what I found.

Sudden Fever
Sudden Cough
Aching muscles
Limb or joint pain
Diarrhea or stomach upset
Sore throat
Runny nose
Loss of appetite

So it was a yes to pretty much all of those. But no stomach upset yet. So I sat back and twiddled with my hair instead. And that's when the phone went. It was Renée's school.

'We have little Renée here. She's not feeling very well. She has an upset tummy. Can you come and pick her up please?'

Oh Lordy. That's it. Swine Flu. Or is it?? I have absolutely no idea. But, as I search around the blogosphere, it seems that I'm not the only one. Jo at Reasons To Be Cheerful has been affected, Jo Beaufoix, indirectly Rosie Scribble. There's been talk on Twitter and as I passed a newsagents this morning, it's on the front cover of the papers agan. Is it just me, or is it spreading like wildfire?

Well, I'm off for now. But if you don't hear from me for a few days, assume the worst. Toodle-pig...


  1. Oh No! I refuse to assume the worse! You and both mini you(s) will all be ok!!!
    Look after yourself and rest!
    Big cyber hugs! you don't think I want to hug you for real with your lergies... :b

  2. They are no longer testing or quarantining people around here - have to assume that we're all going to get it but slightly worried about what happens to those of us in the higher risk categories ... are we just to hope for the best ?

    Hope that you all recover quickly

  3. Good luck, hun. I hope to come home next Saturday to news that you are all of you very healthy and happy!

  4. We are pretty sure it has hit us too. hubby was off work for 4 days very ill with all those symptoms and 2 of my kids have the same including tummy upsets. I didnt want to be paranoid about it being swine flu but hubby returned back to work today to hear that someone who had been in contact with him at work had infact died last weekend with the swine flu! scary!

  5. You've got tobe joking! Oh no, poor bunch! Take good care of you and the girls. xx MM

  6. Good grief, darling...that sounds dire! I think the only answer is to send an immediate SOS (do they still send telegrams - so much more impact than a text...) to Husb. and get him air-lifted in to nurse you all back to health. Enough with the lions and tigers, this is serious!

  7. You poor things - hope you're all better soon. Its all a but scary isn't it? I know it doesn't pose a serious threat overall but I worry about SC getting it as she gets a really bad chest when ever she picks up a bug. So do I for that matter so I think she gets it from me. Will be keeping our inhalers stocked up. Love and Hugs xx

  8. Aww, I hope your family starts feeling better soon!! We have no fears of SF over here really, but my friend lives in Notting Hill and his boss got it... scary!

  9. I hope you are all better soon, hopefully a few days rest will deal with it.

  10. Take care and make dure you all take plenty of fluids.


  11. OMG, my cousin rang me in a state just, there had been a case at her 18m old son's nursery. It really is going around eh? Look after yourselves x

  12. Get better soon hon. It's spreading fast here too. I just posted about it. Hugs.

  13. Get well soon, whatever it is! x

  14. Oh my, hope you are better soon.

  15. Hope you all get well soon. We just had a letter from playgroup saying that there have been cases of swine flu in our area, scary!
    Hope you're all ok xx

  16. Hope you don't all get it and I hope you are all over it very soon.
    Just what we want with so many of us about to take a holiday and why is the Government THINKING about vaccinating every person in the country? Why aren't they out there vaccinating?! Now ..... otherwise everyone will have already had it.

  17. PHM - Thanks honey - we're feeling much better today. Exhausted, but less fluey. Here's hoping we're on the up!

    MAM - I know - schools were shutting at the beginning, but now they're just carrying on... It's hard to know what to do really - we're beginning to feel a bit better, but yes, it is the at-risk groups who will be affected more...

    Tasha - Ooh you're on holiday now - I am jealous. Hope you're having a fantastic time. We're already feeling much better thanks, so by next Saturday we should be fighting fit!

    Widge - Oh crikey - now that is a sad and scary story. Like you say, you don't want to get overly paranoid, especially since kiddies are ill pretty often, but when you're all feeling hideous and then you hear somrthing like that it does make you wonder...I hope you're all feeling much better x

  18. Met Mum - I know - freaky hey? I joked about it a few months ago when I had a little cold and I think lots of people did. But it just seems to be affecting so many people now that it's not a laughing matter any more. Feeling a bit better now though. Hasn't been a great week though!

