Friday, 17 July 2009

It's all about ME

As always, I'm a bit late on posting about this. If it's not recovering from Swine Flu, then it's picking up poo....(don't worry Edie hasn't regressed I'm pleased to say - it's just the darn fox outside who's been keeping me awake all night and leaving me special little presents in the sandpit). Doesn't he know I've had just about enough of poo?

Anyhooooo...I finally have a moment and I'm going to celebrate because (a fantastic website full of parenting advice, pregnancy tips, and child-related info) have voted me as one of the Top 20 Mummy Bloggers in the UK and in doing so, they have made me happy. They have made me smile and feel all warm inside, and on a cold, windy day, that's no mean feat. So thankyou Gurgle. You're fab (and I love you even more because you think I'm hilarious). Did I ever say that the people I get on best with are the ones that laugh at my jokes?

And while we're on the subject of awards, I thought I'd take this opportunity to mention that I've also been given this one...

It's the MEME award and it has been bestowed upon me by the amazing 'I don't know how she does it' Amy at And 1 More means 4 and the stunningly beautiful, stylish and hilarious That Girl at Forty Not Out (you can thank me later sweetie).

Rules of the award need me to list 7 personality traits and pass it on to 7 other wonderful blogs. But because I like to change the rules, I'm going to make it 5. Shoot me now...

1 - I am ridiculously tidy (although not quite as tidy as my Mother). I just can't stand mess and I think I may have passed this on to my children because a few nights ago I hadn't tidied up the books in Renée's bedroom (not like me) and she said she wasn't able to sleep until they had been put away. Oops...poor love - she doesn't stand a chance!

2 - I am a stickler for bedtime (the children's, not mine). They're normally in bed by 6pm and anytime after 7 is a late one and I start getting edgy.

3 - Despite the above, I like to think that I'm laid back. Hmmm...well, if I think it, then that's all that matters!

4 - I try to make things as easy as possible for myself (I always take the easy option).

5 - I'm very open. I will tell anybody anything. My husband's not a great fan of this, but I always think it's easier that way - otherwise you're always trying to remember what you've told people and what you haven't. Too stressful.

And I'm passing this on to...

Brits in Bosnia - because there are no girlie friends for her in Bosnia and I want to put a smile on her face. And er...because she's also called Emily.

WAHM-BAM - because I've met her and she's wonderful.

Home Mum of 2 - because I like her a lot.

Who's The Mummy - because she has a new blog and it's great...and she once lived in Brighton and I know she wants to come back.

Notes From Inside My Head - because I met her too and she always makes me laugh.

So that's all for today. Feel free to pass the MEME award on ladies...


  1. Haha. Laid back, huh? I am a fan of rules, too, especially when it comes to bedtimes. Wait till you have 2 little teenage girls who are going to reassess mummy's laidbackness.

  2. Congratulations on the Gurgle thingy!

    And as we all know, people who don't laugh at your jokes are just plain stupid!

  3. Congrats!!! I think your destined to be haunted by poo - haah. I love your traits and no5 could have been written about me and my hubby, i agree it's far easier to just be straight with people, unfortunately Mr Bold doesn't agree. However i am at total odds with you on no1 - i wish you could rub some of your OCD off on me - i live in a complete mess :)

  4. I am with you on number four. Definitely.
    (my word verification has just come us as Chast pu. Can't bloody escape the stuff).

  5. Aww..thanks honey! And I love your rules. 'specially the bedtime one. Respect.

  6. Thank you very much other Emily! Much appreciated indeed, big smile now on face. Sorry to moan earlier in the week. Things picking up now. Going swimming in the lakes about 10 minutes... it's Friday - many reasons for smiling!

    Big yes to No. 4. But I'm rubbish at bedtimes. Everyone else here puts their kids to bed at about 11 and they think I'm mad for aiming for 7. So, the bed time is slipping later and later, the kids are still playing outside when I'm reading bed time stories, the boys have noticed, my evenings are becoming mine no more. Roll on winter?!

  7. Congratulations on the Gurgle top 20!

  8. Woah you'd hate my house... untidy AND kids up til at least 9pm! I do give away far too much though!!!

    Well done on the awards and!

    Mel xxx

  9. Reading your 7 personality traits I thought I was reading about me!! Italians are not big on bedtime - they wait for the child to fall asleep in a heap on the floor and then say 'I think he's tired' - our friends thought I was completely bizarre putting Thomas to bed at 7 but what the heck - they too enjoyed child free evenings at our house!! Glad to see that this British tradition is still alive and kicking!

  10. Congratulations on the award. What an honor.

  11. Oh well done!!! Isnt it just so heart warming when people find you funny... oh, and tell you, oh and GIVE YOU AN AWARD!! Fab. Good on ya. X

  12. Well done for being in the top 20! Very well deserved.

  13. Well done! See, all those poo stories were worth it! Btw, where did you get the gurgle badge from? I'd like to add one to my blog too. Thanks.

