Wednesday, 9 December 2009

I'm sorry I pull your hair - I do love you really

This post was inspired by Josie from Sleep is for the Weak and her amazing Writing Workshops. If you haven't already taken part then do pay her a visit.

Not only is she a fantastic writer, but she's also an amazing person and I urge to to read each and every post she writes.

So here we go. Writing prompt number 4. Put yourself in somebody else's shoes...

To my big sister Renée,

You know when I tell you that I don't love you and then I hit you? Well, you know I don't mean it really? And I don't mean to bite you either, or pull your hair. You know I love you really, don't you? Sometimes I think I love you even more than Mummy. But then Mummy gives me sweeties and I think that maybe I love Mummy more.

But I think you're my best friend. Am I your best friend too? I hope I am because I feel happy when I'm with you. Mummy says that best friends make you feel happy and share things with you. And you share everything with me, even your olives and grapefruit and broccoli which you pass to me when Mummy isn't looking. That's when I know you must be my best friend.

And when you're not there I feel I bit sad. Mummy tries to cheer me up and read me stories, but it doesn't feel the same because she always has lots of other things to do and she gets cross when I want her to read the same book over and over again. You never get cross with me. And I miss you when you're at school. I try not to miss you too much because I'm a big girl and I can do big girl things on my own, but you can do everything just a bit better than me.

You can reach the light in the bathroom so when I need to do a pee pee I don't have to sit in the dark. I don't like being in the dark. Except when we're lying in bed together under the covers pretending to be monsters. I like the dark then. Because I know you're there with me. And I know that if the monsters do come, you'll make sure they won't hurt me. Because you're my big sister and I know that you love me.

Sometimes I wish you didn't have to go to school and we could stay at home every day and play monsters like we used to. But I know that when I'm an even bigger girl, like you, then I'll go to your school too. Sometimes when Mummy takes you into the playground in the morning, I want to come as well. But Mummy won't let me and it makes me cross. And when Mummy tries to stop me from following you I think maybe I don't love Mummy at all.

Every day I wait for you to come home and I try to be patient. Really I do. But when you come home with a friend it makes me a little bit sad because I want you to play with me and not them. I try to be grown-up and play the games that you play but I don't know my alphabet yet and I don't understand it when you start counting in big numbers. And when you don't want to play Mummies and Babies it makes me cross because we always used to play that together before you went to big school. And then I think if I pull your hair and bite you you'll know how cross I am and maybe you'll want to play with me again.

I'm sorry if it makes you cry. And I'm sorry if it leaves a red mark on your arm. But I just want to be with you. I want you to be my best friend forever. Thank you for loving me even when I hurt you. When I'm big and grown-up like you, maybe I can look after you too.

I love you.

Your little sister, Edie.


  1. Awwww! A beautiful post. Sisters, big and small, have a hard job of it.

  2. A beautiful, beautiful post. So sweet...that's sisters for you.

  3. That's so sweet! What a beautiful post! I hope you show Renee - and Edie too, for that matter - when they're old enough to really appreciate it. :)

  4. A lovely post. Sisters are very special. I don't think I was so nice to my little sister however!!

    CJ xx

  5. This makes me want to go and make Kai a sibling.

    It sounds like your girls have a beautiful, special relationship. I hope it's one that will stay with them always xxx

  6. Wonderful and lovely. Like you xx

  7. Lovely letter. Isn't it wonderful to think of the special relationships that siblings have?

  8. Very sweet, and a great writing idea. I always wanted a brother or sister, never got one.

  9. Why has that made me cry? Why do I wish I had a sister?
    Think it's because you're a pretty fabulous writer x

  10. That's gorgeous, brought a tear to my eye.

  11. Such a gorgeous post and, as usual, beautifully written. Brought quite a tear to the eye!

    What I want to know is, WHEN is someone going to offer you a publishing deal and collate all these wondrous posts into one heart-warming volume of maternal tales???

  12. Very sweet - but when I read 'pass me olives and grapefruit and brocolli' I immediately thought 'awww, that's great!' then thought 'er, possibly not if you're 3...'!

  13. How late am I?! Just wanted to say how much I loved this post. I was the big sister bringing friends home to play & being bitten by my little sister. I feel terrible now!

  14. turtle - Hello there and thanks for popping by. Now I never had a sister, so I can't empathise 100% with their relationship. All I know is that when it's good it's very good and when it's bad it's awful!

    Brighton Mum - Thanks darling. I read the letter to Renée and she loved it oo - she wanted me to read it over and over again. Was very sweet.

    Rita - Thanks honey. And yes, after I read everyone's comments I thought I'd see what Renée thought of it. Edie's still a bit young and got a bit cross when I was explaining the concept to Renée - she said 'but I'm Edie, not you' and went off in a bit of a grump!! But Renée loved it - and wanted me to read it over and over again. And in fact when she woke up int he mornign it was the first thing she mentioned. Very sweet!

    CJ - Oh don't worry - they both have their moments and when those occur they can both be devil children!

    Val - Thanks darling x

  15. Josie - Ooh...don't let me get in your way sweetheart - off you go and give that lovely hubby of yours a, erm, ahem, cuddle!!! Yep, siblings are a good thing (most of the time)!
    And thanks for the inspiration too xx

    Reasons - No, no. It's you who's wonderful and lovely. Oh ok, both of us then! Thanks darling xx

    Catharine - Thanks! Yes, it's amazing really. I never had a sister - but I did have a brother and we were far too busy arguing to be nice to each other. We did become friends eventually once we were adults and I adore him now!

    chompermom - Hi and thanks for stopping by. Having more than one child is a huge committment for a parent - but always such a blessing for the children. I'm very thankful that I have two (most of the time)!!

    Selina - Oh darling that is such a lovely comment. My Mum read it and it made her cry too! You're very lovely xxx

  16. partmummypartme - Aww - thanks lovely. And hope you're doing well too - soon they'll be a sibling for your one too - how exciting!

    Mamma Po - Oh sweetheart - you're too kind!! Good question though! Hee hee ;-)) xxxx

    Sparx - Funny thing is, the three year old loves food so much even all the odd stuff like grapefruit and doesn't understand when people don't like anything. The five year old isn't quite so fond of everything, so when she passes all her food over, Edie is chuffed to bits and thinks it must be love. Is very, very sweet!

    notsuchayummymummy - Oh don't worry on two accounts. Firstly - I was crap and didn't post for a whole week, so you're totally forgiven - hey at least you did come by!! And secondly, don't worry about the sister thing - what an older sister has to put up with is much worse than the younger sister. So I'm sure you did a very good job! xx

  17. So so lovely. My two are a little like this. M is so hard on E sometimes, but if they sit and watch a film together M will be on E's knee, and they'll be cheek to cheek. I love it so much.

  18. Jo - Oh it is just so gorgeous when they get on. It breaks my heart though when Edie has been waiting for Renée all day and then R comes in from school and ignores her!! I know R loves E just as much but she just shows it in different ways (like being totally forgiving of everything she does). I do so hope it continues for the rest of their lives.