    Mamma Po - Oh I wish!!! Now that would be extremely welcome, but not at all possible at the moment. But it's always the way - whenver we're ill (or have hospital trips) hubby is away. I seriously don't think he knows what it's like to have ill children...Hmph.

    That Girl - Yeah Edie gets a bad chest normally too and is always the one hacking away at night - which is excrutiating to listen to - but this time it's been Renée with the cough. Edie's had an upset tummy, been sick and all sorts but not the cough. In any case, we're feeling (slightly) better today, so I'm hoping we're over the worst. Fingers crossed. Btw - meant to reply to your comment on my last post in more depth but must have got distracted. No, I'm not 18 steps at all!!! (Just in case you thught I was freakily tall) - probably 15 just like you!!! xx

    Margarita - Just when you thought it was safe to come and live in London hey??!! Do you think it's trying to tell you something? Don't worry honey - we're safe over here really!

  19. Dancinfairy - How right you are. Yes, feeling much better today thanks. Has been a horrible week, especially with hubby away, but I think we're coming out the other end now...

    GG - Thanks darling. Yep, we're trying!! Although drinking loads of liquids is always a worry what with Edie only just potty trained! We've had a few mad dashes to the loo!!!

    allgrownup - I know - it really is crazy. You honestly don't think it's going to affect you and then lo and behold it does...I hope your cousin's little one is ok...

    Jo - It's crazy...Hope your weekend hasn't been too hideous sitting at home in isolation. At least the sun's come out today and I've been able to do some washing and drying - it's been stacking up as you can imagine!

  20. Sandy - Thanks honey. We're feeling so much better today. I posted about it quite late in the end because I was feeling so rubbish earlier in the week, but it seems to have run it's course now (touch wood). Just in time for hubby to come home to a house full of healthy people. Typical!!

    AMM - Thanks honey - yep finally feeling better today. Phewy...

    clareybabble - It really is very scary that it's spreading so fast. I didn't think we'd see it down here at all...but how wrong was I? I think we're over the worst now though thankfully x

    Maggie - I know - it really is ridiculous - the Government are so slow off the mark with everything they do. Only when someone in Government has been affected will something happen. Which may be pretty soon by the look of things!

  21. If these are the symptoms, then we've had it too this week. There was a bit about it in yesterday's Guardian, with a doctor saying that they are not testing people any more and only treating serious cases.

  22. It does seem to be really contagious. I sent my middle girl off to school with it too, took me a couple of days to twig but older girl was flat out straight away - she aint going nowhere! Take care xx

  23. Victoria - Yay - you managed to comment!! That alone is cause for celebration. Thanks for persevering! Didn't read the article, but yes, I can see why - there are just too many cases. Sounds liek we've all got it to some degree...

    Reasons - Yep, you obviously don't want to pass anything on, but if yu kept them at home for every cough and sniffle they had they'd never be at school! Your poor eldest girl - sounds pretty awful. We seem to be ok this morning - still achey and exhausted, but coughs and sniffles have gone - thankfully!

  24. I'm putting your blog into quarantine, just in case!

  25. The D - Oh no - we're feeling much better now - I promise!!

  26. Glad to hear it! We have had a case or two at the school where I work, I've felt dodgy but not THAT ill, I thought they'd close school and we could have extra hols but no such luck (6 week's just isn't enough! ;-). I was speaking to a doctor friend of mine and, in her matter of fact "doctorish" way, she told me it was better to get it now, before it mutates...hmmmm..

  27. Kzak - Hello and welcome! Yeah - I'd heard that same thing too - I should be grateful to get it now before it becomes even more virilent!! Hmmmm. Can see the point. Doesn't make it any less scary...It's spreading like wildfire - more cases in the school now!!

  28. Very late posting this as have been buried by work and just catching up but I'm really glad you've got over it, you must be very relieved. I'm not much looking forward to it but I gather it's coming our way.

  29. Sparx - Hello honey - yep, we finally recovered - still not sure whether it was swine flu or not cos they're just not testing any more. I expect a few people have been hit and they don't even know! Hope work isn't too miserable x