  14. Congrats! I enjoyed reading your list. I'm always open too, and my husband isn't thrilled with that quality either.

  15. Why, thank you, kind lady. I sense a multi-post week coming on. Have so much in my head to blog about.

    And congratulations on being in the Gurgle Top 20. Very much deserved, of course.

  16. Met Mum - Yes indeed!!! Although (luckily) still a few years to go before that happens. Besides, they test my laidbackness on a daily (if not hourly) basis.

    Pippa - Aaah - too nice of you to say so - but yes, I agree - they're just plain stupid. Not many of them out there though!!!

    WoB - Yeah - is it a male/female thing?? I just can't understand people who are closed and you not want to tell anyone about yourself or make friends?? Come on... Hmmm...yes - lack of messiness - I think I get it from my Mother - although maybe if I had 4 children rather than 2 I wouldn't be quite so tidy. Not sure I want to put it to the test though!

    Maddie - Yes - why make things difficult for yourself? Life is hard enough...Hee hee to chat pu - typical!!

  17. Mamma Po - Bedtime - yes - it's my 'thing'. I think it's because I'm on my own so much that if they don't go to bed early I really don't have a break. I do everything I need to do in the evenings (if I'm not too exhausted) - so if they go to bed late it just eats in to my 'me' time. But they're much better for it - and I honestly think children need lots of sleep too.

    BiB - Ooh swimming in thelakes - now that sounds like something that would make me smile too - and don't worry about moaning we all need to moan...(especially us Mothers)!! Yeah I have that problem with bedtimes too - if I don't shut the curtains in the bedroom then the girls will look out and see people (and children) running around and ask why they're not in bed. I always tell them that they're obviously just on their way home and are running extremely late!!

    Dancinfairy - Thank you very much :-)) xx

    Shabby - Hee hee - it's ok - I'm far too laidback (!!!) to worry about that!! An untidy house and children who stay up late don't worry me at all (as long as it's not my house or my children)! And thanks for the congrats x

  18. Kathryn - Oh tell me about it!! My husband is French and whenever we go and visit his family they all think I'm crazy when I try to put the children to bed 'early'. They insist on making it difficult for me by arranging to do loads of things in the evening so we have to take the children with us - and then I can't relax because my children are horrors because they're so tired. Not nice at all!!

    Sandy - Thank you darling - and well done for you with the Tots 100 - just saw the list :-)) x

    passions - Thank you - yes it's a total honour and I couldn't believe it when I saw the list!!

    LWM - And I know you know how that feels - cos you're just too damn funny yourself. I loved your chasing after rabbits with your frilly knickers on!! Thanks honey x

  19. magnumlady - Thank you honey bun - I was extremely shocked, but totally chuffed obviously!

    notSupermum - Hee hee - yes indeed. 'And I'd like to thank my children for this award...without their poo I'd be nothing!' Right - Gurgle badge - I e-mailed them and asked them to send it to me - (because I thought you needed a special HTML code or something), but they just sent me the picture of the badge. So I added it and then did a URL link with it. Hope that makes sense?? You can use mine if it's easier - just right click on the image in my sidebar, save it and then add it to yours with the link. Let me know if you have a problem x

    september mom - Wife of Bold (above) said that too - do you think it's a male/female thing?? I'm not's cause for a few cringey moments though as I'm happy to tell anyone anything and my husband's standing there wishing the ground would swallow him up!

    Tasha - Welcome home lovely lady - hope you had a fabulous holiday - can't wait to hear all about it. And thanks for the congrats xx

  20. Congratulations on the gurgle award - you are a brilliant mummy blogger and make me yearn for little children who do funny things. That's until I switch off the computer and am confronted by my now taller than me teenagers who keep moaning that they can't find anything because I'm so untidy and disorganised.....

  21. And while you're being tagged and awarded let me join in - I have tagged you at mine (along with an appology for being so rubbish at accepting the award you gave me AGES ago!) x

  22. Congratulations on the gurgle award - that's wonderful!

  23. Selina - Thank you honey - it's like when you see a baby you start to feel broody and then your children misbehave and you reassess your feelings! Have to say I don't feel broody that often though!

    Tara - Hee hee - that's fine - it always takes me forever to do...don't blame you at all...

    Ella - Thank you!! Yep, was a little surprised myself... x

  24. So with you on the bedtime thing. I have to try and avoid out right frowning when I see parents letting their young kids stay up late every night! And... thank you, thank you thank you for your lovely words... you made my year!! xx

  25. That Girl - I know - it's my complete bugbear. Just put your children to bed!!!!!!! You're welcome to the lovely words. You super dooper lovely lady x

  26. Clarey - Oooh - how exciting!! I love it when I find a kindred spirit x

  27. Congratulations! I've been reading your blog a while now, but decided to come out of lurking and comment just to say well done, you totally deserve it. Your blog is just the injection of humour my RSS feed needs!

  28. Kim - I'm so sorry - it's only taken me more than a month to see this comment!! Thanks for popping by - very lovely of you. Glad to make you laugh ;-) x