Sunday, 17 October 2010

Hello Kitty's a big NO NO

Today I give you our review of the Hello Kitty Rotator Creator.


  • Anything with Hello Kitty in the title is bound to be a hit in this house. (For the review Edie was wearing her Hello Kitty knickers).

  • The cup and stirrer were pink. Always good.


  • Everything else.

  • All too numerous and depressing to re-live.

  • Needless to say I shall be crying over my plaster-splattered carpet and brand-new trousers for a while yet.

But maybe that's just me. Let my children tell you exactly what they thought too. They're always good for a giggle.

So thanks ToyRUs. We love you. We really do. We're just struggling to love the Rotator Creator. Maybe we just need to give it some time...


  1. Such a cute review! And great that the fact it was Hello Kitty didn't detract from an honest opinion. We had a Barbie Tattoo station to review that actually got thrown in the bin :-(

  2. Edie is such a scene stealer!

  3. Was that the cutest review ever? :)

  4. Very honest Emily - and very cute! Look forward to the next damning evidence of some other poor, innocent toy. They'll be quaking in their plastic boots ;)

  5. They are adorable! "I think it's like... bad"-- can't get more honest than that :-)

  6. thats nice kitty, i like your review very much