Sunday, 1 March 2009

25 random facts about me

Now some of you may have seen this list already, but for those of you who haven't I thought I'd reproduce it on a very quiet blogworthy day.

1. I put on 5 stone (70lbs) during my first pregnancy. Even though I could see I was getting bigger, I convinced myself that it was just 'the bump' and continued to eat. I even woke up in the middle of the night to eat. Needless to say, after giving birth, it was obvious to all concerned that it hadn't just been 'the bump'. Whoops.

2. I used to think that I wasn't scared of anything until I developed a sudden fear of heights right at the top of the highest temple in Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Eventually I had to be escorted down sweating and shaking. Not a very pleasant experience.

3. I believe in platonic relationships. My best friend is male and we have been friends since I was 12.

4. Although I adore my children, I secretly blame them for all that is wrong in my life.

5. I eat everything except for baked beans which make me want to puke.

6. Er...I have decided to censor this one!!

7. My favourite book was 'Life of Pi' until someone introduced me to 'Shantaram'. Now when I say that 'Shantaram' is my favourite book I feel bad for 'Life of Pi'.

8. Music can make me happier and sadder than most other things. Sometimes when I hear a song that reminds me of a moment in time I can bawl my eyes out or sit and smile for hours.

9. I think I'm hilarious when I'm drunk.

10. I can't watch any film with Nicole Kidman in because, inexplicably, she makes my skin crawl.

11. I think that turquoise is a beautiful colour.

12. The people I get on best with are the ones who laugh at my jokes.

13. I have had my heart broken twice in my life. But I think I have broken more hearts than 2.

14. Even though I studied French at University, lived in France for a year and am married to a Frenchman, I don't actually like speaking French. I'm always embarrassed by how bad my French really is.

15. As a result of number 14 I don't think that any of my husband's family really know me and this saddens me and frustrates me each time I see them.

16. I love watching Bruce Lee films and have the whole collection, but actually I haven't watched any of them for years.

17. My Chinese star sign is a Tiger of which I have a tattoo on my right ankle. I had it done when I was 19 and managed to hide it from my parents until I was 27.

18. I haven't cried so much during my adult years as I did in 2008.

19. I once sat next to Stevie Wonder in a bar in Paris, but was so tongue-tied that I didn't say anything. What a wasted opportunity!

20. I love playing Backgammon and once won a tournament at the Groucho Club, but I have never played Chess and wish someone would teach me.

21. I know how to say "I have small tits, but a big penis" in Thai. Strangely enough, it has never been that useful.

22. I hate British cynicism, but then again I also hate American optimism. Somewhere in between would be nice. Any suggestions?

23. Some of my happiest times were when I was single.

24. My Mother once sent me 8 Mars Delights in the post and I ate them in one sitting.

25. I sometimes look at my children and genuinely believe that they're the most beautiful creatures on this planet even though I really know that they're quite ordinary looking.


  1. It's now the fifth of March! Is this a part time blog or what?

  2. Bloomin' cheek!! Give us a chance Freddo41. Have had the in-laws staying! But if you're really that impatient...then check out 'Scuppered again'. Just for you...

  3. Charlie will teach you Chess hun! I've even learnt some new things about you! x

  4. Ooh great - I'll hold him to that!! x