Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Blogging for Haiti

I would make a useless journalist. I just can't keep up with the news. I love writing, but I can only do it when I have a spare moment and not when I have a house full of guests. Which is why I am now a week late in joining the campaign 'Blogging for Haiti'. I even thought (for one milisecond I admit) that it was too late to write this post seeing as I'll be the last one doing it.


It is never too late.

The earthquake may have struck Haiti on Tuesday 12th January, killing over 200,000 people, but the deaths are still continuing. There is now a huge concern for the spread of disease in a country where HIV, tuberculosis and malaria are rampant.

So, I may be late in posting this, but it is still just as necessary to raise awareness.

The amazing English Mum has rallied all the bloggers into giving their support in hope that we can raise enough money to pay for a Shelter Box - see left).
Each box contains -
  • A ten-person tent with privacy partitions that allow its occupants to divide the space as they see fit.
  • A range of other survival equipment including thermal blankets and insulated ground sheets, essential in areas where temperatures plummet at nightfall.
  • Life-saving means of water purification. Water supplies often become contaminated after a major disaster, as infrastructure and sanitation systems are destroyed. This presents a secondary but no less dangerous threat to survivors than the initial disaster itself.
  • A basic tool kit containing a hammer, axe, saw, trenching shovel, hoe head, pliers and wire cutters. These items enable people to improve their immediate environment, by chopping firewood or digging a latrine, for example. Then, when it is possible, to start repairing or rebuilding the home they were forced to leave.
  • A wood burning or multi-fuel stove that can burn anything from diesel to old paint. This provides the heart of the new home where water is boiled, food is cooked and families congregate. In addition, there are pans, utensils, bowls, mugs and water storage containers.
  • A children's pack containing drawing books, crayons and pens. For children who have lost most, if not all, of their posessions, these small gifts are treasured.
Initially the aim was to raise £500 (just enough to pay for one Shelter Box). However, the blogging for Haiti campaign has been so successful that the total now stands at an amazing £3000, which means that 6 boxes have been bought.
If you haven't donated already, then please, please click on the following.
Remember, it's never too late.


  1. Thanks for the reminder that its never too late, you have spurned me on to donate which I have just done now. I think I am an ostrich by nature who sticks her head in the sand as I am so easily upset by things, can't even watch 'Casualty' since becoming a mum. Thanks again, you've personally been responsible for me donating x

  2. it's such a wonderful campaign x

  3. The response from bloggers really is quite astounding!
    I've tagged you over at mine, again!! xx

  4. caroline - Ooh well done! So pleased you've donated. Yes, I always leave things until the last minute and then think 'there's no point now'. I think with Haiti, there is more than definitely still a point!

    Ella - You're right - it is. And an awful tragedy.

    Brighton Mum - I know - everyone has done amazingly! Right coming on over this second to check out the tag xxx