Saturday, 2 October 2010

Did you like the Baby Alive doll??? Ask the kids...

Since becoming an official ToysRUs 'Toyologist', back in August, I have received an impressive three toy boxes containing a rather hefty amount of toys, especially tailored for my two daughters aged three and six.

I have a lot to thank ToysRUs for.

So how do I thank them?

By completing a grand total of ZERO toy reviews, that's how. I'm sorry ToysRUs, I fear I may have crumbled under the weight of responsibility, not to mention, rather large toy boxes.

However, today I couldn't keep the toys under wraps any longer and the two girls chose their favourite toy out of the 18 for our first review.

Baby Alive Changing Time Baby.

As it says on the box 'I pee and poop'.

Imagine our excitement.

It's been a while since we've seen baby poo in this house.

In fact, not since the incident with the dog.

And then of course there was the, erm, rather large one.

And then the little incident in the car.

And that other incident where I was clearing up chocolate chip cookies. You remember the one.

But don't let me hog the limelight. It's the girls' toy after all. Just click on the video below and let them tell you what they thought.

And just to conclude, after 27 friggin' takes, it may be 'Baby Alive', but Mummy not quite so.


  1. Thank you for making me feel better! I haven't done a single review yet, but I'm building up to doing one tomorrow!! Nice video x

  2. Your kids and their accents (I'm Canadian, you see) are adorable. My boys would be soooo intrigued by a doll that poos and pees ... for how long? Hard to say. They're not the nurturing type and, believe me, I've tried to push dolls on them. 27 takes!? Good for you for your persistence.

  3. Ah, 27 takes you say? That's way beyond the call of duty! Even for Toys R Us.

    Besides my 30something children are a bit beyond this. Son (and wife) have two real life children; why would they want toy children? Our daughter has her niece and nephew, and two dogs. Ditto there.

    Congratulations on your courage and persistence.

  4. We loved it, loved it - so lovely to see you and hear you. Pleased we didn't have her when my girls were little!

  5. My god - it looks ghastly. It's the kind of toy I chucked out last year when I had the great toy dump! Your girls are very sweet though!

  6. Hello - great to see you back and blogging - haven't seen you since the cybermummy do, hope you're well, the girls look fab. Big kisses from me and Ella xx

  7. That is adorable! I love the video and your girls did very well with the review, despite all the takes!

  8. Your girls are sooooo cute! My little Chick is desperate for Santa to bring her one of these but I'm still unconvinced!!!

  9. Yellow poop? That's very realistic!

    Only 3 out of a potential 4 thumbs up, though.

  10. Awwww that was so lovely. They did great. Hope you're doing ok lovely. And, we're in Brighton at half term. Maybe we'll get that coffee??

  11. P.S. I got wayyyy behind on our reviews and have finally just about caught up. Between us all there must be tons happening though so don't worry. :D

  12. Hil. Airy-us.
    Thanks I needed something to amuse me - loved the prompting. Your daughters are very sweet and obliging!

  13. Oh, that was lovely. The doll sounds awful, though. We have a couple of bizarre talking dolls, though thankfully none that poop. Of course, it should be you who gets a pooping doll! Miss you, honey. xxx

  14. Aaaaah, thanks for reminding me of the poo! Good stuff (the writing, not the poo).

    WHY didn't Toys R Us email me? Why? Why did only head lice people approach me for reviews? What are they trying to say????