Thursday, 7 January 2010

Favourite Photo Meme - 'the way we were'

I've been tagged by the gorgeous That Girl at 40 Not Out and the equally gorgeous Brighton Mum in the Favourite Photo Meme, started by the no less gorgeous Tara over at Sticky Fingers. So without further ado, here is my contribution.

Us, 'the way we were', before the two little monkeys came along. Would love to include some photos of said monkeys, but, they never appear on the blog.

Oh go on then, just one...

Aren't they just the cutest?
I hereby pass this meme on to the following five people...
Mamma Po at Island Mum of 2
Tasha at WAHM-BAM
Rebel Mother at the newly-named Rebel Mother (formerly Another Day in the Madhouse)
Good luck ladies. Can't wait to see your photos!


  1. Gasp - you were beeeautiful. I'm sure you still are but that is one gorgeous photo.
    And, feel totally honoured that you decided to share a pic of your girls with us. You are absolutely right, they are the cutest x

  2. That wedding photo is amazing! And the one of the girls is so cute x

  3. WOW! What a great wedding picture, you look gorgeous :)

  4. My goodness that wedding picture is stunning, no wonder you have such cute kids!

  5. Thanks honey - this is one tag that is right up my street. Will start ransacking the photo albums...

    But can I just say, Audrey Hepburn has nothing on you! That photo of you and your man is just divine. Before I read the whole post, I just saw the picci and thought it was some fabulous archive photo that you'd paid good money for. You both look totally gorgeous! No wonder your fella is grinning his head off...

    Ditto, divine picci of your lil girls. Utterly scrummy. xxx

  6. If you could stop being so beautiful I would appreciate it ;)

  7. OMG, you are a *real* beauty. Your girls are incredibly cute too. x

  8. My gawd - you look like Grace Kelly or something. Amazing photo! The girls are adorable too. x

  9. You look like Audrey Hepburn in that photo. Have responded. But forgot to tag other people. Oops. Have to go throw snowballs now, but will try to remember to twit-tag some people later!

  10. Aww! We have a photo of you two lovelies just like this. You both look so gorgeous, and it was a such beautiful day! Cute little monkeys..xx

  11. Bloody hell lady you're gorgeous. I don't think I've seen a photo of you before. Will definitely play along! Thanks for tagging me. x

  12. PS As if this tag wasn't enough - I've tagged you again over at mine

  13. That's absolutely gorgeous. You are gorgeous!!

  14. Well, you're a bit of a stunner aren't you?

    No ugly bugs in your genes!

    I can see the girls are knock-outs an' all.

    You must have one happy hubby, looking at those gorgeous faces every morning..

    Thanks for the tag - I've lost my mojo a bit, so this will get me back....hopefully.

    Good to see your pretty face. Much love RMxx

  15. A lovely bride and smashing groom. If only we could stay young and beautiful forever.

  16. Beautiful lasses all three of you and a handsome hubby too. Good to see you all xxx

  17. So so beautiful, all of you. That wedding photo is just so classically gorgeous. Ahhh hon I knew you were beautiful on the inside, but blumming heck you got the whole package didn't you? xxx

  18. Laura - Thank you and thank you! x

    Tara - Hee hee - yes 'were' being the operative word here. Shame! And yes, glad you like the kiddie photos. I always want to put photos of them up, but have to restain myself. Couldn't quite manage restraint this time! Can't wait to see everybody else's photos.

    Jodie - thank you honey - and thanks for stopping by.

    bakingmadmama - Thanks lovely lady (and for your comments on Judith's room too) - very much appreciated x

    Tamsin - thank you darling - oh how misleading photos can be ;-)!!

  19. Experimental - It's all lies - I've doctored all the photos!! But yes kiddies are cute - and thanks ;-))

    Diney - Thank you lovely lady x

    Mamma Po - Hee hee - you funny lady. Thanks sweetie - yep, do love that photo (even though it doesn't look a bit like us of course)!! Kind of looks like some 1920's film...wasn't intentional, just turned out like that. Glad you like the tag - will pop on over to yours to check out your photos when I get a mo x

    Pippa - Don't worry darling - you wouldn't say that if you could see me in the morning (or right now actually - rough, very rough)!!

    notSupermum - *blush* - thank you darling x

  20. Hot Cross - It's amazing what they can do with photos these days ;-)!! Thanks honey - and yes, gotta love the cute girlies x

    Tasha - Gosh that was quick of you. Well done! Will come on over in a mo when I have a sec and see your photos. Thanks sweet lady xx

    Slim Lens - Hee he - yes - very cute monkeys indeed! Thanks x

    Brighton Mum - Ooh I'd love to see your photos - seems like such a long time ago now (it was)!! And yes, it was a fab day wasn't it?! x

    Lady Mama - Thanks lovely - glad you like the tag. Will pop on over and have a look at your photos too xxx

  21. Laura - Sorry I'm so late in acknowledging the tag honey - will pop on over when I get a mo. Thanks so much xxx

    Met Mum - And so are you darling - and I can say that cos I've seen you! xx

    RM - don't worry darling - I totally lost my mojo for the whole of Dec (still trying to find it now to be honest). Blogging comes and goes I think, as does happiness and all that stuff. Hugs to you. Don't let the bastards get you down. xxxx

    kestrel - Oh my thoughts exactly - if only!! I feel about 80 years old when I wake up in the morning sometimes. If only I could have frozen time quite a few years ago!!

    Reasons - Thanks gorgeous lady. xx

    Jo - Oh you're funny - you do make me smile. thanks sweetie - and coming from you that's even nicer cos I know you got the whole package too xxx